Danger of caffeine

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Many people drink coffee. Most people use it in the morning, believing that the cup of this hot drink will bring cheerfulness for the whole day. But few people understand what is the harm of caffeine, continuing to praise this magical energy drink.

Illusion of vivacity

In fact, coffee not only does not invigorate the body, but, on the contrary, lowers the ability to generate energy. Caffeine causes great dependence. Regular intake of coffee and other caffeinated drinks is reflected primarily on the human psyche. And at the same time and health in general.

The body gets used to keeping caffeine in the blood, and if you do not use a new dose, then begin:

  • headache;
  • mood swings;
  • difficulty concentrating;
  • forgetfulness;
  • appearance of irritability.

All this not only does not promote normal health, but also destroys a person from within. Slowly and confidently, people who drink coffee regularly slip into the abyss. And getting out of there is extremely difficult. Like all dependencies, caffeine is accompanied by breakage. Since it is addictive, the body requires an all-new dose of coffee consumption. Life without it seems impossible. And if you also have a cigarette for coffee. ..

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Many people are accustomed to drinking coffee in the morning. This is due to the fact that at night the body rests and clears from all harm( including caffeine).And in the morning, when the purified organism should feel excellent, coffee lovers have the opposite. After using the usual dose of the drink, drowsiness immediately passes, the mood rises, and the person is ready to work. But this condition will last exactly until the moment when the body requires a new dose of "drug".

Vivacity is an illusion caused by caffeine. Only at first glance it seems that it helps to endure stressful situations. In fact, stress only increases. Caffeine increases blood pressure, increases the pulse and the development of stress hormones is more active than usual.


There are a number of people who are contraindicated in taking coffee. At risk are hypertensive patients and diabetics. In connection with changes in the body, after taking a dose of caffeine, the state of health of these people is declining. This is fraught with increased disease. And maybe everything is worse.

It is possible to be outside the zone of caffeine dependence. But patience and time will be required. Immediately stop consumption is impossible. This will be a shock to the body and may cause hospitalization. Reduce the daily rate should be gradual, so as not to harm the work of internal organs and mental health.

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