How to dress properly for women?

Full of women always tormented by the question: "To lose weight or not?".Often women are full-blown with a cheerful and kind character. They start to think about diets, other methods of losing weight. They always have a problem, what and how to wear to hide the extra pounds.

In this situation, you must strictly treat the choice of clothing. Is it better than tormenting yourself with starvation? In this regard, you can give a few tips. If you prefer dresses, they must necessarily be in Empire style. This can emphasize neat chest and shoulders. The extension should go just above the waistline to hide your shortcomings below the waist. Length choose below the knee, this you increase your growth. And do not forget about the colors, they should be dark shades, which visually will take you several kilograms.

You should not choose your tight clothes, but to turn things into a huge bag is also not desirable. Try to wear blouses that are not very wide and light. It's no secret that business suits are ideal for full ladies, but they should be chosen with the same mind. It can be a skirt without a belt on the obtachka, its bottom can be made in the form of flounces or assemblies, which visually distract attention from the legs. If you want to hide the chest, then prefer a cutout in the form V.

Try to use multi-layered kits. Light blouse and dark jacket is ideal for you. It is possible to use different finishes, for example, a row of buttons, braid, some tapes. This will visually add a few centimeters in the growth, and will allow the addition of an exclusive clothing. Distract attention from the problem areas can be some sort of decoration or embroidery. This is the first thing to rush into the eyes, and not the extra pounds. A wardrobe can not do without a jacket, for full - it's a jacket with decorative finishes.

Belts can also be used, preferably a large waistband below the waist. Pants are desirable to wear dark shades. For ladies with a large height, a flare is possible below the knee. You can decorate any business outfit with a vest with a slender color. In such clothes you will not only look like a business woman, but forget about your extra pounds.

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