What you need to know before you buy compression stockings from varicose veins: model selection, patient reviews and prices

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stockings The problem that many people face is vein dilatation. Varicose veins are a disease in which the valves of the internal veins do not close. The reasons may be a sedentary lifestyle, high heels, work on which a person spends a long time standing or sitting, pregnancy, heredity.

Methods of treatment can be classical medical treatment or surgical intervention , and external cosmetic procedures or folk methods of therapy of the disease.

The place of compression linen in the treatment of varicose veins should not be underestimated. Compression therapy is one of the main methods of treatment of ailment, both in the initial stages, and in neglected forms. Such therapy has no side effects, as a rule it is prescribed by a specialist doctor.


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Compression underwear

Compression therapy involves the use of compression linen.

There are in it stockings, stockings, pantyhose, tights, sleeves and bandages. This kind of underwear does not cause any inconvenience. For the summer period, when it can cause discomfort in the heat, summer models are developed from thin material and with an open toe.

You can wear it not only for medicinal purposes, but also instead of usual linen. This or that linen is selected depending on the place where the diseased vein is located, and it is applied five to ten centimeters higher.

Compression stockings

One of the main types of compression linen can be identified orthopedic stockings from varicose veins. Most often they are used by the female sex. Modern compression stockings will not only help to be healthy, but also look very aesthetic. They should ideally sit in all places of the legs for maximum effect.

foot massaging How to make a foot massage with varicose veins and what kinds of therapeutic massage exist you can learn from our article.

Why is nutrition important for varicose veins and how to organize a regimen for varicose veins can be found here.

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Action, healing properties and purposes of wearing a stocking

One of the main tasks of compression stockings is to establish the correct operation of the venous system , and the system of muscle fibers. Reduce the swelling of tissues.

Compression or external pressure causes a decrease in the diameter of the veins and a decrease in the closure of venous valves, as a result of which no reverse current occurs. Very medical stockings important is the anatomical pressure on the lower limbs.

That is, this means that the compression in the ankle should be maximum and decreases towards the fixing elastic band. Thanks to this design, the blood moves towards the heart.

Indications for use

It is impossible to cure varicosity with only one underwear, but it is possible to improve the quality of life. Such therapy is practiced along with basic treatment.

Many experts advise wearing compression stockings against varicose veins, when there are no symptoms to prevent the appearance of varicose veins.

  1. To reduce painful sensations .(At a step the leg muscle shudders, with the disease of the veins, and not only, there are painful sensations).
  2. For removing excess slag, moisture. ( When you wear the laundry, an additional blood flow is created).
  3. For relieving symptoms of heaviness, fatigue. ( Compression jersey has a graduated compression( pressure on soft tissues)).There is pressure on the muscular-venous pump, narrowing the lumen of the vessels( venous), therefore, the outflow of blood from the legs to the heart increases several times.

Classification of stockings and the rules of their selection

Orthopedic stockings from varicose divide into:

  • classic;
  • on silicone rubber band;
  • on the medical belt with Velcro;
  • with an open cape.

Compression stockings are divided into classes:

0,1,2,3 and "hospital" are classes of compression linen.

  1. Zero and first class is used for prevention, purchased without the appointment of a specialist. Used when working on the legs, or vice versa - with sedentary work, with unstable effusions( in the evening they appear, but disappear in the morning), during pregnancy.
  2. The second and third class compression linen is prescribed only by a doctor. It is used if varicosity is caused by hereditary traits, as well as after surgery on the veins, with persistent outflows, with pain and with visible vascular mesh.
  3. "Hospital" class of compression linen is prescribed only by a doctor. Typically, after surgery, depending on the duration of the operation( 5 minutes or 5 hours), or the length of stay in bed.

Like conventional stockings classified according to DEN ( knit density unit), compression stockings are classified, respectively, by compression. It is measured in millimeters of mercury( pressure force), and each stage of compression corresponds to :

  • 0 class: 13-15 millimeters of mercury;
  • Class 1: 18-21 millimeters of mercury;
  • Class 2: 23-32 millimeters of mercury;
  • Class 3: 34-46 millimeters of mercury;
  • "hospital": from 49 and above millimeters of a mercury column.


The size of a medical stocking for varicose veins should be approached very carefully. It is determined by measuring the circumference of the legs at certain points and the length( foot, ankle, shin, knee and thigh) so that the schedule of the disappearing compression is even.

The best time to measure morning is immediately after waking, when the legs are still in a relaxed position. After determining the size, you can choose the material from which the stockings are made.

size table Composition of

Compressor underwear is manufactured using special technology. It should be noted that it is not sewn by a conveyor belt, but is tailored individually into a "circular"( in fact, circular knitting).

Lingerie does not heat, it contains the elastane necessary to create compression. Linen with difficulty stretches. It's neither cold nor hot. It's comfortable in it. There are purely cotton lines for the production of linen, rubber.

Rules of stocking socks

Stockings must be worn only in the morning. Wear carefully.

( look after your manicure) may appear. If there is a child in the house and have to play with it, try to do as few squats as possible, since knees can stretch out.

On the stockings themselves, you can put on thin silk socks that protect your stockings from rubbing and the appearance of holes on the heel.

Dressing rules

It is difficult to wear compression underwear, due to the content of the elastane thread in it.

Stocking, golf stretches on the arm to the "heel" only after that it turns out. In the so-called "house" for the foot, we set the foot itself, the most difficult place, this place is in the ascent, we pull it, poke all the way into the leg.

For complete people, for people with ailing back, pregnant in later terms, there is a special device for putting on compressor underwear.

The butler is called. A stocking, a golf or a sock is put on it, a foot is inserted, and then the butler is removed, and the leg remains in the "clothes".If the stockings are toe, first you need to wear silk socks.

how to dress pantyhose

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Rules of stocking

Compression stockings require regular washing. Washing is mandatory only for hand-held .

In order not to deform the structure of the fibers of the laundry, spinning and twisting should be avoided.

People who are forced to wear stockings around the clock, doctors recommend washing on themselves, soaping with soap, rinse under running water and towel dry.

stocking firms and patient feedback

Each company is trying to win its place in the market to attract more consumers, creating unique models, but all aimed at curative effects. Problems to choose and buy medical stockings from varicose veins are not now.

  • VALENTO - produces compression underwear with a massage effect, made from natural linen fibers.
  • Ofa Bamberg( Germany) - uses modern materials, lace elements, rich palette of colors and fibers. In the model of the laundry includes substances for skin care.

The Internet is full of reviews of patients about compression stockings from varicose veins.

Most of the opinion boils down to the fact that stockings are mainly necessary to buy all the same expensive brands, manufactured in Italy or Germany.

In the firms of these countries, stockings of economy class are provided, the term of their socks is reduced by half, but the price does not frighten off in relation to quality. In cheap models often there is no correspondence on the interval of compression( on the box one is indicated, on the tag of the product is another).

The period of wear often does not stand the set time interval. Stretched knees. Quickly appear hooks. The heels are rubbed.

Where to buy and what prices? Advice on buying

The price of compression stockings from varicose is high. However, this is the very moment when saving can go sideways. There is a certain standard of quality.

All companies strive to obtain the highest certificate. The products of the company that has been certified by this standard are sure to display the icon of this certificate on the box.

It can be found on models manufactured in Germany, Switzerland. In this case the high price gives confidence that the knitwear will perform the specified functions. The price of stockings from varicose often depends on the manufacturer's firm, and on the level of compression.

To buy stockings from varicose veins have to spend from thousands to tens of thousands of rubles.

  1. The company TONUS ELAST( Latvia), offers its models of 2 classes( 23-32) for 1500 rubles and more.
  2. Models( Germany ), the same class and compression can be purchased for 2500-3300 rubles per pair. You can buy lingerie only in specialized stores, where you will be advised by the prescription prescribed by the doctor, and the model.

Compression stockings Mediven Forte

Compression stockings today are not only a necessity for people suffering from varicose veins, but also a means of preventing many vascular diseases. However, it is wise to approach the choice of such a product, having consulted beforehand with the attending physician or specialist.

Video: How to properly wear a compression stocking?

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