The best creams, ointments and folk remedies for the treatment of vascular asterisks on the legs

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vascular asterisks on the legs In our time, the vascular asterisks on the legs are manifested in most people. Often this affects women who have given birth to a child.

Teleangiectasia is the medical name for the pathology of blood vessels. They almost do not bother the patient, but at the same time they show a violation in the vascular system of the body.

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  • Reasons: to know to avoid
  • Principles and methods of treatment
  • TOP-10 agents for treatment of spider veins
  • Traditional medicine in the application of
  • Other tools and therapies
  • Couperose in the face. ..

Reasons: to know to avoid

Vascular asterisks onlegs represent a grid of capillaries and venules that have a red, blue and purple color. The form and shape of the vessels are different: linear, pointed, arachnid.

They arise due to venous insufficiency, which results in stagnation in the vessels and creates an increased pressure on their walls. Vessels do not withstand pressure and swell, and then "protrude" and get out into the upper layer of the skin.

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They appear on the hips from the outer and inner sides, as well as the lower leg. Women suffer more often as a result of childbirth, abortion, menopause, wearing high heels, standing work, heavy loads on legs, obesity.

Vascular wall dilatation also occurs in old age, in the presence of hypertension, in people with hereditary predisposition, addicted to harmful habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol.

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types of veins on the legs

Principles and methods of treatment

Small affected areas are treated with conservative methods, and large ones are removed with the help of minimally invasive methods: sclerotherapy, radio wave therapy, electrocoagulation and laser treatment.

Along with these methods, it is found out and, if possible, eliminates the cause of the appearance of the vascular cobweb. It is also recommended to use compression stockings to prevent their reappearance.

Drugs, ointments and gels for external use are prescribed to strengthen vascular walls, increase their elasticity and remove vascular asterisks on the legs. It is recommended to perform therapeutic gymnastics for the feet, lymph drainage massage and physiotherapy.

Each patient is treated separately by the doctor after the examination and determine the diagnosis.

TOP-10 agents for the treatment of vascular asterisks

We studied dozens of opinions of doctors and patients' reviews of phlebological clinics and made up their TOP of the best creams, ointments and gels for the conservative treatment of vascular asterisks on the legs:

  1. Troxevasin is an ointment that has proven itself in the treatment of vascular diseases on the legs. It is able to remove swelling and Troxevasin Ointment inflammation, partially remove the characteristic red or blue tint. Its action is directed to veins and capillaries. Contains bioflavonoids and rutin, which strengthen the walls of blood vessels, reduce their fragility and permeability. The agent must be used twice a day.
  2. Heparin ointment - has a resolving effect, reduces blood clotting, stimulates metabolism in veins, relieves inflammation and prevents the formation of blood clots, except getting rid of spider veins, also helps with varicose veins and heals trophic ulcers. The composition of the ointment includes anesthesin, glycerol, stearin, peach oil and other components. Ointment is applied to the affected area three times a day.
  3. Venoruton - has an effect on the cellular level, reduces permeability and strengthens the walls of the vessels. Stimulates recovery of tone, increases elasticity, removes puffiness and pain.
  4. Ointment with marigold oil - in its composition substances of vegetable origin, which strengthen the vessels.2-3 times a day, the ointment is applied to problem areas and rubbed into the heat. The course of treatment is from 2 to 4 weeks.
  5. Cream Sofya - this venotonizing preparation contains natural ingredients: horse chestnut extract, dog rose, chamomile, horsetail, birch and other plants. All of them have a strengthening effect on the walls of blood vessels. To be treated it is necessary within 5 weeks, applying a cream on 2-3 times a day.
  6. Cream Dr. Ven - contains extract of leech, which can eliminate the caked blood inside the vessels. Additionally makes them more durable.
  7. VenoLife gel - contains active substances trokserutin, dexpanthenol, heparin sodium, capable of strengthening the walls of blood vessels, Venolife Gel to reduce blood clotting, to remove swelling and inflammation. To be treated it is necessary within 2-3 weeks, applying a preparation on problem sites 2-3 times a day.
  8. Gel Lyoton - contains heparin sodium salt, which can dissolve thrombi in capillaries. The gel removes inflammation and swelling, prevents the fluid from leaving the tissue. They are applied 1-3 times a day, the duration of treatment depends on the extent of the lesion.
  9. Gel-foam Venozol - it contains extracts of herbal components, olive oil, leech extract, rutin. Due to this composition, the gel helps in strengthening the walls of blood vessels, improves blood circulation and microcirculation in the capillaries, and also protects the vessels from deformation.
  10. 911 gel-balm - it consists of horse chestnut extract, grape leaves, troxerutin and other substances that can strengthen the walls of blood vessels, improve blood circulation and lymph circulation, increase the tone of the walls and valves in the veins. Relieves fatigue from the feet, puffiness and gives them freshness.
The most effective composition should be selected after passing the examination and consulting a doctor.

Traditional medicine in the application of

There are many recipes of folk medicine that help to get rid of vascular asterisks on the legs. They are effective in the initial stage of the disease, and sometimes even with a neglected form.

Folk recipes suggest the preparation of infusions, creams and ointments for topical application. Of the most useful and effective recipes can be identified:

  1. Infusion of Kalanchoe - the leaves of the plant are washed and dried, then finely chopped and folded into a half-liter jar to half its volume. Add the boiled water to the full volume and place it in a dark place for infusion for 7 days. Then the infusion can be filtered and can be applied. To rub infusion all the surface of the foot from the bottom up.
  2. Ointment from a mixture of essential oils of cypress and avocado , used in equal proportions. Apply the obtained ointment to the sick sites 1-3 times a day, the treatment period is 1.5-2 months, then they take a break for a month and again conduct a course of therapy. Almond oil
  3. Almond oil - rub the affected areas at the beginning and end of the day. This helps to normalize the tone of blood vessels, dissolve microthrombi and sprouts on the legs. Duration of treatment - until the spider web disappears from the vessels.
  4. Mask based on yarrow - to prepare a mixture of a handful of yarrow flowers, cream, a spoonful of honey and one egg yolk. Blend the mixture thoroughly and add a glass of boiling water to it, then a little starch and sour cream to form a gruel, which is not able to spread. Spread places with vascular patterns every day with this ointment for 1.5 weeks.
  5. Compress of wormwood - grind some fresh leaves of wormwood and flowers in a mortar to a mushy condition. Add a spoonful of curdled milk to it and put it on the problem area, close it with paper and tie it with a bandage. Do this procedure 2 times a day, 3-4, give rest to the skin with a week, and then again repeat the treatment.
It is not recommended to use in the preparation of formulations ingredients that are allergic to the reaction.

Other medications and therapies

In addition to topical agents, treatment of asterisks is also performed with drugs taken internally. The most effective Flebodia 600 means is Flebodia 600, manufactured in France.

It contains purified diosmin in sufficient dosage to cope with the disease from the inside and outside. This drug has a good effect on the entire vascular system and on sick veins. The drug is approved for use by almost all patients and even pregnant women from the second trimester. One tablet a day is enough, the term of treatment is prescribed by a doctor.

Heparin injections are prescribed to strengthen vessel walls and prevent thrombus formation. It also prevents the formation of ulcers and nourishes affected tissues with nutrients and oxygen.

Ascorutin is considered to be a good medicine to eliminate asterisks. It contains vitamins, ascorbic acid and rutin, which reduce vascular permeability and fragility of capillaries. It reduces the possibility of blood clots, relieves swelling and eliminates pain.

The means of radical disposal of vascular asterisks include surgical operation with special devices that are performed in cosmetic rooms: sclerotherapy, electrocoagulation, laser treatment and ozone therapy.

They help to quickly and reliably relieve the patient of the problem, but nevertheless to the question of therapy should be approached from all possible sides, first of all to find out the reason and eliminate it.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. "

Couperose on the face. ..

Bulging vessels on the face are usually localized on the cheeks and nose - in medicine they are called couperose. To treat it, Treatment of couperose is recommended for the Troxevasin gel, and in case of severe damage, capsules of this drug are also prescribed to treat not only from the outside, but also from the inside. Good for kuperoza Ascorutin and Heparin ointment.

In addition to medicines, cosmetic products are also used: Taffy Cream on the basis of calendula, Bioderma Sensobi, which contains a component that has a beneficial effect on capillaries, a cream mask with vitamin E, flavonoids, pantocrine and wheat extract.

Mesotherapy is also effective - it is a cosmetic procedure that is performed in salons and helps in the early stages of couperose.

It is used with vitamins and anti-inflammatory drugs, helps to strengthen blood vessels, improve blood microcirculation and lymph drainage. Stimulates metabolic processes in skin cells.

If the disease is badly started, radical methods of vascular removal are recommended: laser therapy and phototherapy.

The protruding web on the skin of the feet not only spoils the appearance, but also leads to diseases of veins and vessels. Therefore, the treatment of vascular asterisks must be approached seriously and immediately, once they have appeared. Early treatment is more effective and does not allow the formation of new patterns.

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