What you need to know about Ofa Bamberg compression knitwear

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Pantyhose ofa bamberg The modern rhythm of life, the prolonged monotonous position of the body in which a person is at work, hereditary diseases and other causes lead to an increase in the number of diseases with varicose veins and concomitant diseases.

Many men and women are concerned about the heaviness in the legs by the end of the day, swelling, pain and unnatural condition of the veins, loss of skin elasticity on the legs. All this can become a prerequisite for more serious problems with the health of the venous system.

Progressing varicose veins can have more severe health consequences in the form of thrombophlebitis and the formation of trophic ulcers.

Treatment of varicose veins with compression knitwear is part of a comprehensive therapy with continuous elastic compression.


  • Germanic quality at an affordable price
  • Varieties and rulers of therapeutic underwear
  • How to dress
  • Features of care
  • Personal experience
  • How to purchase high-quality goods
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German quality at an affordable price

Ofa Bamberg is a compression hosiery of German manufacture that has already proven itself with the bestside in the Russian market. Specialized therapeutic underwear is better than elastic bandages for the following reasons: Compression stockings

  • pressure is not distributed under the influence of how the patient applied bandage, but laid down in industrial production;
  • jersey can be used without outside help;
  • temperature and humidity under the laundry is at the optimum reading;
  • you can choose the product based on the individual needs of the patient;
  • knitwear has an aesthetic and stylish appearance.

German made jersey made from the factory Ofa Bamberg. This plant has a long history and experience, allowing to produce products, one of the best in the world. Already almost a hundred years the plant's employees are working in this direction.

This plant has introduced many innovations in the manufacture of linen for the prevention and treatment of venous diseases.

It was here that the first lot of products with microfiber was produced. Ofa Bamberg is an innovative approach to elegance, style, choice of colors and decoration.

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The motto of the company is high quality and introduction of innovations.

Varieties and rulers of therapeutic underwear

Compression knitwear is classified according to the purposes of application, personal preferences and design.

According to the purpose of compression linen, the following types are distinguished:

  1. Prophylactic , which is recommended for the prevention of venereal diseases with associated risk factors such as work, hereditary predisposition, obesity, pregnancy, diabetes, active lifestyles and excessive loads. The size and type of products is better to choose with the participation of a doctor.
  2. Therapeutic , which is prescribed as one of the components of the general course of therapy of vascular disease at different stages and stages.
  3. Hospital underwear is intended for relief before and after the operation period. It is used even during operations, as a method directed against the formation of blood clots.

Ofa Bamberg manufactures compression products of three types:

  1. knee socks are most often used for preventive purposes by obese patients, with specific work, etc. This kind of linen is also relevant for people leading an active sport lifestyle.
  2. Stockings - knitwear, which are relevant for use in the initial stages of varicose veins. They are prescribed for women late in pregnancy and in the postpartum period.
  3. Pantyhose is indispensable for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins on the legs, as well as for combating vein diseases on the hips and in the groin.

Ofa Bamberg

The company offers such product lines:

  1. Memory - products of medical grade of the highest quality. Outwardly difficult to distinguish from ordinary knitwear, look stylish and modern. Microfiber is present in the jersey, which provides high elasticity, softness and air penetration. Stockings are available with a lace elastic.
  2. Lastofa - knitwear of excellent quality. With regular use and washing, the guarantee of preserving medicinal properties for six months. From the standpoint of wearing it is very practical. The ruler includes cotton containing jersey.
  3. Gilofa 2000 is a male and female product line designed for prevention.
  4. Gilofa Med - product line for patients with diabetes. The products of this series use the introduction of silver thread into the fabric. A series of products also includes socks for the treatment and prevention of Hallux Valgus with a compartment for the thumb.
Lingerie Lastofa

Dimensional underwear net Lastofa

How to properly wear

The most popular compression class of medical underwear is the second. Not always the patient is able to cope independently with putting on such linen. Its peculiarity is that it is impossible to assemble the fabric in an accordion and easily put it on the leg. Dressing can cause discomfort in people with high weight and in pregnant women in the late term.

For the patient's comfort a special butler device has been developed, it can be purchased in the same stores as compression underwear.
It is important to wear gloves when dressing, so as not to create puffs on the laundry. The product is worn on the dry skin of the feet. It should be worn in the morning, when the body is rested and there is no swelling.

How to dress stockings

Features of care

When using laundry, it must be washed daily. Small mote can damage the elasticity more than frequent hand washing. The laundry is washed only with hands at a temperature of water no higher than 40 and with baby soap. Machine wash is contraindicated, as is interaction with aggressive detergents.

The laundry can not be ironed, squeezed or bleached.

Knitwear can not be dried on batteries in dryers, exposed to direct sunlight or a hair dryer.

Personal Experience

See the point of view of visitors to our site.

Acquaintance with the products of Ofa happened during pregnancy. Before that, I never suffered from fatigue or swelling in my legs.

I bought compression stockings on the advice of the doctor and remained very satisfied because of a number of advantages: they are very beautiful, really effective prevention of puffiness, are relevant in the postpartum period.

Our readers recommend!
For the treatment and prevention of varicose veins and hemorrhoids, our readers use the method first voiced by Malysheva. Having carefully studied it, we decided to offer it to your attention. The opinion of doctors. .. "

The only negative - this is an inconvenience when dressing for a long time.

Elena, 30 years old

She bought Lastofa stockings in a specialized store. Products with an open toe, a shortened version. From positive moments I can distinguish good air exchange, at low temperatures stockings do not jump off, although I faced a similar problem when I was wearing products from other manufacturers.

When you wear, there is some inconvenience - presses the silicone rubber band, but overall it does not spoil the overall impression.

Alexandra 46 years

How to buy quality goods

You should always choose a linen for prevention or treatment with a doctor. The purchase must be approached with all responsibility. To buy linen should be only in specialized places and points:

  • official website;
  • orthopedic salons;
  • salons of specific brands;
  • pharmacy.

As a rule, the personnel of trade centers are qualified for the correct individual selection of laundry.

For proper size selection, the leg should be measured in four places. The degree of compression is determined only by the attending physician.

Incorrectly picked up linen is, at best, reducing the entire treatment to nothing. We need to be attentive to the certification of the goods, because the market offers in abundance counterfeits.

girl in stockings Products must comply with environmental safety standards and not cause allergies.

To buy a compression jersey made by the German manufacturer Ofa Bamberg is available in specialized stores and pharmacies, an official website is also available for consumers, on which the entire product range is presented and data on product certification is provided.

The cost of production depends on the selected compression class, series and product variety. As a rule, the average price for products is in the range of 2500 - 7000 rubles.

Medical underwear can alleviate the general condition, as well as make its contribution to the treatment of varicose veins. Correct selection of the product will accelerate the patient's recovery.

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