How effective is acupuncture for weight loss

The problem of overweight in women is one of the most acute, provoking the appearance of psychological complexes, and in some cases, various diseases. To get rid of this problem, there are many methods. One of them is acupuncture for weight loss. Previously, it was not considered an effective technique, however, over time, this method has proved its effectiveness.

  • The essence of the procedure
    • The essence of the procedure
      • Methods
      • The classical method
      • According to Faleeva
      • According to Mukhina( Golden Needle)
      • Benefit
      • Harm
      • Contraindications

      The essence of the procedure

      The method is based on the impact on certain points on the body that are conductors of impulse reactions originating from the centralnervous system. Thanks to the impact on these points, which were known to healers in ancient China, there is a stimulation of various processes and reactions in the body.

      In the procedure of acupuncture, the doctor with the help of needles, the thickness of which does not reach and 1 millimeter, affects the necessary area on the body. Each such acupuncture is responsible for a separate organ and its functioning. This process is not painful, the duration of the event varies from 30 minutes to an hour. At the end of the procedure, the patient should rest and relax for 15 minutes. The schedule of sessions is selected for each individual.

      Thanks to the effect on acupuncture, metabolism is restored and appetite is reduced. The volume of the stomach gradually decreases. This helps the patient to stop eating large amounts of food. After several sessions of acupuncture, women physiologically can not afford to eat large portions.

      The procedure helps to eliminate toxic substances, and most importantly - excessive fat accumulation. The weight comes to norm or rate definitively after deducing or removing a liquid which at superfluous mass of a body gets in intercellular space.

      In addition to the very procedure of acupuncture, during this period, patients are recommended to adhere to a certain diet. The diet for acupuncture for weight loss is to eliminate fat and high-calorie foods from the daily diet and switch to a healthy diet that should be individually tailored for each woman. Also, the number of meals is adjusted, they should be at least six per day.

      It is also advisable to start playing sports and gradually add physical activity to your daily routine. Considering that after the course of influence on acupuncture for weight loss, hunger and a former appetite are able to return, the addition of this method to diet and sports is mandatory.

      After making a decision to get rid of excess weight, you should not count on acupuncture as a miracle, which will happen by itself. To get rid of excess body weight, it is necessary to adjust the habitual way of life, and after the completion of the acupuncture sessions, adhere to it.
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      Given that with the help of acupuncture it is possible to influence many different areas on the body that will give the result in the form of weight loss, there are also many variations of methods. Differences in the points at which the effect is carried out.

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      The classical method

      is based on the introduction of needles into those points that are responsible for the functioning of the digestive system, liver and kidneys. Such a method allows to normalize their functioning and block a regularly occurring feeling of hunger. The duration of the procedure, performed by the classical method, is 30-60 minutes.

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      According to Faleeva

      This method consists in introducing only one needle to a certain point located on the auricle. This acupuncture in the ear dulls the feeling of hunger, and this is how the effect of losing weight is achieved.

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      By Mukhina( Golden Needle)

      This method is based on introducing a modified needle to the acupuncture point, which is more like a piercing jewelry. Introduce it to the site, which is responsible for feeling saturated with food. At the same time, this piercing remains on the body of a woman for a year. This type of acupuncture is considered both effective and stylish.

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      Benefit of

      Speaking about the benefits of such weight loss measures as acupuncture, the following points can be highlighted:

      • procedure helps to reduce appetite;
      • is the stabilization of digestive processes;
      • normalizes the level of enzyme production for digestion;
      • hormonal imbalance in the body comes back to normal;
      • processes of fat splitting are accelerated;
      • metabolic processes in the body systems are amplified;
      • blood sugar level decreases;
      • blood flow in the digestive system is improved;
      • processes of functioning of the liver and kidneys are intensified, as a result, in a short period of time slags and excess liquid are discharged.

      In addition to the listed list of useful actions, with the treatment of acupuncture, there are no adverse reactions, intolerance and the manifestation of allergies. Also, this technique is perfectly combined with various additional ways to eliminate excess weight. The age of a woman does not matter for acupuncture sessions. In addition to achieving a specific goal, the technique allows you to bring the whole body to a healthy state, strengthen immunity and provide relaxation for the body.

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      If we talk about the shortcomings of such a procedure, then rather, it's just the nuances that are worth considering every woman who decided to undergo acupuncture for weight loss:

      1. The first thing to note is the need to monitor the sterility of the needles that are usedin the procedure. Given that they help break the integrity of the skin, an unsterilized tool can lead to the penetration of various infections.
      2. The skin itself needs to be treated with disinfectant solutions before and after the procedure.
      3. Some women with increased skin sensitivity begin an easy inflammatory process at the points of acupuncture that come into contact with clothing.
      4. It should also be taken into account that the acceleration of the metabolic processes can provoke an exacerbation of chronic diseases or the development of diseases that are in the stage of incubation. Basically, this is dangerous in the presence of pre-tumoral formations.
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      The acupuncture technique is prohibited for use if the following diseases are present in the body:

      • diabetes mellitus;
      • epilepsy;
      • bulimia;
      • malignant tumors of oncology;
      • anorexia;
      • fever;
      • tuberculosis.

      It does not matter, the procedures are used to get rid of excess weight or for any other purposes.

      It is also forbidden to use this method of therapy during pregnancy and lactation. This method is still referred to as non-traditional medicine, which means that it is advisable, before starting the course of such procedures, to consult with the attending physician and clarify whether it is possible to resort to acupuncture in this particular case.

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