People's signs of February about the weather and weddings

  • February 1 is the day of Macarius the Great. If the bright sun shines on Makarii, then we must wait for the onset of early spring. And if many stars are scattered in the night sky, the winter cold will leave reluctantly and not soon. It is believed that the weather of the first day of February can last for a whole month.
  • February 2 - Efimiev day. The midday sun portends the early spring, but if clouds cloud the sky, then the spring heat is still far away. Blizzards to Euphemia - to overcast weather on the whole of the oil week.
  • February 3 is the day of Maxim the Greek. About frosty, but clear weather for the next days says a bright red sunset. Also they looked at the sky at night: if the moon horns into the cloud, then in the autumn there will be a grain harvest.
  • February 4 - Timothy's Day. By noon the sun shines bright - to be early spring. Patterns on the pane of glass rise - to fierce frosts, tending to the side - to the thaw.
  • February 5 - Agathia-half-wake, Agafiev's day. On that day, in the barns, they watched how much bread remained. Predicting the weather for the birds: if the morning screaming blue, it is to severe frosts. The cat on the back lies - to the thaw, the squirrels hid in the hollow - there is no snowfall. The noise from the road is heard more muffled and quieter than usual - to warming.
  • February 6 is the day of Xenia half-winter. A watershed day of winter, it was believed that what the weather was like on Ksenia, this and all spring will be. Snowstorm - to a poor harvest.
  • February 7 - Gregory the Theologian. On this day, they wondered what the next winter would be like. What is the weather before dinner - the same be in December, and in the afternoon - will tell you about the weather for the second half of the winter. The snow falling on Gregory speaks of a long autumn, the singing of tits - promises still frosty days of this winter.
  • February 8 is Feodor's Day. Sunny weather speaks about the richness of forest gifts. To fertilize more berries, we drank strawberry or raspberry tea. They also cooked soup: it was thought that the more nutritious and more fattened, the warmer the winter would be. If the cat does not slice from the window sill for a whole day - to warming, and if the horse in the stable constantly shudders - to cold snap.
  • February 9 is the Day of St. John Chrysostom. After the blizzard at the snowdrifts, the ridges became rounded - to the crop. The clouds float towards the wind - to a snowfall. If John saw a cobweb in the corner, it boded a lot of money in the house.
  • February 10 - Efremov day. On this day you can not kill insects in the dwelling( no bedbugs, no cockroaches, etc.) - the housewoman will be offended, and the house will be abandoned by luck. If the wind increased - to the wet year. The people said: the wind of Ephraim is not good.
  • February 11 - Ignatiev day. They predicted by the moon: if there is a strong wind with a red ebb, and if it is born, then what kind of weather was that day, this will stay the next month. Also foreshadowed the weather through the smoke from the pipe: if it goes by a strong pillar, then soon it will be warm.
  • February 12 - Vasilyev's Day. According to popular beliefs on this day it is forbidden to mess with the yarn. In the forest, Vasily starts an animal wedding: fights are played in which the strong win, after which the animals play weddings. On the table on February 12 must be present dishes from game. Hoarfrost in the trees means an early thaw, a red moon in the night sky - to strong winds.
  • February 13 is the day of Nikita Novgorod. On this day you need to look into the oven: if the wood is cracking and not flaring up - the heat will come, and if the red fire is blown - to frosts and cold.
  • February 14 is the day of Typhon. Girls on this day are asked in prayers for worthy and rich suitors. If many stars are scattered in the sky - spring will not be soon, snow fell - to a rainy spring, the sky was covered with a slight mist - to good weather.
  • February 15 - The Presentation of the Lord. When on this day the sun shone brightly and the chicken at the doorstep sipped water, said that the spring is very warm and early will be. But the lack of sunny weather promises that it will take a long time to see the minus temperature on the thermometers.
  • February 16 - the day of saints Anna and Semyon. People call this day - repairs. We started preparing for the spring, we examined the dwelling, we built the plans.
  • February 17 - Nikolai Studenyi. By the signs on Nicholas, colds come and snow falls.
  • February 18 is the day of Agafia Korovnitsa, the patroness of domestic animals. On Agafia cows were spoken about from illnesses. The frost and cold on February 18 heralds a hot and dry summer.
  • February 19 is the day of Vukola Smirnsky. If the frosts are strong, then wait for the changeable weather in the spring and the dry summer.
  • February 20 - Luke. By popular signs, the noonday wind - to a good spring yield.
  • February 21 - Zacharius the Sorcerer. If on this winter day the moon is in a circle, the snow will soon melt.
  • February 22 - Nikifor-Pankraty. The colder this day, the warmer it will be in March.
  • February 23 - the day of Prokhor and Harlampiya. If it's cold, then March will be very warm. According to the popular tradition, Harlampi was the keeper of sudden deaths and on February 23 he was prayed for protection.
  • February 24 - Vlasyev Day."Vlasyevskie frosts" come. If the weather is sunny and clear, then there will be an early spring.
  • February 25 - Alexey. If a lot of icicles hang - to a good harvest of vegetables in the summer.
  • February 26 - Martinian. On this day, people were thinking about spring: the snow is melting - it will be warm, the cloudy weather is cold and protracted.
  • February 27 - Cyril. When the weather is good, then the frosts will be hard.
  • February 28 - Anisim. Ovchars on the night of February 28 turn to the stars with a request for good sheep fertility. On Anisim winter and spring argue: who should be ahead, and who is behind.
  • February 29 - Kasyan( still talking to Koshcheev's day).By popular signs - this is a bad day: it is sent to the people and livestock.
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February is the month of the last frosts, snow drifts and thorny snowstorms. Previously, this month was called Snezhn, Liuty, Vyugovei. For the peasants, February was the most difficult month - at that time all winter stocks ended, and until spring, it seemed, was not yet close. According to the folk signs of February, predicted the weather for the next year and wondered what the summer season would be like-arid or rainy.

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Weather notes

Snowless February faces drought in the summer.

Dry and cold February - August hot.

In frost on trees in the last month of winter, they judge the amount of honey that bees will gather in the summer.

There is no frost, but the wind blows - be a blizzard.

The trees are covered with frost - to frost.

A strong thunder in February - to the swift winds.

After the icy conditions it will always rain.

Lakes and rivers covered with flat ice promise a bad harvest. If ice covers the pond with mounds and boulders, then a rich harvest is expected.

Low clouds are coming - wait for the cold.

Around the sun of the ring - to the snowstorm strong.

In the clouds the sun hides - to the snow.

The fog has been melting since morning - towards the thaw.

Solar crosses and poles - to long and severe frosts.

The dim month of the night is a harbinger of raw weather in February.

Surrounded by a blue moon - to rage, and if it is clear and in a milky haze in February, there will be a drought in the summer.

A month with a red aureole - to strong winds, and with a yellow - will freeze a few more weeks.

The stars darkened - to weather changes: it is expected that a thunderstorm, then a wind, then a pouring rain.

At night the nightingales sang - in the next 3 days it will be windy.

In the morning, roosters sing too early - to a thaw.

Poultry in the snow bathe - soon there will be a blizzard or snowstorm.

Tit from the very morning piercingly peeps - to the frosty frosts.

Swallows under the eaves hid - wait for a hurricane or storm.

Crows in the sky whirl or under the wing hides their noses to severe frosts.

Galde or the friendly chirping of a passerine flock - promises good and warm weather, and when the sparrows cling to each other and quiet down, it means that the cool days are coming and it may be raining.

The woodpecker drum beat always foreshadows the rain in February.

If in February flew rooks and larks - to warming.

Cat to the battery clicks, curls up, or closes the muzzle with the paw during sleep - to cold snaps.

A cat looking out the window, sitting on a window sill, or fidgety running and playing - foreshadows clear and warm weather for the next week. Also, warm and clear days in February herald this purring animal if lazily stretched out in the house on the floor.

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Wedding in February

February is a very favorable month for weddings. The weather this month is calm and frosty, the wind is not as strong as, for example, at the beginning of winter. According to popular signs, it is considered how hard the frost will be in February, and the family union will be as strong. And if a heavy snowfall began, then a young family expects monetary prosperity.

This month's wedding announces a reliable and happy marriage, happiness and mutual understanding between the newlyweds. However, you must choose the right wedding day. According to legends, one can not marry on February 29 and on the eve of the Lord's Stretching.

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