List of the best foreign serials

To enjoy leisure is pleasant in a good movie company. The list of the best foreign serials will save time and nerves in search of a suitable option. Here are collected stories for every taste, which are revealed in various genres - fantasy, melodrama, mysticism, humor. Everyone will find a novel for himself. Subjects are diverse, do not repeat, make spectators empathize with heroes of exciting stories.

In all the serious

The series "In All Grave" tells the story of a chemistry teacher named Walter. The hero is found to have lung cancer, for which he has no means of treatment. In addition, his wife is pregnant again, and the first-born is sick and needs care. Together with his partner, Walter decides to open a case for the manufacture of methamphetamine. Will it be possible to establish relations between a former student and a teacher?

White Queen

The main characters of the series "The White Queen" - Elizabeth, Margaret and Anne. They have different looks and characters, but there are traits that unite them all - this is the desire for power by any means and means. On their way of life they will endure many trials, each will have to sacrifice itself for the fulfillment of the cherished dream.


The events of the series "Firefly" are developing in the distant future. Many inhabitants of the Earth moved to other planets. The hero of the film Malcolm was previously a participant in galactic battles, such a past strongly tempered his character. Now he is engaged in illegal cargo transportation. The members of his team respect the captain, but this does not stop them from constantly quarreling.


Disclosure of crimes and capture of criminals - the main tasks of the heroes of the series "Sherlock".Looking for a neighbor to live together, Holmes meets Watson. By common efforts, using methods of analysis and deduction, modern means, partners search for criminals and disclose the case.

This detective story

The plot of the series "The real detective" is to investigate the crime 17 years ago. In the nineties, a common case of serial killings introduced two detectives. In 2012, new evidence of crime begins to emerge. The task of Rusty and Martin, comparing the newly appeared data and the old results of the investigation, to find out the truth.

Pride and Prejudice

In the Bennett family of the series "Pride and Prejudice" there are five beautiful daughters. Years go by, and there is nobody to leave the inheritance, except for a distant relative in the male line. In the neighborhood, two wealthy friends are populated. Parents hope to marry their daughters. A new neighbor named Bingley is fond of Jane, a friend tries to dissuade the guy, and falls in love with her sister.

Sopranos clan

Godfather of the series "The Sopranos" Tony is a mafia boss of North Jersey. Conscientious, resolute and audacious, he was not used to obey the law and follow the rules. In the family, Tony begins to experience real discord, everything is collapsing. He would like to turn to a psychologist, but a lunch of silence does not allow it.

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American horror story

Each season of the series "American horror story" is a new story in the style of a horror thriller. The story of the first - about the family, moved to the house, filled with ghosts of former residents. The second season takes place in a psychiatric institution for sick criminals. The third one is about the school of sorcerers. All the series are filled with horror and suffering.

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The series "Staying Alive" shows how to survive in extreme situations, complicated by mystical events. The airliner crashes on the island of the Pacific Ocean.48 surviving passengers are trying to escape. The aggravated sense of self-preservation causes some of them to show firmness of character, while others plunge into panic.

Secret materials

Dane and Fox from the series "The X-Files" are engaged in the disclosure of mystical crimes. Agents are given a folder with paranormal affairs, not found solutions. Their task is to neutralize supernatural beings and protect people from invasion. Partners do not immediately find a common language, but working together makes them best friends.

Walking dead

The series "Walking Dead" is a story about people's desire to survive without becoming the food of the resurrected dead. After a serious injury at work, Rick falls into a coma. Waking up in an empty hospital, the hero sees the living dead, eager to eat the human flesh. He wants to find a wife and son to help them survive. On the way to them, Rick will encounter many obstacles.


The criminal in law is the protagonist of the "Dexter" series. After the bloody murder of his mother in front of a small Dexter, he was adopted by a policeman Harry. In the process of growing up, the father helped his stepson to direct the anger in the right direction. Dexter began to destroy criminals who escaped legal punishment, giving vent to a thirst to kill.

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Game of Thrones

The series "Game of Thrones" - a story about the struggle for power over the Seven Kingdoms. The king of the state - Robert, suggests Eddard to become his adviser. An old friend, in the name of protecting the ruler agrees. Several families, whipping intrigues, are trying to get to power, which leads to human casualties. At this time, behind the wall in the north wakes up evil. People need defenders and a leader.


Lincoln - from the series "Escape" is sentenced to death for murder, which he did not commit. Michael, in the name of saving his brother, staged a bank robbery, which leads to the arrest in the same prison. The guy participated in the reconstruction of the building, and knows a lot. Relying on his mind, savvy and made before the arrest of the tattoo, Michael and Lincoln hope to escape.


The series "Clinic" - about young doctors trying to earn their place in the hospital. The main character is John, along with his friends Elliott and Christopher work in the "Holy Heart" hospital. Each of them wants to become a doctor who would be respected by colleagues and loved by patients. On the way to a dream, they will face difficulties, but humor and perseverance will help in the struggle.

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