How to take amino acids for muscle growth

Amino acids are the main constituent of proteins, the building material of muscles, and therefore enjoy special popularity in bodybuilding. Beginners athletes-athletes often wonder how to properly take amino acids for muscle growth for better results and minimal consequences.

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protein is used to strengthen and increase immunity, the production of hormones, enzymes and antibodies, and the amino acids promote the growth of muscle catabolism of body fat, increase strength, endurance and reduced physical tone organism after training. A significant part of the protein that enters the body is used for the growth of muscle fibers, and only the rest goes to the synthesis of hormones and the construction of ligaments.

The reception of amino acids is necessary for muscle recovery and growth of their mass. In the body, they spent very quickly, because even at moderate physical exertion muscles lose about 80% of free amino acids and need a fast rebalancing. This is the main criterion for the growth of muscle mass.

as sports nutrition amino acid produced in various forms: tablets, capsules, powders, ampoules for injections, solutions ready for ingestion. Their effectiveness does not greatly depend on the chosen form, but it is believed that it is better to give preference to solutions that quickly enter the bloodstream and begin to work.

Admission course

The scheme for taking amino acids depends primarily on the goal. This can be both a set of muscle mass, and work on its relief.

For mass gain, it is recommended to take amino acids before and after training, and also in the morning to slow down the processes of fission of fats. In these periods, the body needs an increased supply of energy, and therefore initiates catabolism. In the period of rest from training for the accumulation of muscle mass, it is recommended to take proteins.

The course of amino acids to work on relief and weight loss is more dense and complex, it is not only aimed at stopping catabolism, but also in loss of appetite. In this case, amino acids are taken between meals, the daily dose is preferably divided into several receptions, but not less than 5 grams each.

Supplements with any one amino acid can take no more than three months, unless a person is under the supervision of an experienced specialist.

Amino acids combine well with many sports and nutritional supplements in the complex, but they need to be taken at different times, not together. Thus, proteins, Gainer or food substitutes markedly reduce the rate of assimilation of amino acids.

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The benefits of

Amino acids provide:

  • The body of athletes with protein, which is indispensable for most vital processes.
  • Rapid transportation to the muscles of the building material they need. Protein compounds enter the blood in a few minutes, so their effectiveness also consists in preventing the "protein window" during training.
  • Acceleration and support of the regeneration processes occurring in muscle tissues.
  • Normalization of the synthesis of hormones and balancing anabolic processes.
  • Burning of subcutaneous fat and normalization of protein metabolism.
  • Maintaining the required nitrogen balance in the body tissues.
  • Optimization in the muscles of ongoing metabolic processes, stabilization of immune and protective functions.
  • A full-fledged activity of most departments and organs of the human body.

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Side effects of

Supplements with amino acids, if used strictly according to the instructions, in the recommended dose, do not have unpleasant effects. However, higher doses may cause dizziness, vomiting, nausea, or diarrhea, in this case, you should cancel the intake of amino acids and contact a specialist about the correct dosage.

Caution is necessary to take amino acids to people with disabilities or liver or kidney disease.

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Acid side effects can be caused by amino acids from an unscrupulous manufacturer who adds substandard and non-core to the drug. To avoid this, you need to buy amino acids in specialized sports nutrition stores.

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