Why calls call flowers of death

There is an opinion that callas are funeral flowers. They are often brought to the cemeteries, but, with the same regularity in the hands of mourners, one can also see orchids, roses, carnations, dahlias, lilies, chrysanthemums and many other flowers. So why callas call sorrowful flowers? In fact, these are not flowers of death, but rather a sign of happiness. Why? Let's figure it out.

  • Flower features
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Flower features

Callas are a unique creation of nature. These delicate, luxurious and elegant flowers are very popular among florists. Florists are also delighted with callas, as they are very beautiful and unpretentious, and everything they need for full-fledged growth is a partial shadow and moisture.

Callas are of South African origin.

Their genus begins from large Ethiopian callas, growing to a height of one and a half meters. In Russia, this flower, nicknamed the calla for its similarity to the white wing of a swan, has been grown for over 200 years, both in the garden and in pots.

The flower consists of only one dense petal-coverlet wrapping a yellow candle. The color of callas can be very different - from white to a rich burgundy, almost black hue. The Calla has a delicate, vanilla flavor. Due to their strict look, florists use callas, both in formal and festive bouquets. Many brides prefer to enter into family life with a bouquet in hands from snow-white callas. Also these flowers are often used in compositions for decorating banquet halls and modern offices.

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A bit of history

There is a legend that calla is the reincarnation of a beautiful girl. Many centuries ago a wild tribe attacked a small village. His leader among the captives saw a young girl with big eyes and white, velvety skin, and fell in love with her. The barbarian wanted to marry this beautiful and innocent creature, but the girl refused him. Then the leader put the condition: either she becomes his wife, or he will destroy all their village. The girl had nothing to do but obey him. On the wedding day, the beautiful woman, dressed in a white dress, wanted to rush into the fire, just to avoid her fate. But the gods, who did not want such a beautiful, pure and innocent creation to perish, turned it into a tender and proud flower - calla.

Since then it is believed that this flower protects women from evil intentions, conspiracies, quarrels and illnesses. Callahead directs the girls to the right path, gives strength and intelligence, so many brides prefer wedding bouquets from it.

The opinion that calla - the flower of death has no basis, there is only an unsubstantiated assumption. The fact is that in many European countries white color is associated with mourning and funeral, so white callas are often brought to the cemetery. They, like roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, and also any other flowers of white color, for this reason it is not recommended to give to elderly ladies.

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Signs and callas

Today few people associate callas with the belief that they are flowers of death. Much more often you can hear that the Calla is a symbol and a guardian of conjugal happiness. Callas prevent disagreements between spouses, the emergence of quarrels and turmoil. In the language of florists, this flower means admiration, admiration of divine beauty and respect, therefore it is customary to give callas to girls on their first date.

There is a sign that a calla grows in a pot, adds a charge of vivacity and at the same time calms the nervous system, and also increases immunity. For those who have not yet met their second half, callas will also come to their liking, because they help to connect lonely hearts. The image of the white-wing also possesses magical properties - it protects the house from evil people, troubles, gossip and evil eye.

As you saw for yourself, there is no confirmation that callas are flowers of death. On the contrary, this gentle, fragile, solemn and self-sufficient flower, is an amulet for women and men. Therefore, do not deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying its beauty and delicate vanilla fragrance.


That's it: callas protect from disease and discord, give peace and happiness to the girl, so they are perfect for a wedding bouquet. I at one time preferred them, although relatives insisted on banal roses. And she did not regret! The bouquet was very delicate and exquisite.

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