How to whip the proteins with sugar

The classic skill that any qualified cook or amateur cook should possess is skillful whipping of egg whites. Inexperienced mistresses often make mistakes, because they do not know the nuances and small secrets. Get a well-beaten protein with sugar or powdered sugar is really easy. This requires a little experience and knowledge of culinary delicacies.


  1. Utensils and whipping technology
  2. Basics
  3. What is better - sugar or powdered sugar?
  4. How to whip the whites with sugar

Utensils and whipping technique

The best start for a successful result of your cooking intentions will be the selection of the right dishes. Protein is not recommended to be beaten in a copper or aluminum container, but a weighty, glass container with high sides is ideal.

The next item, without which it is difficult to get a snow-white, silk, protein mass, is a blender or mixer. The result of manual whipping of protein with sugar can be unpleasantly surprising. Theoretically, it is possible to whip the proteins manually, but you need to have the power of your hands for this.

Basics of the Basics

Protein, as a food biochemical substance, is afraid of moisture, fat, sorines and dust. Therefore, if your goal is immaculately whipped proteins, be careful with the separation of protein from the yolk, because this procedure also requires some skill and accuracy.

If the egg yolk or shell gets into the protein, then the process may not be specified. Clean, dry dishes are the basic and indispensable condition for whipping the protein with sugar well.

The freshest or, conversely, stale eggs can disrupt the entire cooking technology, so it is optimal to use eggs two weeks old. After the preparations have been completed, the eggs should be allowed to reach room temperature. Cold or chilled proteins whip worse.

Which is better - sugar or powdered sugar?

With sugar powder, the protein texture will be soft, and the powder of sugar will dissolve faster and enter the protein more easily. The proportions of sugar and protein for different dishes can differ, sometimes when whipping an incommensurable, broken balance of ingredients, too, can cause unsuccessfully whipped proteins. On average, products are taken in the proportion: 50 grams of sugar or sugar powder per protein.

How to whip the proteins with sugar

You need to start the process at a low speed. First you need to whip some proteins, without sugar. Wait until the proteins become white and frothy. Then you have to continue to whip, adding speed and speed. Externally, the proteins become thicker, but they still do not hold the form and flow off the corolla.

This is the most important moment when you need the addition of powdered sugar. Do not pour out all at once, but you need to add it gradually.

If granulated sugar is used, then it must be entered carefully, pouring on the edge of the container, and not in the middle. Now the speed can be increased, so that the proteins will quickly reach the desired state.

If the mass is thick, shiny and clearly holds the shape, then the base is ready. The whole process takes no more than 5-6 minutes. Some mistresses add a pinch of salt to the proteins. This somewhat accelerates the whipping process.

Check the result can be simple, though unusual: turn the dishes with whipped whites upside down - the mass should not fall.

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