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When the long winter period is over, and the much-desired summer has not yet come, most of the fair sex wears a coat. The most practical and popular among women is a black coat, because it almost invisible possible flaws and unexpected dirt, and the number of things that perfectly match with this element of the wardrobe, it is not easy to count. Many girls even before spring think about what you can wear a black coat to be in the trend.

His Majesty the Black

The famous fashion designer has defined black color as the true protagonist, which occupies a separate niche in the wardrobe of any Italian resident. The nobility of this color beckons and excites the minds of most eminent world couturiers.

Another name for black is the color of the Sicilian widow. It is he who plays the most important key to all the other constituent elements of the wardrobe. It provides the opportunity to create a combination with a wide variety of accessories and clothing options, which can be not only simple and concise, but also complex, intricate style.

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  • The versatility of black color makes it possible to combine it with the most incredible shades and tones. Women in Italy give their preference to this noble color and are recommended to wear it in a situation if the girl can not decide what to wear or when she does not want to stand out from the general mass of people.
  • Psychologists say that this color is most often chosen by ascetic and integral personalities who do not have time to exchange for trivialities. However, this assumption is also not excluded that this color is the dominant in the wardrobe of people who are not quite confident in themselves and those who want to protect themselves and protect themselves from the external reality surrounding them.
Due to its practicality, this color provides almost limitless possibilities for drawing up a variety of images in a variety of styles.
The coat of this universal, without exaggeration, color suggests a variety of cuts and finishes.

How to choose the right coat?

When striving for the ideal and desire for a coat to become a truly luxurious element of the wardrobe and advantageously focused on the merits of the figure, as well as natural attractiveness, it is necessary to pay attention to certain points during the choice of the style.

  • Length. In the process of choosing a coat, consider your own growth. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that with the footwear of which plan it is planned to combine this wardrobe item: will it be a pair on heels or without it. If the girl is short, it makes sense to turn her gaze to the short coat of a narrowed cut, as this will visually extend the silhouette. Girls of medium or high height have the opportunity to supplement their own wardrobe coat of maximum length in the floor.
  • Details. This coat assumes classics in style and versatility when creating images. In other words, a similar coat should fit well with a lot of things, therefore, during the selection, the best solution would be to abandon the catchy elements in the decoration, for example, colorful details or defiant buttons.
  • Material. It is absolutely natural that a certain coat is suitable for each season of the year. For the winter period, wool will be appropriate, for the autumn-spring season - products made of drape, and in the summer days will be comfortable in light tissues.
  • Figure. This element of the women's wardrobe is designed to emphasize virtues, and not create or focus on the shortcomings. Due to its practicality, this color provides almost limitless possibilities for drawing up a variety of images in a variety of styles. Due to its practicality, this color provides almost limitless possibilities for drawing up a variety of images in a variety of styles.

    During the selection, be sure to pay attention to how it looks on the figure, whether it is not enough in the shoulders, does not cause inconvenience while driving. If there is a desire to hide magnificent forms or, on the contrary, to put an emphasis on the waist, the variant of a fitted cut will be a good solution.


To choose clothes to a coat of dark color follows, proceeding from its style, as in a question of color any claims and cavils are absent at all. Noble black is a universal color, with which you can easily combine all the completeness of the color palette.

  1. Classic coat of straight cut. This option will face all the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. There are no exceptions here. Young girls should choose a coat, the length of which is up to the knee or slightly lower.
    Models in the floor "throw" a few additional years, but it looks very solid.
    This style of coat looks good with pants of dark or light tones, jeans in classic color, and also with other trend variants. It is also well combined with dresses, skirts and suits of laconic execution. If the choice is made in favor of dress or skirt, it is important that the hem does not look out from under the floor of the coat itself. Elegant high-heeled boots, all kinds of scarves and stoles, as well as a variety of headgear will give the whole image a full and effective.
  2. Coat-tulip. This style does not have such a strict cut, but visually resembles the shape of a bud of a tulip. This style flares to the bottom and is popular with romantic natures. Dress-case, a suit of classic cut, a pencil skirt complete with a strict blouse or corset will make the image graceful.

    Narrow jeans, all kinds of shades of narrowed trousers or leggings attract young girls who prefer bold and bright images. Bags from small to large, various versions of shoes on the heel, as well as shoes on a wide platform can without doubt be worn with a coat of dark color. Seductively fitting legs pants and juicy shades of gloves will add to the image of audacity.

  3. Coat in the floor. Here you need to show maximum caution and care. Even the smallest mistake can make the appearance look ridiculous and awkward. The black coat of maximum length looks good with shoes on a stud or thin heel, a scarf of cherry color, and also an unusual brooch. Under the coat it will be best to wear tight pants of reserved tones and snow-white blouse or short dress.
  4. Coat with short sleeves. Perhaps some girls are afraid to fill up their wardrobe with such a model, because they simply do not know what to wear with it, but everything is not as difficult as it seems. The first thing that comes to mind is, of course, long gloves.

    All fashion experts recommend choosing in favor of leather gloves of contrasting colors, that is, they should stand out. Here, elongated knitted mitts will also look great.

With what combination?

In a coat of black color, any woman can become a true style icon, as there will be no difficulties in combining the color. It only remains to pick up accessories and other items of the wardrobe.

  • Shoes. Here, in principle, there are no restrictions, because they can come up with a variety of shoes. Shoes, boots of various models, high boots, graceful ankle boots and even elegant boots will be appropriate.
  • Jeans-boyfriends. An excellent option, which is still in the trend. In this case, the coat can be not only short, but also on the floor. Ankle boots or shoes of dark color will come in handy for the completion of the image.
  • Trousers or tight jeans. There may be a dark or other neutral tone. Moreover, they can act as an accent throughout the ensemble and be juicy in color, for example, lemon or emerald. Shirt can be worn at your own discretion - straightening outwards or, vice versa, having tucked into trousers, in any case it will look very actual. The combination of jeans in indigo color, a black coat and the same shoes, as well as a snow-white top, perfectly complements the clutch in the predatory "leopard" performance. Another good choice will be wide trousers with a pattern, for example, in a checkered version.
  • Leggings. This is a great solution for placing emphasis on beautiful female legs. Leggings of dark colors look good with a cardigan juicy lemon or bright orange color. Here, a dark coat can choose a spacious and wide cut.
  • Skirts, shorts, dresses.
    If the length of the selected outfit is small, and the coat has a shortened shape or it is not very long, then it is possible to use high boots in the image.
  • For models of a coat with a hood, it is possible to combine with a sweater a pure light tone and a mini skirt made of leather. To complement the image will help shoes with a wide sole and a bag-clutch.

For a solemn appearance in light or a special occasion under a black coat, you can wear a dress of bright pink color or a short version of a red-causing color in combination with beige sandals.

For a walk in the warm spring of 2017, you can dress up in a light sweater, tight trousers and shoes on an average heel. To finish the gentle and stylish image will help a black direct coat and a soft scarf of dark color.

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