How to lose weight 3 days before the holidays

Summer comes into its own, which means that it's time to leave. Of course, many women have already taken care of the beach wardrobe, bought permits for resorts, and therefore the only thing that darkens their expectation of a trip to the sea is a figure that has not yet had time to acquire ideal forms. What to do? How to lose weight 3 days before the holidays? These issues are increasingly prevented from sleeping.

And it's vain! After all, there is a way to get rid of a few extra pounds. Of course, no one says that you can throw off 5-10-15 kg, but you will manage to part with two or three of them. The main thing is to follow the recommendations.

Physical load

For women who want to lose weight in 3 days, first of all you should reconsider the mode of your motor activity. Unfortunately, the modern world is such that most of the representatives lead a sedentary lifestyle, and slow their own metabolism. Therefore, now the most important thing is to start actively moving the

. Of course, no one is saying that you immediately went to the gym or began to torture yourself with difficult exercises. It is enough just to increase the daily motor activity twice and the result will not take long. To do this, you can go to work and back on foot, dance to your favorite music, perform simple exercises in the morning and at bedtime or swim in the pool.


In order to lose weight 3 days before the holiday, you also need to revise the diet. Forget about sweets, salins, smoked foods and fried foods. Refuse from fatty foods. Choose only low-calorie food and consume it from the consumption of not more than 1500 calories per day.

Be sure to monitor the balance of power. Proteins, carbohydrates, fats( in a small amount) and vitamins you need. Otherwise, you run the risk of going instead of the long-awaited vacation in a long "cruise" for hospitals and clinics. Eat often, staying at regular intervals. It is desirable not less than 6 times a day. The last meal is replaced with a glass of skimmed yogurt or yogurt and drink it no later than an hour before going to bed.


If you want to lose weight in 3 days, pay attention to the use of liquid. It is important to drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day. And preferably use green tea and mineral water without gas. In this case, remember that the first glass of liquid you need to drink on an empty stomach, at least 30-40 minutes before breakfast. The last glass is not more than an hour before bedtime.

About soda, black tea and coffee is better for a while to forget. If you can not refuse the morning cup of an invigorating drink, then deprive yourself of at least the sugar and cream that usually fall into your cup in the morning.

Sleep and rest

Despite the fact that the holiday is just approaching and it's important to have a lot of different things to do, your task is to get enough sleep! Yes Yes Yes! It is a calm, full-fledged sleep that will ensure the acceleration of metabolic processes. And this in turn will lead you to the fact that you lose weight in 3 days by several kilograms. Therefore, go to sleep as soon as you experience fatigue, and in the morning in good spirits go to the scales.

Believe, having sustained only 3 days the listed recommendations, you will look simply delightfully. About the excess weight, which you had before the three-day marathon, no one will guess. So be happy and enjoy your vacation!

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