With what you can wear a corset

Since ancient times, the corset helped girls and women look slimmer and more attractive. He became an integral part of their wardrobe. After some time, the fashion for the corsets was gone and returned again. Now corsets are not only an element of the underwear of women, but they can also be worn for work and business meetings. If you still do not know how to choose the right corset and what it can be worn for, this article is just for you.

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To whom the

is suitable The corset is that element of clothing that reminds us of Renaissance, Classicism, the dawn of the Baroque and the Victorian era, where girls wore them to appear slimmer. For many women of that era, this element of the wardrobe was a real instrument of torture. The girls did not have enough air, and they lost consciousness. As a result of pulling down ribs broke, chest was transformed. That is, in fact, a huge harm to health.

Now the corsets have been improved and now they bring only good.

With the help of these, the girl can tighten the stomach, improve posture. Also in it your breasts look bigger and thus it is not necessary to wear bras with pushap.

The corset itself is made of hard materials such as brocade, satin or cotton. Perhaps the corset will have tight inserts that will help keep the shape. All corsets have one mandatory attribute, and this is a lacing and clasp that will help pull your body to you.

The main advantage of the corset is that it can fit any body. Since ancient times, they were worn not only by graceful and well-built girls, but also by ladies with magnificent forms. It is only necessary to choose the right corset for the figure and you can safely go to conquer the world.

This garment element should not bring discomfort, and therefore you need to follow some rules when choosing and putting on a corset.

To begin with, such a thing should be chosen only in size. It is not recommended to purchase for a smaller size, as this will not look aesthetically pleasing and may cause harm to health. And if you buy a larger size, then it will hang, because you can not pull it to your size.

Wearing a corset, control your breathing. In it you have to breathe freely.

The lacing at the corset should be from the rear, if it is in front or on the side, then this is already an unreal corset.

Before buying you need to clearly decide for yourself where and with what you will wear it. If you decide to use it as underwear, which will correct your figure, then it should be a simple style, without any additional decorations.

After purchase it is worth to carry, that is, you should get used to it before you put it on the light. In time, it should not be used more than 2 hours a day. Remember that he pulls your body, so it will be problematic to engage in sports or dancing.

You should not wear such a thing on your naked body. Many recommend wearing a corset under a thin, cotton blouse. So you will not feel any discomfort. He will not rub anywhere, will get dirty less, and the laces will not bite into your skin. Tighten the corset is on top and gradually move down.

When you put it on, it will seem that it does not draw enough and will want to drag on even more. But this should not be done. For the first time, it is worthwhile to implement the tightening by only 2-3 centimeters. After getting used to wear it you can all day.

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How to wear

In principle, the corset is designed to give the female figure the desired shape, but not always it is possible to be guided by this fact alone. From the cut, width, used material depends on its characteristics. It is worth remembering that there are several varieties of corsets:

  • The corset, which does not have a bodice, is intended only for pulling the waist, under which it is necessary to wear blouses, dresses or shirts;
  • The corset, which is intended more for seduction than for pulling. The width of such a belt is usually not more than 20 centimeters;
  • The corset to which the stocking holders are sewn. Such a thing performs several functions at once: it supports stockings and corrects your forms. This corset is worn as underwear;
  • A corset that has cups and straps. It is used to support the breast.
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It will be interesting to look a satin corset or corset made of silk with a tight skirt. To wear such an ensemble is necessary, having added it with an air blouse.

Correctly selected texture of things will provide you with an elegant look. To add the image of a bright highlight, you can choose a corset with an unusual finish in gold or silver tones. Combine them better with a monotonous bottom so that the outfit is not too "flashy".Ideal for dark classic trousers or a pencil skirt. In this outfit you can go to a party with friends.

For those who prefer to make a wardrobe in the classical style, the corset must be combined with a long skirt of classic cut or with a long dress. However, do not forget about the harmony between the top and bottom of the ensemble.

The emphasis in such an ensemble should be one, and only apply to the corset. The rest of the clothes should be the background. Very stylish is the combination of a high black corset with dark trousers with a low waist. You can make the image even more stylish by adding it with black gloves. In this outfit you can go to a rock concert.

Otherwise, you will look if you combine a white lace corset with a light bottom. This combination will give your image a romantic feel. And combining light pants with a dark denim or leather corset, you will make your image more powerful and defiant.

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Another trend combination is the combination of short corsets with dresses. This choice will perfectly emphasize the waist.

Do not assume that the corsets are suitable only for the owners of the ideal figure. They perform a pulling function, so they are perfect for ladies with magnificent shapes. They can wear beautiful high corsets and straight skirts, complementing the image of a suitable overcoat cape.

Read more about how to compose a wardrobe for full girls http://woman-l.ru/chto-mozhno-nosit-polnym-devushkam/

For young and young, corsets of light version in combination with tight trousers will suit.

You can wear corsets with jeans. Any corset will perfectly match with black or dark blue jeans. Otherwise, the color scale of the top and bottom should coincide. Corsets should be worn with tapered jeans that will tighten your hips. Such an image can afford a very slender girl.

As for shoes, there are no sports shoes. Corsets are a feminine and elegant element of the wardrobe. The image should attract the attention of men, and not be a mockery.

If you do not like shoes with uncomfortable high heels, then you can choose a classic model at a lower heel. It is worth paying attention and accessories. They also need to be chosen correctly. It is desirable that the shoes and handbag match in style and color among themselves.

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