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style The incredibly popular style of the boho has long ago stepped outside the fashion industry. Now it is decorated apartments, they come up with thematic celebrations, wedding evenings. What is good is the style of the Boho in the wedding, and why with its help can you make the main triumph of your life unforgettable? We tell!

The main features of the style of the boho in the wedding

Before discussing the design of the hall and the image of the bride, you need to figure out what the Boho style is. This trend began to emerge in the mid-60's as a bohemian fashion hippy response. And if the style of the hippie was limited to flower wreaths and spacious sarafans, then the aesthetics of Boho was truly unlimited.

The gypsy and Mongolian ethnics were added to the relaxed hippy a little later, and modern fashion designers promoting this trend on the podium added a bit of sophistication and elegance to the Bohho. As a result, the fashion industry has received a very diverse style. He conquers at first sight his relaxed and external simplicity, behind which lies a deep idea.

What are the main features of this style direction should be taken into account when planning a wedding:

  1. Boho is a creative style that many artists and writers adhere to, so the abundance at the celebration of handmade items( from beautiful cymbal stands to made-for-hair jewelry)Only add a unique color to the wedding.
  2. Relaxation is the basis of this fashion trend, so high heels and virtuoso hairstyles with a variety of hairpins should immediately be thrown aside, giving preference to simplicity.
  3. Decorating with fresh flowers and a variety of plants is ideal for a celebration in the style of a boho.
  4. Wedding dress is better to choose a free cut with a length of maxi. It's great if in the image there is a place for traditional style elements: fringe, lace, tassels from pieces of fabric.
  5. A variety of jewelry and natal patterns perfectly fit into the wedding image.

Usually adherents of Bohho style profess a unity with nature, so for a wedding dress it is necessary to choose natural fabrics, for example, silk, linen or chiffon. Ethnic motifs will also be on the topic, so the bride can easily decorate her hair with an unusual rim or hang a whole bunch of bracelets on her wrist.

The main difficulty in creating such a themed wedding is the unity of the whole composition. The image of the bride must be in harmony with the style of the groom and the nuances of decorating the hall, so when planning the holiday, you will have to think over absolutely all the details.

The venue for the celebration in the style of the boho

The main question that the bride and groom will have to decide: where will the ceremony be held? Style Boho literally requires unity with nature, therefore, the following options will be optimal:

  • an exit ceremony in a field or park, which guarantees the initiators of the celebrations also a very original photo session;
  • to hold the ceremony of marriage is possible and on the beach, setting there a pre-prepared arch drowning in flowers;
  • option of holding a wedding in the garden is also welcome;
  • the groom and the bride can organize a painting and in an ordinary restaurant, but it is necessary to work on its design.

If a couple gave preference to such an original style, then in the organization of the celebration also it is not necessary to exercise restraint or mediocrity. The ceremony in the fresh air will be remembered for both the heroes of the celebration and their numerous friends.

  • The most common option is a holiday right in the middle of the field. Lovers can place tables with treats for guests everywhere, and in the center place a beautiful arch made of natural materials, under which the bride and groom will pronounce oaths of loyalty.
  • A ceremony organized in the garden, park or on the beach is also an excellent alternative to bored painting in the registry office. In the original conditions of unusual location it is much easier to create an interesting photo shoot, and this option is definitely worth using.

If the bride and groom still prefer a classic celebration in a restaurant, then one should show originality in its decoration. The sea of ​​flowers, natural motifs in the decor, lovely details made by own hands, and unusual dishes with decorative patterns - all this will turn a boring celebration into a real fountain of bright ideas.

How to choose the perfect bride dress in this style?

Whoever says that, the heart of the wedding ceremony is the bride, and therefore her image should be worked out to the smallest detail. When choosing a dress, the girl should stop on free styles, which will help to look perfect, thus not constraining movements. What kind of wedding dresses will fit optimally into the concept of celebration?

  • A simple white sarafan and an elegant silk cape is an excellent option for a ceremony that takes place on the beach or in the field.
  • A girl can give preference to a dress with an overstated waist, which slightly widens downwards. Also looks great hem with a chaotic layering of tissues.
  • In the frame of the Boho style, the dress with a translucent bodice, made of thin chiffon or silk, perfectly fits.
  • Preference can be given along with lace sleeves and a slightly expanding down skirt.

As mentioned above, within the style of the Boho, you should choose the outfit with the maxi length, but the bold girl can experiment with the shortened version. A wedding dress in the style of new look without additional finishing can also be suitable for such an original celebration.

The main advantage of Boho style is its originality. A brave girl can not limit herself to the standard wedding canons and choose not the white color, but the original shade for the main dress in her life. Just colors should not be too flashy, experts advise to stop on a pastel scale.

Dresses will look great in light purple, soft blue, cream and light pink. If the bride, moreover, gives preference to flowing fabrics, she will at all turn into a living embodiment of the forest nymph, ideally falling into all the canons of Bohho style.

You should also take care of the proper selection of shoes. Best with the above-described dresses will combine sandals with a small heel, simple ballet flats or even flip flops with intricate straps. If the ceremony is held on the beach, the girl can do without shoes at all, going barefoot to the altar.

Hairstyle and a bouquet in the style of a boho

Within this festive style, you will have to think over a dozen little things, including those concerning wedding flowers. What should be an ideal bouquet in the style of a Boho?

  • First, the girl should pay attention to unusual floral compositions, consisting, for example, of field grasses, chamomiles and leaves. Field plants are ideal for such a holiday, and therefore the bride can ask her friends to pick a few beautiful buds right on the site of the ceremony( if it's a field or park).This bouquet will be optimally combined with the female image, and with the venue of the celebration.
  • Secondly, it is worth to abandon too bright and large flower compositions. A bouquet of twenty roses on a long leg is definitely not an option for a Boho wedding. Also, do not pay attention to unnaturally bright colors, which will contrast with the delicate, gentle image of the girl.
  • Thirdly, for a wedding bouquet it is necessary to select flowers of pastel shades. For example, gentle pink, white, cream-colored roses or peonies not fully opened will suit. Such a bouquet in the style of the Boho will not only look original, but also perfectly fit into the concept of celebration.

The bride's hair

With the choice of hair style is still more difficult, because there are several dozen variants. Here are just the most interesting of them:

  • the easiest way to create a hairstyle in the style of a boho is to curl up small curls, decorating them with a rim of flowers or a decorative bandage placed on the forehead;
  • low tail with numerous curls, decorated with flowers, also suitable for a wedding in the style of a boho;
  • variations of Greek hairstyles with braids sideways or a small pencil on the crown will also look good if the flowers are weaved into the stitching;
  • the bride can decorate the packing with original interlacing braids, adding an image also a rim.

The main principle of creating an ideal hairstyle for a wedding in the style of a boho is relaxation. Virtuosic styling with an incredible amount of curls tucked into a tall bunch is definitely not an option for a festive party in the garden.

A girl should remember about the general style of her celebration. It's great if the curls are decorated with small hairpins made with their own hands, original rims with artificial or real flowers, tiny rims of beads and so on. However, and overload your own hairstyle with an impressive cascade of details is not worth it, because everything in this bow should be in moderation.

Hairstyle bun on the side in Boho style - video

The image of the groom for the wedding in the style of the boho

Who said that only the bride will have to think over his festive bow to the smallest detail? The groom also needs to demonstrate his informality, otherwise the images of lovers simply will not be combined. So, what details should be present in the wedding image of the groom?

  1. It is better to replace the classic jacket with a regular waistcoat. You can also go to the altar simply in your shirt.
  2. Tie or butterfly should be bright color, with an unusual pattern, but the shirt itself is better to choose pastel tones.
  3. As a buttonhole, you can use not flowers, but unusual ornaments made with your hands from grass, antiques and feathers.
  4. In the image of the groom, careless laying, hats, suspenders are welcome.
  5. The more original the image of a man, the better for the very celebration, maintaining its atmosphere. The groom can choose for himself a checkered vest, a small purple violet and a shirt of light purple or blue. If in the bouquet of the bride or in the colors of her dress violet colors will be present, then the image of the pair as a whole will turn out extremely harmonious.

If a man wants to do without a waistcoat or jacket, then his bow will make an original braces. This accessory is rarely used by modern men, so in the wedding dress, the image will look at least original. Another way to add colors to your holiday bow is an interesting hat.

As shoes, it is not necessary to choose classic shoes that are more suitable for a ceremony in a regular registry office. The choice of fans of Boho style is a variety of moccasins, perhaps even sneakers. If the ceremony is held on the beach, then the groom can go to the altar, like the bride, barefoot.

By the way, during the ceremony on the beach on the groom, it will be optimal to look a linen shirt in combination with white shorts to the knees. Such an image - relaxed and romantic at the same time, it perfectly fits the Boho style.

Images of guests of the ceremony

Dramatic dresses in the floor, a variety of colorful sarafans on ladies and classic costumes on men - all this does not fit into the style of the Boho. That is why the bride and groom will have to think not only their images, but also the appearance of the guests.

The first thing to take care of the bride: how in a fairly simple dress not to get lost on the background of pretty and dressed girlfriends? The easiest way to stay within the chosen style and stand out against the background of the original dressed guests is to designate the length and color range for the girl's outfits.

  • Girls should wear dresses shorter than brides, perhaps with a length to the knee, from flying fabrics. The color scheme should also be uniform, so that the composition in the photographs was flawless. For example, bridesmaids can be dressed in light dresses made of chiffon gently green, light blue or pink.
  • When creating images for the guests of the ceremony, it is worth keeping in mind the style of the hippies and the nuances of the gypsy style.
    The bride can dress her girlfriends in long linen sarafans, adding to the image of each mass of accessories and wreaths on her head. She herself should choose a dress a little more magnificent, with a layering of chiffon fabrics.
  • Images of men should also be thought through to the smallest detail. Guests at the ceremony are obliged to choose relaxed, but at the same time festive bows, combined with some detail. For example, the groom can choose for himself and for friends the original hats that perfectly complement the festive image with a vest or suspenders. The bride can make for each guest the original boutonniere, which will also combine the styles of each in a single concept.

Decor parts are an important part of the

style. If the culprits of the celebration have set a goal to create a bright festive atmosphere, they can not do without original details. How can you decorate a restaurant hall or a clearing in the garden, so that the wedding banquet turns into a real ethnic holiday?

  1. Various carpets and tapestries will perfectly fit into the festive event.
  2. Tables for treats can be chosen low, scattered around colorful cushions for guests.
  3. Metal candlesticks and candles with an unusual decor are perfect for a wedding in the style of a boho.
  4. Antique lanterns, figurines, vases with wildflowers - all this can decorate tables and trees around to create a brighter atmosphere.
  5. Musical plates, antique frames and various knick-knacks made by themselves, also perfectly fit into the overall concept.
Boho style - it's bright details, unusual trifles, creative design in everything from invitations to festive plates.
You can decorate the wedding altar with the help of an Indian catcher of dreams or tiny mirrors suspended on ropes. The abundance of flowers and plants on the tables in combination with the original tablecloths and unusual antique things will only add to the triumph of color.

It is important not to overstep the stick, because such decorative elements should not distract from the main thing - the image of the bride and groom. In addition, the details need to be selected in the same style and color, so that their location is not striking and looks extremely organic.

The main advantage of the Boho style is that the bride and groom can fantasize:

  • For example, they can decorate tables with beautiful feathers or unusual figures made in origami technique.
  • Cymbals and wine glasses can also be decorated independently with the help of painted ethnic patterns or a variety of satin ribbons.
  • If the celebration is arranged in the open air, then around the clearing, where the wedding arch is installed, you can decorate the trees. On the branches will be suspended musical instruments, antique frames, various candlesticks and decorative lanterns. All this will make the wedding celebration more colorful and unusual.

A wedding in the style of a boho is at least a bold decision, because the groom and the bride will have to work more than one hundred parts, achieving the perfect combination of all the decor elements. Behind the external negligence of this holiday lies the titanic work of the organizers. But, having arranged a wedding in the style of boho, the bride and groom guarantee themselves and guests vivid memories of this day.


Wedding in the style of Boho.
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