How to cut cheese

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Cheeses and cheese products occupy the first place on the table: they are served first of all in combined and similar cuts. Attractively look cheese plates, where several cheeses are next to each other. However, piled into the pile, the product does not look, it becomes completely unattractive to eat.

To pay attention and pay tribute to it during the meal, the cheeses are cut in one of the ways and decorate them with dishes:

  • In the photo, cheese pieces of a different format near the head are often laid out, but this move is for advertising. No matter how mouth-watering the cheese head is( and the cheeses are given exactly this form when cooking), there is no progress on the table. On the dishes are served pieces of cheese small, convenient for pricking with a fork and eating.
  • The most convenient is to cut the cheese head into 8 parts, dividing each time in half. Now each octopus with a special device is thinly cut into slices, starting from the thin end, plates with an increase in area are obtained. They are conveniently placed on a platter for slicing.
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  • This is a method of cutting across, and if the same is done with the eighth lobe of the head along, then you will get elongated triangles, also often used in slicing.
  • To the guests was not offended, to whom the piece was caught more, the cheese can be cut rectangular in cross-section and, similarly to the previous method, cut parallel to the slice with plates a couple of millimeters thick.
  • Most cheeses are cut with thin plates to expose their "foul structure".Using the opportunity, you can cut more plates and then put them in waves. The dish looks great! Or fold in kulechki, which, if desired, you can fill the "stamens" of olives or sausages. Get callas.
  • Once it has come about the folding of cheese plates, then of them you can roll roses. Cut into thin strips, fasten from below with a toothpick and lay out on a platter a pink bouquet. Individually or on top of the usual cutting.
  • Rarely, but there is a cheese sliced ​​brusochkami with sides in a section of a centimeter, but no more.
  • Melted and soft sorts of cheese finely chopped in a non-professional is unlikely to work. They are given the shape of large cubes so that it is convenient to puncture the toothpick, small ones for salads. Before cutting, these cheeses are kept in the refrigerator. It will be good to cut them, if you send a preliminary 10 minutes to the freezer.
  • Completely figured variant of cheese cutting - use molds for cutting out cookies. True, there will be a lot of waste. The method is good if it is expected to prepare salads with a cheese ingredient or hot dishes baked with cheese. Pruning is used there.
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