List of the best foreign romantic comedies

Spending a lot of time looking for a good movie for family viewing? We offer a list of the best foreign romantic comedies that will help you to cheer up. Merry and ironic heroes find a way out of life's vicissitudes. In order not to happen, whatever troubles they find, they do not lose their presence of spirit and optimism. Enjoy watching!


The comedy "Mixed" describes the story of two single-parent families. In one of them, Lauren is a single mother, in another Jim is a father who independently brings up children. One day they had to meet on a blind date, which was unsuccessful. Jim and Lauren were not going to communicate anymore, but fate decreed otherwise. Both families were in Africa together.

Cook on wheels

The movie "Cook on Wheels" tells about a cook, who at one point was criticized by a famous person and lost his job. However, Karl Casper did not become discouraged and started his own business. Since he had few funds, he opened a snack bar on wheels. As a result, Karl became famous and in demand.

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Student of the Year

"Student of the Year" is an Indian comedy about young ambitious students. They lived happily and carefree, until the dean decided to arrange a contest. The winner of the competition will be "Honored Students of the Year".The main action takes place around the "botanist" Abhi and the favorite of the girls Rohan. They compete not only for the honorary title, but also for the heart of the beautiful Shanaye.

Pretend as my guy

The French comedy "Pretend my boyfriend" tells about a talented and attractive girl Alice Lantes. Everything is good for her, but she is not lucky in her personal life. One day, Alice meets a guy and a romance arises between them. Balthazar is in love, but for her it's just a hobby, after all, the guy is only 19 years old.

Married for 2 days

Happiness of the heroine of the comedy "Married for 2 days" prevents a family curse. All women of the family are not married for long after marriage. Everyone is waiting for a divorce. To avoid the curse, Isabel decides to enter into a fictitious marriage. Jacques-Yves, whom she chose as her husband, turned out to be a restless lover of travel with a bad temper. What will be next?

Love at risk for life

"Love at risk for life" is the love story of an ordinary guy named Julien. Working as a family consultant, he helped many. However, his own private life is not going well with him. In his opinion, he brings misfortune to all the girls with whom he communicates. That's Joanne, in which Julien falls in love, piles a lot of trouble. But love overcomes all adversity.

Love and other medicines

The hero of the movie "Love and Other Drugs" - Jamie - is lucky in love. However, he does not "glue" with decent work. After Jamie began selling the drug Zoloft, he met with the girl Maggie. Their romance is booming, and the guy realizes that he fell in love. Maggie responds to him in kind, but does not want to be a burden because of his illness.

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Close friends

The comedy "Close friends" describes the life and adventures of three young people. Two bosom friends - Samri and Kunal, in search of new housing are decided on a gamble and seem to be a couple of non-traditional orientations. Otherwise, the landlady would not give them a room where her beautiful niece Nekha lives next door. Both friends fall in love with her.

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Another woman

The American comedy "The Other Woman" tells about the infidelity of men and about what it can lead to. The main character - Mark, having a legitimate wife, has a couple more mistresses. When these three learn about each other, they decide to punish a loving man. Now Mark learns what a jealous woman can do. And especially if there are three of them at once.

Inviolable Mirabay

The main heroine of the Indian comedy "Enduring Mirabay" is a teacher of mathematics. She is lonely, but she has two love - Anila Cumbay and cricket. The parents do not like this situation. They looked after her enviable bride Arjun Sachdev, a cardiologist. However, Mir does not intend to indulge the parents. Therefore, Arjun she claims that her only passion is cricket.

Talisman of luck

The hero of the comedy "Talisman of luck" pursue troubles. For a short period, Raj manages to be late for an interview, his car breaks down, his employer dies. And this is only part of the setbacks. But when he meets Priya, everything changes radically. The girl becomes his talisman, and Raj falls in love with her. But Priya has a boyfriend, and Raj does not want to stop them.

Friend of

Comedy hero "Friend" - Eddie is a millionaire and a playboy. He spends his time at parties in the circle of people whom he considers friends. However, they use Eddie, chuckling at him behind his back. When his business "bursts at the seams", the hero is an angel to help. He will do whatever it takes to reeducate Eddie.

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The escaped groom

Voren, the hero of the comedy "The Runaway Bridegroom," has two problems: to find something to his liking and incomprehensible dreams. In my personal life, everything is fine. He has a girl Karen, on which he is going to marry. However, an unexpected meeting can disrupt all the plans of the hero. Now he is "torn" between the bride and the desire to shoot a documentary.

Boys Mrs. Brown

The movie "Boys Mrs. Brown" tells of a lonely woman - Agnes Brown. She had to raise her own children when her husband passed away. Agnessa has a steady income from trade in vegetables and fruits. Once the territory on which the woman's shop is located, a Russian businessman wanted to get. Now Agnes will have to find a way to keep his small business.

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