Exercises for a thin waist

The waist region is the problem zone for most women. The accumulation of fat in this area is conditioned by many factors, in particular, lack of mobility and malnutrition. Make a waist thin and beautiful will help special exercises.

  • effective cardio and strength exercises for the waist
  • rise housing
  • hoisting turns
  • Raising pelvis
  • Lifting legs
  • slopes
  • slopes feet apart
  • Hoop
  • use gymnastic disc
  • set of exercises for the waist with fitball
  • oblique twist onfitball
  • Exercise of firewood cutting
  • Straight twisting on fitball

Effective cardio and strength exercises for waist

Training program aimed at eliminatingThe lack of waist circumference should necessarily consist of force loads on the muscles of the press, as well as cardio training. They will help remove unwanted fat deposits on such a problem area, and will also become a good preventive measure for excess centimeters, even if you have an impeccable figure.

All the exercises need to be done in a complex. This is due to the fact that each of them uses a separate muscle or muscle groups. And for slimness of the waist, you need to work out every muscle of this part of the body. In the complex you can include such exercises:

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Lifting the body

Lie on your back, then bend your legs in the knee joints, and put your hands behind your head and cross. On exhalation very slowly tear off the chest from the floor, and on inhaling, lower it back. Your waist should be well pressed against the floor, and your chin pointing up. If you want to complicate this exercise for the waist, do not completely lower your head, stopping in 1-2 centimeters from the floor. It is advisable to bring the number of repetitions to 30.

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Lift with turns

Without leaving the position for the previous exercise, take a breath and lift your shoulders, turning them to the right and left, exhale. Inhale and lower to the original position. For one approach, you need to turn around 25-30 times in each direction.

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Upgrade the pelvis

Lie on your back, lift both legs up( vertically) and cross them. Your hands should be located along the body, palms down. Raise the pelvis and slowly lower it 5-10 times, making several approaches.

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Lifting the legs

Sit on the stool and hold hands for his seat, raise the chin, and straighten your back. Raise your legs slightly and turn them to the right. Immediately after that, pull your knees to your chest and very slowly lower them. This exercise for a thin waist is difficult, so if you just start practicing, do 10 repetitions, gradually increasing their number and using weighting.

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In training for the waist be sure to include the slopes. They will make your figure look like a beautiful hourglass. Put your feet to the width of your shoulders and take your hands "in the lock" on the back of your head. Make 15 torso of the trunk to the right / left, without bending the legs. The number of slopes can be increased over time. After completing the approach, follow the slopes, but bend your legs slightly.

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Tilts to the sides

Perfectly force the oblique muscles to work with legs. For example, you can do 15 repetitions of such an exercise: lying on your back, bend your legs and lower them in the side, alternately right / left. For those who think the exercise is easy, it is necessary to use weighting agents.

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Hoop exercises

To work out the muscles of the waist, the hoop will perfectly fit. You can use the usual metal, but it's better to choose the hula hoop hoop. Start training with a hoop from 15 minutes and gradually bring its duration to half an hour. During the workout, simply twist the hoop in a convenient pace for you. The result will please you pleasantly and come quickly enough. Of course, in a week, the extra centimeters from your stomach will not disappear, but after a month with a couple of them you say goodbye that for this part of the body is very important.

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Using the gymnastic disc

Exercises performed with the help of a gymnastic disk are very effective for reducing waist volume. Twisting on such a disk, you will strengthen the muscles of the press and achieve a thin waist quickly enough provided regularity of exercises. You must start with 20 twists. You may think that this is very small and you did not work at full strength, but the abdominal muscles during the exercises on the disk work perfectly, so increase the number of repetitions gradually.

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Complex of exercises for waist with fitball

One of the most effective for achieving a thin waist of sports equipment is fitball. Its effectiveness is caused by the instability, so during classes or just sitting on it, you have to constantly keep the balance and use for this is the waist muscles. The advantage of the fitball is that it allows you to make a thin waist even for those who suffer from varicose veins, because training on it does not burden your legs.

Use the following set of exercises:

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Skewing on the fitball

For this exercise, kick your buttocks and loin on your fitball, bend your legs at right angles, and put your hands clasped on your collarbones. Now lift your shoulder blades, straining the press, and stretch your fist( right) to the knee( left), and then vice versa. Before you return to the original position, perform each of your hand on 4 movements. It is very important in this exercise to monitor the amplitude, because if you have on your stomach a thick layer of fat, it interferes with the movements. Drag as much as possible. You need to do 2-3 series of repetitions, and rest between them for 2-3 minutes.

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Exercise of cutting wood

To perform this exercise you will need a ball or dumbbell( 1,5-2,5 kg).Holding two hands weighting, lean your back on fitball. The housing must be at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Tighten the press and simultaneously lift the weighting agent up, slightly shifting it to the left / right, as if to swing, twist the upper part of the body in the other direction and lower the weighting agent to the outside of the thigh. Make 2-3 sets in a row for 10 repetitions.

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Direct twisting on the fitball

To strengthen the muscles of the press, and accordingly to make the waist thin, you can, if you do regularly on the fitball of twisting. Put your hands behind your head and put your feet on the ball( angle 90 degrees).Tighten the press, and then lift the head( just do not press it to the chest) and the shoulder blades. To avoid injury, follow the lumbar spine: it should always be pressed to the floor.


About the hoop: I'll do my bit, better still do not use the hula hoop for a start, but the usual hoop. I start with five minutes, and then I had bruises, and a week later it came to hematoma, so the hoop needs to be turned light, and you should not have problems with the intestines, checked yourself if bloating-twisting the hoop is not verynice. ... ya twisted half a year, the result, of course, on the face, or rather on the waist, well, now I can spin forty minutes without stopping)). .. well, it's not unimportant if the food is left at the same level( flour, sweet, sodaand other harmful products), no exercise will help!


For the waist, the massage hula-hoop is most effective with a weighting agent. There is practically no effect from the usual hoop. Start with five minutes a day. And if you worry that there will be bruises, then wear a special belt.

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