Ideas for gifts for a wedding

  • What can I give to a wedding?
  • How to donate money?
  • Practical gifts for the wedding
  • Interior gifts
  • What to give to the wealthy newlyweds?
  • What do friends usually give to the wedding?
  • What do parents give their children for the wedding?

Wedding is one of the most important events in a person's life. At the same time, guests are worried no less than the bride and groom. Especially when it comes to choosing a gift. What to give for a wedding? Something useful and useful in everyday life, memorable or symbolic? These questions worry every guest guest. We will discuss all possible variants of the presents in our article.

What can I give to a wedding?

One of the most popular gifts for a wedding is money, but even they are not always a universal present. For example, a secured bride and groom will be much more pleasant to receive a symbolic gift of the heart than a few bills. In a different situation, of course, money will be one of the most desired gifts. They will suit both for covering wedding expenses, for honeymoon, and for arranging co-habitation.

Recently, the Western tradition of compiling a list of coveted gifts is gaining popularity. Young make a list of things that they would like to receive, and invited guests, so to speak, book any wedding gift. Thus, young people do not receive 5 irons and 6 bedspreads on the bed, and the guests are sure that their gift will be necessary and unique in their kind.

When choosing a gift for a newly-married couple, one must take into account their nationality and traditions. For example, in China it is customary to present gifts wrapped in red paper symbolizing well-being. The French give sweets, and gypsies - gold.

How to donate money?

Most often at a wedding, the donated money is collected in a bag or a box prepared in advance, but you can make a memorable and beautiful gift from the bills:

  • Bouquet. Collapse from several denominations of roses, fixing them with an elastic band and making a magnificent bouquet. Express version - in the buds of roses in the ready bouquet insert neatly folded bills.
  • Cake. Denominations need to be rolled into tubes and gently glued to double-sided adhesive tape to the cardboard base. From above you can fix a magnificent bow, and around the perimeter cake tie a ribbon for better fixation.
  • Bank with money. An ordinary glass jar is filled with bills folded into a tube and bandaged with ribbons. Top can be closed with a lid or tied with beautiful wrapping paper and tape.
  • Money tree. For a basis it is possible to take an artificial, wire or even a live tree in a pot. The banknotes are folded and attached with adhesive tape.
  • Picture. An embroidered picture or a clean canvas in the frame will do. You can depict a tree, flower, house, basket. On the top of the picture, bills are sewn with the help of threads, folded in the form of butterflies, flowers or leaves.
  • Necklace. The denominations are folded into tubes, accordions and connected with the help of ribbons. You can decorate the necklace with bows, flowers for packing gifts, etc.
There are many options for how to present original and unusual money. In an extreme case, if there is no time for preparation, you can buy a ready-made postcard or the most usual envelope.

Practical gifts for the wedding

First of all, it is necessary to determine which category the newlyweds belong:

  1. A couple who will live with their parents. In a rented apartment. Or has long been living together. In all cases, in the near future young people will not need a new refrigerator or iron.
  2. A couple that plans to move into a separate apartment. In this case, absolutely everything is required.

Wedding presents for newlyweds, which belong to the first category, should be selected according to their interests. For example, young people who are engaged in sports and lead an active lifestyle can make such a practical and necessary gift:

  1. For those who are keen on winter sports( skiing, snowboarding), sports equipment, ski goggles, snowboard covers, thermos, etc. are suitable.
  2. For bodybuilders and runners, wireless headphones, heart rate gauges, pedometers, water bottles, fitness equipment will be an excellent gift.
  3. Swimmers will be pleased to receive a subscription to the pool.
  4. Divers will be grateful for the certificate to the equipment store, masks, wetsuits. Rackets for tennis, rollers, skates are great gifts for active and sporting newlyweds.

For young people who are keen on hiking or mountain tourism, they will do:

  1. Tent.
  2. Sleeping bags. It is best to choose two sleeping bags from one series, which combine into one double.
  3. Car mats.
  4. Sets of dishes for tourists.
  5. Hiking backpacks.
  6. Compasses, LED flashlights, etc.

For travelers, a good gift will be:

  1. Camera, tripod, self-stick, external battery. Suitcases, travel bags.
  2. Set for sleeping( headrest, eye mask, soundproof headphones).
  3. A travel cosmetic bag with all the necessary hygiene products in a miniature( shampoo for her and for him, shaving gel, shower gel, hand cream, etc.).
  4. A map of discoveries in which young people will celebrate the countries in which they have visited.

Creative persons, keen on art, drawing, etc., you can give:

  1. Study book, easel, a set of paints, canvases, brushes for a family of artists.
  2. Musicians - creative tool covers.
  3. Photographers - lenses, tripods, cameras.

If you have difficulties in choosing a gift, you can safely give certificates to specialized stores. There, young people can choose what they like.

The best gifts for young people who plan to move to a new home, you can choose in the store of home appliances. It can be:

  1. TV.A great gift for family viewing of movies, football matches and wedding videos.
  2. DVD player. You can complement the gift with a microphone and karaoke discs.
  3. Microwave oven, refrigerator, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, gas or electric stove( you need to check in advance for the young ones that are put in their house).
  4. The dishwasher is a technique that greatly facilitates the life of the young housewife and relieves the annoying question "Who is washing dishes today?".
  5. The multivariate is an excellent assistant in every kitchen. With her help, you can get rid of the need to get up earlier for 20 minutes to make breakfast.
  6. The coffee maker and coffee grinder is a nice gift, for which young people will be grateful every morning.
  7. Kettle, iron - necessary in everyday life trivia.
  8. Juicer will always delight young freshly squeezed juices and smoothies.
  9. Food processor, blender, meat grinder are important items in the kitchen.

Another popular shop, which is sent to choose a gift for the wedding, is a dishwasher. Several options from what is given to the young:

  1. Set of pans.
  2. Table or tea set.
  3. Set of saucepans.
  4. Forms for baking.
  5. Glasses, glasses, beer mugs.
  6. Set for sushi.
  7. Graters, ladles, planks for slicing. Dishes for cakes, kremanki, saltcellars, saucepans.
Knives and forks are not recommended to give, but a pair of beautiful teaspoons of silver will be an excellent present.

Interior Gifts

Somewhat more difficult things are with the choice of a gift for the interior, because it is very difficult to choose the color and style to the taste of the newlyweds. The most universal are the following options:

  • Bedding. It is better to choose classic white or light, pastel kits. Of the most popular fabrics are satin and coarse calico. If young - your close friends, you can find a more individual version of linen, satin or silk of bright, saturated colors. Often prefer a bed of dark color( black, brown, cherry) or, conversely, bright shades( orange, green, yellow).Blanket and pillows. You can choose a special orthopedic pillow with an unusual filler. Often give a blanket of camel, sheep's wool or bamboo fiber.
  • Plaid is a very useful and practical gift for newlyweds at the wedding. The most popular are plaids made of lama or merino wool.
  • Carpet. To date, it is no longer fashionable to give huge, heavy wool carpets to the entire room. But fluffy long-haired rugs do not leave anyone indifferent. Choose a better one-color options of neutral shades: white, beige, black.

Suitable as a decor and other interior items:

  1. Vases, flowerpots, statuettes, various coasters.
  2. Bedspread on the bed or sofa, decorative pillows.
  3. Original hangers for the hallway.
  4. Unusual bookshelves.
  5. Tablecloths.
  6. Shelves, hangers, soap dishes and other small things for the bathroom.
  7. Beautiful indoor flowers in pots.
  8. Candles and candlesticks.

If young people live in a private house or are often chosen out-of-town, excellent gifts for the wedding will be:

  1. Arbor or tent in which they can receive guests or arrange a romantic dinner for two.
  2. Hammock, where the bride and groom can rest from worries. You can find a double option or buy two hammocks.
  3. Swings are a great way to relax and distract yourself. Good garden swings - a perfect gift for a wedding.
  4. BBQ, BBQ or grill equipment are indispensable attributes of a country house or villa.
  5. Chaise lounges, folding chairs, tables, benches.
  6. Inflatable swimming pool. In the summer heat it can be filled with cool water and enjoy it under the shade of the trees right at your own dacha. The bride and groom will certainly appreciate such a gift.
  7. Demountable summer shower. Such structures are very convenient for giving.
  8. Rattan furniture - a beautiful decoration of any veranda.
  9. Small gas or electric cooker. In dachas such often placed directly on the street, so you can cook in the fresh air.
  10. Mini fridge so that you can cool drinks for a large guest company.
  11. Set of dishes for a picnic. Most often, they are sold in a special suitcase for more convenient transportation.

Choosing a gift for the bride and groom for the wedding, you can buy items for the arrangement of the villa: curtains on the windows, bed linens, blankets, pillows and stuff.

What to give to the newlyweds?

There are often situations where the bride and groom are wealthy, wealthy people who do not need money or the usual household items. What do they give to the wedding in this case?

The first option is the attention of

  1. Portrait of a young. To begin with, you need to choose a joint picture of the bride and groom, where they like themselves, for example, from social networks, and after picking up a good artist. Creating a quality portrait takes time, so should take care of such a gift in advance.
  2. Family photo album. Naturally, it must be of high quality, made to order.
  3. Original chocolate. Such chocolates are made to order: a logo and a corporate wrap are being developed. The name will serve as the title, and the photo of the bride and groom will be an ornament.
  4. A collage of young photos. You can print a large poster or take a photo on T-shirts, swiss shots.
  5. Creative frame with photos. The most popular are large frames with many small ones for photos. To make such a gift look not only touching, but also beautiful, it is necessary to correct in advance the color range of all the photos. For example, you can make all the images in black and white and put them in a bright frame.
  6. The dolls of the bride and groom are a great souvenir for the wedding of the newlyweds. The similarity of such handmade dolls with the original is simply amazing, so they will not only be a pleasant, but also a very beautiful and unusual gift.
  7. Dear Alcohol. Cognac or long-aged whiskeys, vintage wine, etc., will suit.

The second option is emotions as a present.

  1. . Flight in a hot air balloon.
  2. Skydiving, from a bridge or multi-storey building.
  3. Flight on a small plane with the execution of tricks in the air. Descent on boats along a mountain river.
  4. Tickets for a concert of your favorite musical group of young people.
  5. Certificate for visiting master classes in cooking, drawing, pottery, etc.
  6. Certificate for a photo shoot.

If the bride and groom are wealthy people, you do not need to try to allocate an unbearable sum for a gift. It is better to choose a bright gift that will give young people a lot of emotions, for example, a box with tropical butterflies or a song specially written for them.

What do friends usually give to a wedding?

Depending on the level of wealth, friends usually give various objects of interior, useful in everyday life objects and equipment, money or certificates for goods and services. Often the bride and groom receive from friends and more unusual gifts:

  • kamasutra;
  • various comic books: "Guide to the taming of his wife", "The book about the upbringing of her husband" and others. With a hint they give both culinary books "For Dummies" or textbooks on housekeeping;
  • unbreakable plates with amusing inscriptions "for clarifying the relationship";
  • bed linen on which the boundaries of the husband and wife territories are marked;
  • pillowcases with the inscriptions "husband" and "wife";
  • clocks that go in the opposite direction and indicate a time for eating, sleeping, sex, etc.;
  • gloves for lovers, in which two mittens are connected together to hold hands comfortably;
  • barrel with caviar as a wish of a good life and healthy children.

A popular gift is a short film about a newlywed couple in jocular or touching form or a video message with the wishes of a happy family life.

What do parents give their children for the wedding?

Undoubtedly, the most desired and expected gift for a wedding from parents is a house or an apartment. Unfortunately, not all parents are able to give their children the keys to a brand new home, so other variants of valuable gifts are also suitable:

  • car;
  • a plot of land on which the newlyweds can build a house or a dacha of their own planning and arrange everything exactly as they want them;
  • cottage or country house where the bride and groom can leave for the weekend, gather relatives and friends for various celebrations;
  • honeymoon: a tour of the tropical islands, excursions or a trip to the mountains;
  • jewelry( for two - bracelets, rings, pendants, chains).

Popular gifts from parents are two tablets or laptops so that in a young family there is no dispute when dividing gadgets. Knowing what is necessary for young people, parents can give to the wedding the necessary large appliances: air conditioning, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc.

When choosing a wedding gift, remember that some things should not be given: stabbing and cutting objects( weapons,knives, sabers, tool sets), antiques, handkerchiefs, watches and mirrors.
Traditionally, young people congratulate flowers. If the choice fell on the roses, you should take care of the thorns - carefully cut them and wrap the bouquet so that the newlyweds are not pricked.

A gift for a wedding is always very individual, because what someone likes is not at all pleasing to another. If during the choice of a gift there were doubts, it is better not to hesitate, but to clarify the opinion of young people. Perhaps, they are quite satisfied with a banal envelope with money.

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