How beautifully to slicing

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Any festival requires that a covered table become a real work of art. And not only in terms of taste of dishes, but also in their beautiful presentation.

Before taking out the basic, hot dishes, give due to snacks and salads. Between them expose the cutting, it retains its position until the end of the treat.

And on how you serve the cut, table layout will only benefit.

  1. The main type of slicing is considered meat and cheese. It can be served both separately and composing mixed compositions. Why not, for example, laying out their plates with fans in a mirror image from the center? You superimpose the semicircles from the edge of the dish, each time reducing the number of parts and closing partially the previous row. In the middle and on that, and on another version of cutting can put a handful of olives. They perfectly fit into the taste combination.
  2. Separately taken food can be placed on a large dish in segments. Then in the cutting there will be also circles of sausage, and ovals of cucumbers, and plates of cheeses, and even fish or crab elements. The principle is similar to the previous one: the details are stacked "scales" to the center.
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  3. With vegetables, as a rule, problems do not arise. For example, fresh cucumber, cut into strips, do not spread simply on plates: one can make a "haystack" or a hut. And you can cut it in circles, arrange it in concentric semicircles from one of the edges of the dish, and on the left( or center) space to determine the whole small cherry tomatoes.
  4. Once in your circle, mixed cuts are welcomed, you spread a spectacular heart, where between the sausage circles the sheets of cheese are white, with the same vegetables next to them. By the way, instead of fresh cucumbers used pickled. Cutting from this neither in taste, nor in color, does not lose. Naturally, it is recommended to eat it immediately, while the vegetable part does not flow.
  5. Wide circles of boiled sausage and cheese put in flower petals. We'll have to work hard on every element, but on the dish "blossom" delicious flower bed-slicing.
  6. Finally, the fruit table will be useful for the festive table. It is usually created from colorful fruits. The decoration is based on the contrast of colors. Next to the white apple and pear, there will be orange slices of mandarins, green kiwi. And the figure comes up with what you like: a rainbow, a peacock, a fantastic garden, a tropical island.
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