The causes of dust in the apartment and the possible methods to deal with it

The dust in the apartment is a disappointing fact. It is impossible to get rid of dust in the apartment forever, but by determining the sources and dust collectors in the house, it is easier to fight pollution and to delay the settling of dust on the surface. The composition of the dust can be different and vary depending on the distance of the house from the industrial center, roads, soil, time of year, the number of people living in the apartment and the presence of pets and plants in the house.


Biological dust generation factors
  • Technogenic dust generation factors
  • Defining dust collectors in the house
  • General cleaning
  • Dust control agents
  • Household chemicals
  • Air purifiers
  • Proper care for upholstered furniture
  • Biological factors of dust generation

    Biological factors of dust generationin the apartment include:

    • products of human and animal life( skin flakes, hair particles, animal wool, feathers of birds);
    • plants( flower pollen);
    • mold, spores of fungi;
    • home dust mites, which are saprotrophs, their products of vital activity.
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    Technogenic factors of dust generation

    Technogenic factors of dust occurrence in the room are:

    • soil, rocks( sand, clay, slag particles and ores);
    • clothing, bedding, books( textile and paper fibers);
    • waste of mineral combustible materials, forest fires, sleeping and erupting volcanoes( soot, ash and smoke);
    • salt of the world ocean;
    • various substances, the origin of which is often difficult to determine, it can even be cosmic dust( make up a quarter of the dust in the apartment).
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    Define dust collectors in house

    The dust collectors in the apartment are:

    • carpets( especially floor);
    • curtains and tulle;
    • upholstered furniture and places under furniture( under the couch, armchairs, bed);
    • bed( feather pillows, woolen blankets, blankets, mattresses);
    • polished furniture, cabinets and shelves with books;
    • electrical appliances( chandeliers, sconces, TV, refrigerator and other household appliances);
    • soft toys;
    • clothing.
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    General cleaning

    General cleaning will help to keep the house clean. You need to spend it about once a month. To spend cleaning with minimal effort and time, we divide the apartment into zones: rooms, kitchen, bathroom, hallway.

    For the general cleaning in the apartment you need:

    • to remove the curtains, tulle and bed linen, send them to the washing machine;
    • to sort things out in the closet, to send unnecessary things to the dacha or to the garbage dump, you need to hang them on the hangers( by the season), put them on the shelves, and send the rest to the mezzanine;
    • wipe with a damp cloth made of microfiber ceiling, walls( it is better to wind it on a mop), if you can not wipe the walls, then vacuum it;
    • wash the chandelier and window;
    • wipe the top of the cabinet, cornice, batteries, chairs, TV screen, monitor( monitor and TV wipe with special napkins or dry cloth);
    • vacuuming the mattress and wall carpet( in winter in frosty weather carpets, carpet paths, if possible, it is best to ventilate, knock out or clean with snow, this will help get rid of the smell of dust in the apartment and destroy the mites);
    • cushions and upholstered furniture can be knocked out, covered with a damp cloth, put in dry clean or knock out on the street;
    • indoor plants in my bathroom or wipe with a damp cloth;
    • vacuum cleaner and my floor( dust loves to accumulate in secluded corners, so you need to look behind the cabinet, under the bed, sofa and armchairs);
    • places where there is a fungus and mold should be treated with a special solution and well washed.

    Important to know:
    • cleaning must be started from the top down( this is how the dust settles in the room);
    • regularly wash and clean all dust collectors in the house;
    • vacuum the room every two to three days;
    • knock out carpets several times a year;
    • plants should be cleaned using a spray gun or a damp cloth;
    • store books in a closed cabinet.

    To maintain constant cleanliness in the house, you can use the system "Lady Fly" - clean every day for 20-30 minutes with one zone. General cleaning will take several days, but you do not have to spend the weekend with a rag in your hands.

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    Dust control equipment

    Dust control equipment must prevent dust from entering the house, effectively collecting it, and not evenly distributing the one that is already there. To do this, you can use special tools and tools. These include:

    • vacuum cleaner - with this device any cleaning becomes much faster, and it is best to use a vacuum cleaner with an aquafilter, with which you can reduce the amount of dust not only on the surface to be cleaned, but also in the air;
    • hygrometer - a device for monitoring the humidity in the room, the optimum moisture level is 40-60%( with increased humidity, mold and fungus multiply);
    • humidifier - with its help it is easier to fight dust, as it settles faster and becomes more visible;
    • membrane for windows - do not allow to penetrate dust from the street into the room;
    • "Air Wash" - a device that passes through the filters all the air in the room, with which you can get rid of dust in the room;
    • polish with antistatic effect - from dust will not be relieved, but do not allow dust to quickly settle on furniture, it is better not to use allergies;
    • dracaena, chlorophytum, ficus, myrtle, Chinese rosan are plants that clean the room of dust, as well as from bacterial, pathogenic and toxic substances.
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    Household chemicals

    Household cleaning chemicals include:

    • polishes Pronto, Sama, Chirton, Fix Price Homestar, Mebelux, Unicum - they have an antiseptic effect and reduce the settling of dust, leave no streaks, add shine to furniture and do notcause allergies;
    • Spray Duster - a special spray for cleaning dust from household appliances( televisions, monitors, keyboards, photo equipment), leaves no streaks, does not damage the technique, dries quickly;
    • spray ALLERGOFF - suitable for the destruction of dust mites and various allergens, one application is enough for six months, is designed for the processing of upholstered furniture, carpets, sleeping accessories, soft toys;
    • Roto Duster is a battery brush that perfectly penetrates hard-to-reach places, cleans plaque from the surface of furniture, plants, fabrics and glass, is environmentally safe and does not require additional care.
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    You can do without chemistry. To clean the apartment suitable means:

    • for washing windows: add 1 liter of water to 1 tablespoon of ammonia, wash with this glass solution, then wipe with crumpled newspapers until the divorce disappears;
    • floor, chandeliers, wash cabinets with laundry soap, add it to water or cook pasta from grated soap and water;
    • carpet coverings to fall asleep a soda, in 3 hours to vacuum;
    • wooden furniture is wiped with a mixture of vegetable oil and lemon juice in a ratio of 2: 1.
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    Air purifiers

    Air purifiers and humidifiers allow maintaining optimal conditions of stay in the apartment, which affect the working capacity and well-being. To ensure maximum air circulation, before choosing a cleaner, you need to determine the size of the room and the type of cleaning. These include:

    • ozonizers - destroy microbes, parasites, toxic substances, use for a short time and without the presence of people;
    • ionizers - convenient and compact, dust is not absorbed, but is deposited on the floor, furniture;
    • ultraviolet - destroy toxic impurities, viruses, bacteria, carbon monoxide, but not dust, high efficiency only in the lighting zone, long service life;
    • HEPA filter - has a high degree of cleaning and washable filters, which must be changed every 6-12 months;
    • electrostatic inexpensive filters - dust with air passes between the plates and settles on them, the contaminated plates are washed under running water.
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    Proper care for upholstered furniture

    Proper care for upholstered furniture prolongs the period of its use. For this it is necessary: ​​

    • to regularly do a dry and wet cleaning of sofas and armchairs, to clean them with a vacuum cleaner or brush( except - plush upholstery);
    • does not install furniture close to sources of heat or light;
    • you need to carefully handle the contamination using a sponge;Do not dry the
    • with a hairdryer or iron, possible stains should dry naturally.

    Upholstery materials have their own cleaning characteristics:

    • flock can be vacuumed, water based solutions are used to remove stains, do not use alcohol and oily liquids;
    • velvet, plush, velor can not be vacuumed, washed, cleaned with a stiff brush, the stains are removed with gasoline, after drying, wipe the stain with ammonia;
    • jacquard and tapestry can be vacuumed, the stains are removed with water-based solutions that do not contain chlorine;
    • matting can be vacuumed and brushed, do not use alcohol and other solvents;
    • artificial and natural skin does not vacuum, stains are removed by soapy solution;
    • boucle can be vacuumed and cleaned with a dry brush, washed in warm water, but do not wring or iron.
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