Pyramids for strawberries. How to Make Your Own Hands

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The pyramidal design facilitates the cultivation of ampel varieties of berries. Even on a small plot it is easy to put a pyramid for strawberries, made by own hands. It is organized at the end of the autumn season or early spring. The construction is convenient, transportable, provides an attractive view of the garden area and gives an opportunity to enjoy juicy fruits.

Vertical cultivation: advantages of

The way of planting a strawberry pyramid is referred to as vertical cultivation. Bushes are planted one above the other, this option is convenient both in open areas and in greenhouses. Gardeners call several advantages of growing a culture in a triangular construction:

  1. Aesthetic appearance. Elegant vertical beds-pyramids are used as an element of landscape design. The shape of the product is determined by the preferences of the site owner. In addition to the triangle, the territory can decorate ovals, shelves or structures of tires. Unseemly pots decorate with lush foliage, decorate them in the arbor. In the greenhouse, the strawberry slide creates the impression of a winter garden.
  2. Space saving. The vertical way is convenient for those who sell strawberries. The bushes are in tier order, which prevents the rooting of shoots. In this case, the plant grows normally, and from one square meter of berries can be harvested about 7 times.
  3. Ease of care. The bush growing on the ground, it is inconvenient to cut the antennae. Fertilizing and harvesting on horizontal flower beds also take quite a long time. When planting in the shape of a pyramid, all these manipulations are several times simpler.
  4. Convenience of watering and spraying. The vertical arrangement of bushes makes it possible to cover several layers at once with watering. In addition, the cultivation of strawberries by layers protects the soil from excessive moisture and provides a high quality of treatment against pests.

On the pyramidal structure, a place is set for the growth of repair classes. They are characterized by repeated flowering and uneven ripening of berries. Tier form is convenient for planting ampel plants, they beautifully weave.

Construction of a garden bed

Actual for gardeners and gardeners option - a wooden model. Before you make a pyramid for strawberries, stock up on everything you need:

  • Quality wooden boards. Sliced ​​wood is impregnated with drying oil, sanded and varnished. Do not use chemical compounds, because they are absorbed into the soil, disrupt the taste of berries.
  • Nails of medium size( from 20 to 50 mm).
  • Hammer.
  • Level.
  • Plane.
  • Asbestos-cement or PVC pipe with holes 10 mm in diameter and 5 mm in diameter from the bottom.
  • Mixture of earth and sand to fill the frame.

At the initial stage of the construction of the structure it is necessary to establish its dimensions. The standard dimensions of the pyramid for strawberries are as follows:

  • 240x240 cm - mesh netting;
  • 220x220x25 cm - the first tier of the box;
  • 170х170х25 cm - the second level;
  • 120х120х23 cm - the third;
  • 70x70x25 cm - the fourth;
  • 20x20x25 cm - the last level.

The frame in which the culture will be grown is done as follows:

  1. Determines the location for the bed. One of its sides should be directed to the north.
  2. The base of the pyramid - mesh netting - is unfolded.
  3. On it put the first tier of the box. The edge of the wooden strips must be rounded off with a planer. This prevents the cutting of the plant shoots from the edge.
  4. Sand-earth mixture is poured. The optimum layer for the growth of bushes is 15 cm.
  5. A pipe made of asbestos-cement or PVC with holes is placed in the center of the structure. The end, which plays the role of the bottom, is sealed.
  6. Compost is laid. It is best to do this with a slide, and then necessarily tamper. Further care for compost implies its regular moistening.
  7. By analogy, the remaining tiers are mounted. Each is filled with prepared soil.

After shrinking, the bushes are planted. It starts from the lower tier and is executed according to a certain scheme. On each side of the first tier - 7 bushes, the second - 5, the third - 3, the fourth - 3, at the top - 2 at the base of the pipe.

Water and feed the culture preferably through the top of the pipe.

Non-standard constructions

1. Tires.

An unusual strawberry bed is made of wheel tires. The design is smaller in comparison with the wooden box dimensions, but greater height.

What you need to work:

  • Tires of various sizes. For the first tier, a DON-1500 combine harvester or a Case tractor, which lacks a box, but a sufficiently dense rubber, is suitable. The second tier includes a tire from MAZ, the third - from GAZ, and the last - from an ordinary car.
  • Wooden shoe.
  • Mixture of soil with compost.

The metal cord of the rim of the tires fulfills the role of the frame. The pyramid for strawberries from tires is organized as follows:

  1. The ground under the bed is prepared: cleared of stones and leveled. A pit is being dug out. Its dimensions correspond to half the height of the largest tire and its full diameter.
  2. The top is clipped from the largest tire. The rest is placed in the ground. The soil around it should be compacted and distributed on all sides. Above the tire is poured about 2 cm of expanded clay drainage and compost. The mixture is slightly moistened.
  3. The following tires are cut in the same way and stacked on top of each other. The height of the structure should not be more than 150 cm, because because of the precipitation it can collapse.

The plant is planted in the spring. Bushes are distributed over the entire circumference of the tires. The wells are made at a distance of 10 cm, the strawberries should be fertilized, covered with earth and watered.

Growing strawberries in tires requires attention. When watering in tires, water should not stagnate. Bushes are best to water a little, but often.

2. Construction bags.

Another way to create a pyramid for strawberries is the flowerbeds of conventional polyethylene bags. The beds are compact in size and easy to create. You will need the following materials:

  • film or polyethylene garbage bags 0.2 mm thick;
  • sewing machine;
  • thread;
  • scissors or sharp knife;
  • permanent marker;
  • prepared soil.

The work is carried out in several stages:

  1. Rectangles are cut in the form of vertical pockets with allowances for seams of 1.5-3 cm.
  2. The open polyethylene is sewn together. To it it is possible to attach a handle which will sustain weight of a ground and seedlings.
  3. Each of the pockets is filled with prepared soil.
  4. If the structure is made in the form of a triangle, several tiers can be made. At the bottom - 5 pockets, and in each subsequent row - one less.
  5. Planted.

Further care for plants is their regular watering with a small amount of water and fertilizer. The polyethylene bed is not quite practical, and it will have to be done annually.

3. Metal pipes.

This variant of cultivation of a strawberry by a pyramid is suitable for economical farmers. It will take the most ordinary metal pipe. Constructions allow placing up to 200 bushes of strawberries on a space of 1 square meter. On the flower bed you can plant ampel varieties with medium-sized berries. The method with metal pipes is practical and has many advantages:

  • Water for irrigation is saved. The system of its submission is organized in the frame itself. The moisture drops down gradually and sows the roots of the crop.
  • Simplifies weed clearing. The soil is hidden from the direct rays of the sun, and the weeds practically do not grow. Sprouted shoots are removed manually.
  • Saving space and beautiful appearance.
Pipes can be placed horizontally in the form of a pyramid or can be placed vertically, like a labyrinth. Covering them with bright paint, the owners will get a stylish decor of the territory.

To make beds of pipes, you need:

  1. Cut the saw over the metal holes. Near them, weld a kind of "porch" of thin plates. On them in the future the leaves and fruits will be distributed, which will reduce the load on the roots of plants.
  2. Pipe with planted shrubs is installed in the soil.
  3. It is important to organize the fastening of the structure. Gardeners recommend to concrete the base or to attach to the support with wire.

Watering and fertilizing the culture costs regularly.

Benefit and decor

If you are thinking how to plant a strawberry pyramid, follow the advice of landscape designers. They suggest using conventional containers and decorating them in the form of a cone, a triangle or a pyramid.

  • Several pipes or barrels of different diameters are cut into pieces and installed on the principle of tires. They need to make side holes and fix the irrigation system.
  • Drawers. Will create an interesting view on the site. Install the boxes on top of each other and be sure to secure.
  • Plastic bottles. On the wall in the form of a pyramid, two-liter containers are fastened by ropes. One bush is placed in one vessel.
  • Flower pots. They look more aesthetic than bottles. Mounted with special trellis or placed on stands in the form of triangles.

The organization of the pyramid for strawberries is possible even on a small plot. Selecting the material you like, you can create tiered designs, so that a delicious berry was available every summer. Be creative and spend a little time making vertical pyramids. They simply plant strawberries and take care of them easily: when planting a vertical, weeds do not appear and the root system does not rot. In addition, it is quite convenient to harvest the crops from the pyramid.

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