Cucumbers with mustard for the winter

About the benefits of cucumbers for the body is said already a lot. These seemingly "aquatic" fruits contain a lot of vitamins and trace elements, so everyone needs to eat cucumbers. There are many ways of harvesting cucumbers in different kinds. One such is the preparation for the winter of crispy cucumbers with mustard.


  1. Briefly on mustard
  2. Cooking tricks on cucumbers with mustard
  3. Ways and recipes for preparation of cucumbers with mustard
    • Cucumbers with mustard, salted cold
    • Cucumber salad with mustard without sterilization
    • Cucumber salad with mustard with sterilization in jars
    • Pickled cucumberwith mustard
    • Cut sliced ​​cucumber with mustard
  4. Storage

Briefly about mustard

Mustard is not just a seasoning, it's a very useful remedy. It contains protein, fats, essential oil, in addition, many trace elements: magnesium, calcium, iron and so on, vitamins of groups A, B, D, E. Mustard promotes better digestion of protein products, metabolism, has antioxidant, laxative andanti-inflammatory effect.

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Cucumbers with mustard can be salted, sour, pickled, made from them salads with various ingredients. They can be prepared with fresh-salted, and still - used as blanks for future soups.

The tricks of cooking cucumbers with mustard

  • For a salad you can take as a young cucumber, and a little overripe. Small fruits can be left with skin, and large ones should be removed.
  • For salting it is necessary to use freshly picked vegetables, strong and elastic. Otherwise, the cucumber will become softer after salting and will not crunch.
  • To make the cucumber crunch, leave it covered with cold water for several hours.
  • Cucumbers are of three kinds - salad, salted and universal. You need to consider this depending on what you need a vegetable for.
  • For marinating cucumbers are usually taken in medium size. Larger fruits can be used for cooking in a cut. Pickles and gherkins are suitable for canning.
  • Pickling cucumbers is recommended in the new moon.
  • For any billet it is required to take not iodized salt.
  • In cucumbers salted in a cold way, the most useful elements.
  • Long thermal treatment not only destroys useful substances in fruits, but also deprives them of the ability to crunch.
  • Tanks and caps for cucumber preparations should be carefully sterilized only if the opposite is not specified in the recipe.
  • To give the billet a spicy taste and aroma, you can put turmeric, dill, basil, cloves, horseradish, garlic, cumin, coriander into it. The smell is also improved by the leaves of oak, currant, cherry.
  • The dishes used should not be metal.
  • Mustard can be taken in both powder and grains.
  • Cucumbers with mustard, prepared without sterilization in a cold way, must be covered with plastic covers.
  • Cucumbers with mustard are an excellent snack for all sorts of dishes.

Ways and recipes for the preparation of cucumbers with mustard

The recipe for the preparation of cucumbers with mustard is great. Everyone can choose what is to his heart!

Cucumbers with mustard, salted cold way

This method is the fastest, but you need to remember that these vegetables will turn out to be salted, they are not stored for a long time, therefore, the preparation will have to be eaten in the shortest possible time.

For preparation, mustard seeds, 3 aspirin tablets, sorrel and horseradish leaves, greens to taste, fragrant pepper, two tablespoons of salt.

  1. Cucumbers should be thoroughly rinsed and cut into slices( if they are not large, you can halves).
  2. Take a clean polyethylene bag and put all ingredients there, except cucumbers( aspirin must be crushed into powder).
  3. Shake the bag to make it mess.
  4. Add cucumbers, tie, leaving a little free space, shake again, leave for half an hour.
  5. Shake for the third time, put into the refrigerator.
  6. After 10 hours the billet can be eaten.

If you do not have a plastic bag at home or do not want to use it, you can take an ordinary container.

Cucumber salad with mustard without sterilization

You will need: cucumbers, onions( in a ratio of one to one), two hundred grams of salt, a pound of sugar, 9 percent vinegar - 300 grams, ground turmeric - pinch, peppercorns - both black and fragrant, 100 grams of mustard.

  1. Cucumbers should be thoroughly rinsed, peeled off, cut into circles, pre-emptying the tips. Cut the onions into rings, mix with cucumbers.
  2. Fall asleep with half of the salt, mix again, cover with a lid and leave for a while to give the fruit juice.
  3. Pour it into a convenient container, add vinegar, mustard, turmeric and the second part of the salt. Boil until completely dissolved on low heat for a few minutes. Add brine to the salted vegetables.
  4. Place the container on a fire and cook until the cucumber changes color.
  5. Expand on cans, roll up, turn over, wrap and let it cool down at room temperature.

Cucumber salad with mustard with sterilization in jars

This variant of the composition of the ingredients is not much different from the previous one, but instead of turmeric, you need red and black ground pepper - about ten grams, as well as a garlic head.

  1. In a convenient container, connect all components( except cucumbers), mix thoroughly.
  2. Allow to stand under the lid at room temperature for two hours.
  3. Cucumbers cut into slices, remove the "ass."
  4. Fill them with brine, spread out in pre-sterilized jars.
  5. Take a large container( a basin or a pan), lining the bottom with a cloth, put a jar( cans) with a salad.
  6. Pour water on the "shoulders" of cans, sterilized within 30 minutes after boiling( if the pot is liter).
  7. Tightly roll, turn, wrap, cool.

Pickled cucumbers with mustard

Three tablespoons of salt, 300 grams of 9 per cent vinegar, ten tablespoons of sugar, horseradish leaves, two heads of garlic, six teaspoons of mustard seeds, a pair of onions are needed for cooking( three liters of water).

  1. On the bottoms of the washed cans, pour the mustard seeds over a teaspoon, put the washed cucumbers on top( do not cut them!) Mixed with onions, garlic and horseradish.
  2. Add salt, sugar and vinegar, bring to a boil, allow to cool.
  3. Cool down the cucumbers, put sterilized as you like( on the stove or in the oven).
  4. Seal, flip, wrap, cool.

Cut cucumbers with mustard

It will take: refined oil and 9% vinegar - two hundred grams, a couple of tablespoons of salt, as much as mustard powder, garlic head, sugar glass, black and red ground pepper - on a teaspoon, fresh dill- zhmenka.

  1. Thoroughly washed cucumbers cut into slices or slices.
  2. Grind the garlic and dill, add them to the cucumbers, put the rest of the ingredients in the same container.
  3. Stir well and leave for three hours under the lid.
  4. Spread on cans, pour over the resulting juice and put sterilized in any way for 20 minutes.
  5. Roll, turn, wrap, cool.

Secrets of storage

No matter how you cook cucumbers, keep them recommended in a cool place, protected from exposure to sunlight - in the refrigerator, on the balcony or in the cellar. However, in the last two cases it is necessary to ensure that the banks with blanks do not explode or crack from frost.

With proper storage, reserves last about a year.

Let the preparation of products for the winter brings only joy, and the cucumbers with mustard - only benefit to the body!

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