Physiodispenser for implantology: NSK Surgic Pro, W&H ImplantMed, KaVo, X-cube

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Implementation implants in dentistry and endodontic dental treatment is impossible without technological innovations. One of them is a multifunctional dental dispenser device.

It allows you to perform manipulations during surgical correction of the jaw row, to carry out treatment root canals (remove the infection inside the dental unit), and also helps to carry out ultrasound treatment.


  • Features and principle of operation of the device
  • Functions and purpose
  • Review of popular models
    • NSK Surgic Pro
    • ImplantMed SI-923 W&H
    • KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless
    • X-cube

Features and principle of operation of the device

Physiodispenser makes it easier for dentists when installation of implants and in root canal therapy.

Its package includes:

  • electric motor and ultrasonic generator;
  • tips;
  • burs cooling system (these are tools that are used to cut the hard tissues of the tooth).

It is possible to correctly configure the device through the control unit.

The device has a setting mode, with the help of which the rotation speed is selected in the range from 500 to 1500 rpm. The wrench performs the function of tightening. It can be set from 20 to 50 revolutions per minute.

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Physiodispensers almost always work in conjunction with accessories of various types and manufacturers, such as nozzles and irrigation systems.

Saline delivery system (irrigation system), used in dentistry for dental implantation and is designed to supply saline to the apparatus. When choosing irrigation tubes, their compatibility with the used physiological dispenser model is taken into account.

Modern physiological dispensers have the following features:

  • auto-calibration system creates torque accuracy;
  • as the tips wear out, they are easily replaced, which ensures a long operation of the device;
  • manufacturers install a large set of special programs to facilitate the dentist's work (they are activated by pressing the memory button).

Functions and purpose

Any model of a physiological dispenser is used to fix surgical handpieces and attachments. In addition, during the execution of manipulations, the supply of saline solutions to the surgical intervention zone is ensured.

The presence of two modes "key" and "drill" is controlled by a microprocessor in an automatic mode.

The functional purpose of the device is as follows:

  • high-precision implementation of implantology procedures;
  • preventive measures and treatment of pathologies of the root system of the tooth;
  • reliability and power of the motor ensures its safe use in dental operations;
  • high accuracy allows to carry out procedures of different levels of complexity.

Review of popular models

There are many types of devices on the dental equipment market. But there are a number of models that are in high demand in dental clinics and medical centers.

NSK Surgic Pro

Physiodispenser Surgic Pro is the fifth generation model from NSK from Japan. It combines a high degree of reliability, great power and torque accuracy.

Advantages over other devices from this NSK series:

  • provides absolute and accurate control of the torque speed with the output of readings on the liquid crystal display;
  • the operation of the device is displayed on the display during any type of operation;
  • the presence of a USB drive allows you to save the setting for subsequent surgical intervention;
  • in comparison with other devices, it is smaller;
  • the backlight can be selected at the discretion of the surgeon (there are three options - high degree of illumination, low illumination, off mode).

The device has 8 individual programs that can be entered by pressing the "memory" button. In this case, the speed, torque, and the amount of chilled liquid supplied will be controlled. It also allows you to change the direction of rotation.

The cost of the device is in the price range from $ 2900 to $ 3000 (about 200,000 rubles).

The company offers to buy other models of physiological dispenser - NSK Surgic AP, Surgic PRO + OPT. More info at official website.

ImplantMed SI-923 W&H

Physiodispenser ImplantMed SI-923 W&H is produced in Austria and has a price (without a tip) of 125,000 rubles, and with an LG tip (WS-75 with optics), the cost is within 185,000 rubles.

The package includes:

  • control unit and foot pedal;
  • electric motor and cable for connecting to the network;
  • tripod and electric motor holder;
  • special clamps for firm fastening of the tool;
  • a set of hoses for sprays.

This model has specific features. Optionally, you can set 5 programs that regulate the speed, enable the pump to turn on and off, and change the torque. In addition, the device can change the direction of rotation, work as a cutter.

There is a built-in pump for liquid supply. Illumination of the working area is possible if the handpieces WI-75 LEDG (20: 1) and SL-11 LEDG (1: 1) are used.

Saline can be delivered through sterile tubes (disposable) or through reusable tubes that can be sterilized.

You can supplement the package by purchasing the following accessories:

  • a special arc that allows you to move the control pedal;
  • sets of sterile disposable and reusable tubing;
  • special cassette for holding sterilization;
  • trolley and suitcase for transportation.

You can find out more about the model at official website company Implantmed.

KaVo MASTERsurg LUX Wireless

This unit is manufactured in Germany. On the domestic market of dental equipment, it can be purchased at a price of 218,000 rubles.

The advantages of the model:

  • comfort of work is provided by a light and compact motor;
  • touch screen allows you to see the display of operating parameters from any viewing angle;
  • the device is configured according to individual requirements;
  • all parameters of the work performed are displayed on the display screen;
  • Convenience of work is provided by a wireless foot pedal;
  • quality control provides data output to the display;
  • you can monitor the state of the torque in real time;
  • all data is stored on the SD card;
  • custom setting has 10 programs.

In addition, the safety of work is ensured by high calibration accuracy. The surgical unit can operate in the range of 300 to 12,000 rpm.

Information about other models of physiological dispensers KaVo on manufacturer's website.


The X-cube surgical unit is one of the latest developments of the South Korean company Saeshin.

Its price is within 106,000 rubles. By its power (provides speeds from 600 to 50,000 rpm) this device makes it a leader among the models of this class.

Overload protection installed. Automatic shutdown of the motor occurs after 3 seconds after the burr stops working.

There are 10 programs that provide the speed of the torque and allow you to choose the direction of rotation.

Among other advantages, the following are distinguished:

  • the use of a foot pedal allows for hands-free procedures;
  • sterile saline is supplied autonomously;
  • all removable parts are allowed to be autoclaved, and disinfectants are used to treat the case;
  • the almost complete absence of vibrations and the noiselessness of the motor allow the dentist to concentrate during the procedure or operation;
  • a bright and clear image on the display shows the selected operating mode.

You can buy X-cube physiological dispensers from authorized dealers Stomdevice and ONDENT.

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