Gum problems may be linked to female cancer

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Could there be a connection between gum disease and malignant tumors? Research has recently been published that suggests its presence, especially when it comes to older women. Scientists have found that in this age group, gum disease leads to an increased risk of breast, lung and esophageal cancer. Also on the list was malignant melanoma, which is considered the most dangerous type of skin cancer.

The study has limitations, and the first is associated with a small number of participants. It's not enough to make the results definitive, say scientists at the Harvard School of Dentistry. However, researchers are highlighting the importance of tracking human oral health, as gum, heart and vascular problems have been previously identified.

Another limitation of this study is the fact that the presence of gum problems was determined on the basis of a survey of women, as such an expert assessment was not given. But the disease of the disease is different.

So women who have a certain degree of gum irritation and bleeding may face a diagnosis of gum disease. Most often we are talking about gingivitis, for the elimination of which it is enough to learn how to properly brush your teeth.

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At the same time, periodontitis is already a more severe gum disease, it is it that is associated with a number of diseases of the internal organs of the body. This problem is expressed as the separation of the gums from the teeth against the background of damage to the bone tissue, due to which the teeth are held in the jaw.

Not everyone is able to distinguish between gingivitis and periodontitis, although the authors of the work make an adjustment for certain cancer risk factors. This included smoking. However, a number of other factors were not taken into account, including those that increase the risk of tumors on their own.

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  • Oct 28, 2021
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