How to clean pomegranates quickly and easily at home

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  • Features of the biochemical composition of pomegranate fruits
  • The beneficial effect of pomegranate on the human body
  • How to clean a pomegranate properly? Several ways to quickly clear a pomegranate

How to clean a pomegranate? The problem is that this most useful berry (and not a fruit at all, as a huge amount of her admirers), from time immemorial used by the peoples of Afghanistan and Persia, puts many in dead end.

How to properly extract juicy grains from it without losing a drop of tasty and healing juice?

The apparent complexity of this process and the prospect of staining clothes, hands and everyone around with pomegranate juice objects scare off some consumers so much that they make them stop eating altogether juicy berries. Meanwhile, there are several very simple ways to cleanse these fruits.

Features of the biochemical composition of pomegranate fruits

Before teaching the reader to quickly and accurately peel pomegranates, let's talk a little about the extraordinary benefits of the biochemical substances that make up them.

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About the benefits and harms of pomegranate - in the video:

Pomegranate fruits contain:

  1. Multivitamin complex, the main components of which are vitamins B12, B6, C and P. Most nutritionists call them "essential" vitamins, because ascorbic acid activates the immune system, vitamin B12 has positive effect on the process of hematopoiesis, B6 is beneficial for the nervous system, and the condition of the blood vessels is improved with the help of vitamin P.
  2. A unique complex of fifteen essential amino acids. Seven of these are found only in pomegranates and meat. This property is most relevant for non-meat vegetarians. They can get vital amino acids for them only from pomegranate fruits. That is why these medicinal berries should become an indispensable component of their daily diet.
  3. A large number of macro- and microelements.

The beneficial effect of pomegranate on the human body

  • The low calorie content of the pulp (containing no more than 78 calories) and juice (64 calories) of pomegranate make it a useful product for those who decide to unload the body.
  • All parts of the pomegranate are beneficial to humans. A decoction from its peel helps with a sore stomach.
  • Peel, crushed into powder and diluted with water, expel worms.
  • Pomegranate juice helps to get rid of night blindness.
  • A mixture of pomegranate juice and honey is used to treat a sore throat of a person who has a cold.

About the benefits of pomegranate seeds

pomegranate seedsThe most useful properties are the seeds contained in each pomegranate seed. Few know that most of the beneficial properties of miraculous berries are determined precisely by the presence of seeds.

  • Due to the high content of biological fiber, it is the bones that help cleanse the human body of a large amount of slagging substances. These include "harmful" cholesterol and toxins that have entered the body of a sick person as a result of the vital activity of pathogenic microorganisms that have become the culprits of the disease.
  • Since pomegranate seeds contain oil (high in vitamin E) and a large the amount of polyunsaturated acids, this has a beneficial effect on the hormonal balance of the human organism.
  • The use of medicinal berries together with the seeds can relieve a person from severe headaches and high blood pressure.

You only need to eat pomegranates together with the bones. The opinion that they can "clog" the body is deeply mistaken.

  • It is the presence of seeds, coupled with pomegranate pulp, that contributes to an increase in the amount of hemoglobin (or red blood cells) in a person's blood. There is no need to argue that this significantly reduces the risk of developing anemia.
  • Eating ripe pomegranate fruits helps women get rid of the painful sensations that often accompany menstruation and menopause.
  • According to Chinese medicine, eating pomegranate seeds, rubbed with sugar, can significantly increase and prolong male potency.

How to clean a pomegranate properly? Several ways to quickly clear a pomegranate

Following our recommendations will allow readers to quickly and correctly clean the pomegranate, leaving both their own clothes and the entire environment clean. Let us warn the reader right away that you cannot do without a knife in any way.

"Magic halves"

Sometimes, to pamper yourself with fresh, homemade juice, you need to stock up on plenty of pomegranate seeds for your juicer.

This method will allow you to easily clean the pomegranate, doing virtually no loss of precious juice. To prevent splashing on clothes (pomegranate juice is difficult to clean), you must use an apron, and protect hands with gloves or two plastic bags, as the skin on the fingers may become unnatural coloring.

  1. how to peel pomegranate, halves methodHaving rinsed the ripe pomegranate with running water, we will arm ourselves with a very sharp knife and carefully cut off its upper part, decorated with a kind of "crown". Tough fibers covering the grains must be removed.
  2. Cut the peel of the lower part to the very grains.
  3. Now we have to cut the pomegranate peel so as to outline the "equator" of the fruit. Making a circular cut dividing the berry into two identical halves, we try to cut through only the peel itself, all the while swinging the knife from side to side.
  4. Having finished the incision, we hold the fruit by grasping the “poles” with our hands, completely freed from the peel. Turning the halves in different directions (you have to make some effort), we separate the berry into two parts.
  5. It remains for us to knock out the grains from both halves. We will do this with a ladle (some people prefer to carry out this operation with a large wooden spoon or knife handle).
  6. We take a very deep bowl and put it in the sink: this will prevent drops of pomegranate juice from getting on the kitchen furnishings.
  7. Grasping the edge of the half with our hand and holding it with the cut down, we begin to hit the back of the ladle on the peel, methodically knocking out the ruby ​​grains. Do not be afraid for their safety: they will fall into a bowl completely intact and intact.
  8. When knocking out the grains, do not forget to clean the contents of the bowl from the films and pieces of peel falling into it. To do this, it is enough to periodically shake the bowl, tossing the grains up. The peel will then be on the surface.

Search method "meridians"

The following method will help you quickly peel the ripe fruit, which is not only simple, but also a minimum amount of splashes.

  1. Cut off the top cover of the grenade. At the same time, the bases of the partitions will be exposed, dividing the fetus into segments from the to clean a pomegranate, meridian method, photo 1
  2. With a sharp knife blade, carefully cut through the peel, marking the "meridians" that run along these partitions.
  3. Resting their thumbs on the very middle of the berry, it is divided into neat to clean a pomegranate, meridian method, photo 2 The slices can be left untouched: they can be served on a festive table or there are grains just like that (this is very convenient).how to clean a pomegranate, meridian method, photo 3
  4. You can pour the pomegranate seeds into a bowl, separating them from the segments: it is very easy to clean them at this stage.

Cleaning pomegranates in water in one minute

The safest (in terms of the cleanliness of the surrounding space) method is the method that allows you to clean the pomegranate in water. Anyone can do this in one minute.

  1. We cut off the lid.
  2. We outline the "meridians".
  3. Fill a bowl with water and put the cut fruit in it.
  4. We split the berry into slices and begin to separate the grains from the peel with our hands. They will be separated completely and without the slightest difficulty.
  5. This method is also convenient in that the coveted grains will sink to the bottom of the bowl, and the peel and films will float to the surface of the water.
  6. We remove unnecessary waste, drain the water through a colander.
  7. We put the washed and completely intact grains on a plate, arm ourselves with a spoon and enjoy the multivitamin to peel a pomegranate, a way in water

It is a pleasure to peel medicinal berries in this way.

"Pomegranate spiral"

Cleaning pomegranates in this way is a little more difficult, since it requires a certain skill and dexterity. Our step-by-step guide will help you quickly master this interesting method.

  1. Cut off the lid and the bottom from the washed fruit.
  2. We take a knife and begin to make a spiral incision on the peel, passing from the top to the bottom of the berry. We remind you that only the peel itself should be cut: the pulp must be left intact.
  3. Now the cut skin needs to be turned into a spiral. To do this, we grasp the incised fruit with our palms (in the same way as we hold the ball). Expanding the palms in opposite directions, we get a spectacular ribbon, strewn with clusters of ruby ​​grains. If you want - remove them from the tape with your lips, if you want - shake off the grains in a bowl, and then eat with a spoon.

Let's call a dumpling maker for help

You can properly peel a ripe berry using a simple device for homemade dumplings. To do without splashes, you must also stock up on a silicone mold of the appropriate size.

We will beat the grains out of the fruit with a kitchen hammer for beating meat. Are the tools ready? Then let's get down to the process.

  1. Using the method of "magic halves", we cut the berry into two parts.
  2. Take a deep bowl and place a dumpling maker on its to peel a pomegranate, a method with a dumplings
  3. We put the cut fruit on a dumpling maker, cover it with a silicone mold (it will prevent the formation of splashes) and begin to methodically knock out the grains with a kitchen hammer.
  4. The result of our labors will be a heap of peeled grains in a bowl and a completely clean surface of the kitchen table.

The methods we have proposed allow you to peel juicy fruits correctly and without problems, without wasting precious time on it.

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