Megan Fox: secrets of success and beauty

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  • Megan Fox: biography
  • Megan: on the road to the big screen
  • Megan Fox: filmography
  • Megan Fox: height and weight
  • Megan Fox: before and after plastic surgery
  • How to make eyebrows like Megan Fox?
  • Video: makeup like Megan Fox
  • Megan Fox: hair color
  • Megan Fox Tattoos
  • Megan Fox's fingers
  • Megan Fox: no makeup
  • Megan Fox: how old?
  • Megan Fox's husband
  • Megan Fox: pregnant

The talented Hollywood actress Megan Fox has many fans all over the world. Most of the fans want not only to watch the films where the star was filmed, but also to find out as much as possible about their idol. They are interested in absolutely everything related to her personality - what her childhood and youth were like, what she was fond of at school, how she became one of the most famous and attractive Hollywood stars.

When Megan Fox married actor Brian Austin Green, it was important for her fans and female fans that the personal life of their idol was successful. For those who know almost nothing about the way to the big screen of the famous actress, presenting her only by performed roles in famous films, it will be interesting to get acquainted with her biography and interesting facts from life Megan Fox.

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Megan Fox: biography

Actress Megan Fox, who became world famous after the release of the world of the blockbuster "Transformers", was born in the small American town of Rockwood, located in Tennessee. She was born on May 16, 1986 in a family, among whose ancestors were people of many nationalities, so that she was born the baby inherited Irish, French, Italian genes, as well as a particle of Native American blood - Indians.

It is possible that such heredity became the reason not only for the attractiveness of the girl, but also for her difficult character. Attractive looks played a big role in a successful acting career and helped to become in demand a fashion model. The complexity of Megan's character became the sources of various problems that began in her school years.

At first, these were conflicts with peers, thanks to which the girl did not have friends either at school or in the studio, where she began her career as a model. There were some problems with the law as a teenager.

Megan does not hide the fact that during these years she also got acquainted with drugs. Fortunately for the girl, she did not like this acquaintance, although today she believes that the use of marijuana does not do much harm, so it should be legalized.

Since early childhood, Megan has been dancing, she has received several prestigious awards in dance competitions. She studied at the theater studio. At the age of fifteen, she began her acting career on the set of Hollywood, where over several years she achieved significant success in this difficult profession.

At the same time she worked as a photo model, systematically taking pictures for glossy and men's magazines. The young actress gained fame after starring in the famous film "Transformers", which was followed by many invitations to participate in various photo and film projects.

In 2010, Megan Fox became the wife of her colleague, Hollywood actor Brian Austin Green. Today, three sons are growing in the family of actors - in addition to two joint children, they are raising Cassius, Brian's son from his first marriage. The actress does not plan to leave her work in the cinema. While pregnant with her second child, she starred in a film that is due to appear on screens in 2014.

Now let's turn to some periods of Megan Fox's life in more detail, let's talk about what fans of her talent will probably be interested in knowing.

Megan Fox: as a child

The family where Megan Fox was born was difficult to call prosperous. Franklin Fox, the girl's father, worked as an overseer for probation criminals. This difficult work awakened aggressiveness in the man, which then manifested itself in family relationships. As a result, the girl's mother, Darlene Fox, taking the children (Megan has an older sister), leaves the family.

Three-year-old Megan has a stepfather - Darlene marries a man much older than her. The family moved to Florida, where they settled in the city of Port Saint Lucie. Tony Tonaccio, who became the new husband of Megan's mother, and replaced the father to two girls, did not differ in ease of character. In the district he was considered a despot.

The stepfather approached the upbringing of girls responsibly, but his conservative outlook on life often served as a reason for conflicts in the family. Megan herself claims that difficult relationships with her parents were the reason for her frequent emotional failures, however, only thanks to their support, she was able to get an excellent dance and musical preparation.

Megan began dancing and music at the age of five, and when she was ten years old, her family moved to another city in Florida - St. Petersburg, it was at the insistence of their parents that they were continued. At the same time, the future actress studied in a drama studio and studied at an ordinary local school.

Megan Fox: in her youth

Her diligent dance practice has been rewarded with victories in several competitions held in South Carolina. Megan managed to win several awards at the same time. Then the young performer was only 13 years old. In the same year, 1999, Megan made an offer to try her hand at modeling. Parents did not mind, setting one condition - to continue acting.

Megan did not mind, so her plans were to devote her life to an acting career. Continuing dancing art did not fit into the girl's plans. The teachers in the theater studio supported the girl's plans, considering her to be very talented, having an innate acting ability.

As the girl's career in art began successfully, her school affairs were just as bad. Her friends were only among the guys, and she did not fit into the girl's company. And outside of school, her behavior left much to be desired.

Megan Fox was arrested at the age of 14 for stealing a car, but fortunately, the story did not receive a continuation. She was detained several times in stores for stealing cosmetics. It is possible that such behavior was a way of self-affirmation for a teenager, since among the girls at school she was an outcast, she was simultaneously envied and hated.

It is not surprising that school for Megan remained not even in the background, but in the last plan. The result was expected - after such "feats" the future star was expelled from the school. After leaving school, Megan made the final decision - to start a career as a film actress.

Megan: on the road to the big screen

Megan began her journey to the cinema in a peculiar way - having decided to earn money on her own for a trip to the capital of the film industry, Los Angeles, she got a job as a walking advertisement (people in this profession were called "bananas"), inviting passers-by to visit a cafe and praising the quality of service in this institution. Having received the first salary, the girl went to conquer Hollywood.

It is clear that no one was waiting for such a young girl there (Megan turned 15 not so long ago), she was aware that her acting skills, highly regarded in the theater studio, against the background of Hollywood actors are rather weak, the future star relied on her attractive appearance.

Indeed, Megan's appearance - beautiful hair, a charming smile, excellent skin color and body parameters that meet Hollywood standards - attracted the attention of filmmakers. In 2001, she starred in the film Sunny Holidays. The role was noticeable - the girl played by Megan Fox was present on the screen for a long time, she constantly was next to the main characters (they were performed by sisters Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen), adjusting various tricks.

Although the film turned out to be not very successful - it did not come out in distribution, it sold poorly on discs, but the beginning of a film career was laid. For several years, Megan starred in cameo roles, accepting any proposals from the directors. In her creative baggage appeared secondary roles and episodes in films such as "Ocean Street", "Why I Love You", "Queen of the Screen" and others.

These jobs were important for Megan not only for appearances in the company with famous Hollywood actors, but also for the opportunity to improve her acting skills. Thanks to her cameo roles in 2004, the young actress was offered a more interesting role in the movie "Stage Star", where Megan played along with the popular actress Lindsay Lohan. Then for three years she starred in a series called "Hope and Faith."

Megan Fox: first starring role

Numerous roles in films and work as a model in men's magazines made the girl noticeable among Hollywood actresses. Finally, in 2007, when the blockbuster "Transformers" was released, where the actress played the main role, Megan waited for her finest hour.

Super popular science fiction film, which grossed more than seven hundred million dollars during the box office, from the first days appearances on the screens made Megan Fox famous, turning the young actress into one of the famous Hollywood stars. Megan's childhood dream has come true.

The first successful role was followed by invitations to new filming. In 2008, the actress played the role of a rising star in How to Lose Friends and Make Everyone Hate You.

In 2009, the film “Jennifer's Body” appeared in the box office, in which viewers could appreciate not only Megan's magnificent game, but also her magnificent figure. There were episodes in the film where the actress appeared completely naked.

In the same year, the actress was invited to play in the second part of the acclaimed fantastic blockbuster, released under the title - “Transformers. Revenge of the Fallen. " The film, in which Megan again played the main character Mikaella Baines, turned out to be no less successful, so its creators began filming the third part.

However, in the third part of the project, Megan Fox was no longer filmed. The actress claimed that she refused the role herself, but director Michael Bay voiced a different version. Filming for the Megan Fox project was discontinued at the initiative of producer Steven Spielberg. The actress was fired from the project after insulting the director.

Megan Fox: next film works

In 2010, Megan expanded her filmography with two more films - the not very successful western "John Hex" and "Passion Games". In 2011, followed by filming in the films "Intersection" and "Phantom". Films with Megan Fox were popular with viewers, but they did not bring much fame to the actress, but her external data attracted readers of men's magazines.

2012 turned out to be more successful for Megan Fox in terms of creativity than the previous one. The actress starred in two films - "Adult love" and "Children are not a hindrance to sex" and critics praised her acting work.

In 2013, Megan took part in the filming of the blockbuster Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It will appear on the screens in 2014. Fans of the actress will have the opportunity to see their idol in the main female role.

Megan Fox: filmography

Especially for fans of Megan Fox's work, there is a detailed list of her work in films and on TV in one section.

Movies with Megan Fox:

- Sunny Holidays (2001);

- Screen Queen (2003);

- Bad Boys 2 (2003);

- Stage star (2004);

- Transformers (2007);

- How to Lose Friends and Make Everyone Hate You (2008)

- Slut (2008);

- Jennifer's body (2009);

- Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen (2009);

- Jonah Hex (2010)

- Games of passion (2010);

- Children are not a hindrance to sex (2011);

- Dictator (2012);

- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014).

Series with Megan Fox:

- Why I love you (2002-2006);

- Screen Queen (2003-2006);

- 2.5 people (2003-2013).

Megan Fox: height and weight

Girls who consider the image of Megan Fox to be ideal for themselves try to at least slightly resemble their idol. The attractive appearance of a Hollywood beauty is not only a gift from nature and parents. In adolescence, despite the intense dance classes that give significant physical activity, Megan was a little overweight girl.

Her stunning figure today is the result of her daily fitness routine. Megan's height is not too high by modern standards - 165 cm. However, due to the correct proportions of the figure, the girl seems a little taller. She now weighs 52 kilograms.

Several times a week, the actress is visited by a personal trainer, and Megan does exercises for the press and abdomen every day on her own. Therefore, her figure is in great shape even after she has two babies. Even a couple of kilograms that Megan got after giving birth did not interfere with the beauty of the figure, but only added sexuality to her.

Megan Fox: before and after plastic surgery

Almost all Hollywood stars resorted to the services of plastic surgeons. Megan Fox is no exception. She had to solve the first problem of her appearance at the age of fifteen, when the girl began to appear in large numbers of youthful acne, leaving behind noticeable scars (more more details here). Megan had to go to a beautician and remove them using laser skin resurfacing. The actress still uses exfoliation to make the skin smooth.

As she grew older, Megan turned to the services of plastic surgeons several times. She corrected the shape of the nose, getting rid of a small hump on it.

Slightly enlarged breasts

and made a correction to the shape of the lips.

All operations were done very correctly, so the changes in the appearance of the actress are not striking, her appearance looks natural.

How to make eyebrows like Megan Fox?

Another highlight in Megan Fox's appearance is her amazing eyebrows. Their perfect shape for the face of the actress is admired by millions of fans. Often plastic surgeons say that when they come to an appointment, patients bring a photo of Megan, as with an example, wanting to get the same result.

Megan's eyebrows have nothing to do with the work of plastic surgeons. They are dark and thick by nature, only the stylists skillfully selected the shape for them in compliance with all the classic proportions (see also here and here)

The actress's eyebrows appear black, but in fact, this effect is achieved due to the skin color, which has a shade of ivory. Enhance the effect of light gray eyes. In fact, Megan's eyebrows are dark brown, matching her hair color.

Such dark eyebrows are not suitable for every girl, since she must have an oval face of a suitable shape. If she is naturally blonde, and her forehead is low, then by making such eyebrows as Megan's, the girl will only ruin her appearance. Maintaining the natural harmony of shape and color is the perfect way to become beautiful.

An English-language video of a girl making her eyebrows. As far as you can see, her eyebrows are really like Megan Fox.

Video: makeup like Megan Fox

Megan Fox: hair color

Since birth, Megan has a dark brown hair color.

True, in her youth, she experimented a little on them, turning into a sweet girl with light hazel hair. However, on the screen in this form, she became not very noticeable, so she quickly returned to her previous appearance of a bright brunette. Her favorite hairstyle is hair, as if slightly disheveled by the wind. To give them a more saturated shade, Megan periodically tints them slightly.

Interestingly, as a teenager, Megan dreamed of turning into a blonde, but when she decided to do this transformation on her own, she unexpectedly acquired an orange hairstyle for herself. She walked in this form for a whole year. Since that time, it has not changed so radically.

However, a surprise awaits the fans of the actress. For the filming of the movie about teenage mutant ninja turtles, where Megan plays the role of a brave journalist, the actress became red-haired, just like the journalist looked in the popular cartoon.

Megan Fox Tattoos

Everyone knows that the actress is a big fan of tattoos. Each tattoo on her body is made with a special meaning. Among the eight tattoos that are located on different parts of Megan's luxurious body, there are not only drawings, but also inscriptions. The actress says she loves the process of getting tattoos. For her, this is not only a way of self-expression, but also a remedy for depression.

Tattoo inscription on the back

The actress remains faithful to her profession and constantly demonstrates her creative nature in the form of tattoos from poetic lines and phrases from literary works.
“We will always laugh at golden (gilded) butterflies,” King Lear once said over the body of his beloved daughter. In the original, Shakespeare reads it:
"We will all laugh at gilded butterflies."
It is this phrase that you can see on the back of Megan Fox, on the right side in the area of ​​the shoulder blade.

Yin-Yang Tattoo

The tattoo depicted on Meghan's left wrist, from its inner side, represents two intertwined waves, like the ancient Chinese symbol "yin-yang", meaning inseparable connection in the nature of the feminine and masculine principles, heaven and earth, light and dark, etc. This tattoo from afar looks like a solid spot, and only close can you see and understand its meaning.

Tattoo inscription on the right side

The tattoo on the right side of the actress is a paraphrased dictum of Friedrich Nietzsche: “And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music"What is translated"If you don't hear music, don't rush to call the dancer crazy». Megan Fox about this tattoo: "I actually got this tattoo in honor of Mickey Rourke... I just really love him and I think he is very special."

Tattoo inscription on the left side

The text of the tattoo is written in Old English: “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her HEART", What means "Once upon a time there was a little girl who did not know love until one boy broke her HEART»
The tattoo becomes noticeable when Megan Fox raises or moves her left hand to the side: it is located on the left side of her beautiful body. Perhaps these words reflect her personal experience.

Marilyn Monroe tattoo

When she was a fan, Megan Fox captured the memory of Marilyn Monroe with a tattoo on the inside (above the wrist) of her right hand in the form of a portrait of the famous actress. Megan Fox about this tattoo: “She was one of the first people I saw on TV. Every time I hear her voice, I always cry. I don't know why, but I have my own thoughts on this: I have always empathized with her.»

After several years, the tattoo of Marilyn Monroe's portrait begins to fade gradually with the help of laser surgery. In an interview with Amica magazine, Meghan explained why she decided to get rid of this tattoo:
«She was a negative person, mentally unstable, bipolar. I don't want to attract such negative energy into my life.».

Tattoo named Brian

Not all Megan Fox tattoos are open to prying eyes. For example, a tattoo with the name of her beloved "Brian" (Brian) is located on the belly of the actress a little higher groin area on the right, and you can see it only thanks to the posing of the model on frank photo sessions

Tattoo crescent moon overlapping five-pointed star

Megan Fox's only color tattoo is a crescent moon overlapping a five-pointed star. The tattoo can be easily seen on Megan Fox's naked right leg - above the ankle from the inside. It remains to be seen what these signs mean in Megan's life.

Hieroglyph tattoo

Hieroglyph 力 - means "Strength" (in a broad sense). Also "energy, vigor, fortitude."
It is located on the back of Megan Fox's neck, under the hairline. It seems for a reason that a celebrity placed this sign on her body, which contains a deep philosophical meaning and characterizes the actress as a strong personality.

So far, the actress is not going to get rid of them, although sometimes during photo shoots they become a hindrance. However, in an interview, Megan said that if a good means of removing them appears, then some of the tattoos will disappear.

Megan Fox's fingers

Megan Fox has one problem that cannot be solved even with the help of plastic surgeons - from birth, her thumbs are much smaller than standard sizes. In everyday life, this does not bother her, but when, when filming in advertising for Motorola, she needed a close-up of her hands, Megan needed a stunt double. Hands in the commercial had to be removed from another actress.

Megan Fox: no makeup

Many paparazzi have a hobby - to photograph a famous actress at a time when she has no makeup on her face. In such photos, it can be difficult to recognize some of the stars. Fortunately, nature has rewarded Megan with such an appearance that her images, taken by such amateurs, do not give reason to be upset.

Megan's appearance remains beautiful even without makeup. She is photogenic, has a wonderful skin color, beautiful eyebrows and eyelashes. Therefore, the actress even likes to give her face a rest, allowing her to appear for a walk without the slightest trace of makeup. If you need to run to the nearest supermarket, Megan sometimes even forgets to touch up her lips. But she has such a beautiful shape and such a pleasant color that she can afford it without losing her attractiveness.

Megan Fox: how old?

Megan Fox is not going to hide her age yet. In May 2014, the popular actress turns only 28 years old. Her husband, Brian Austin Green, is 12 years older than Megan. When they met, the young actress was eighteen, and the future spouse was already thirty.

Megan Fox's husband

With her future husband, Hollywood actor Brian Austin Green, the actress met on the set. It was 2004, when Brian broke up with the mother of his son, who at that time was two years old. Three years later, the couple became engaged, a wedding was planned. However, after a while, Megan decided that her age still allows her not to rush into marriage, and the engagement was terminated.

Two years later, the couple decided to be together again, and on June 1, 2010, Megan and Brian celebrated their engagement. For this they chose a very romantic place - Hawaii. Their wedding took place there on June 21st, witnessed by Brian's son, Cassius, who at that time was already eight years old.

Megan Fox: pregnant

Two years after the wedding, on September 27, 2012, a charming baby appeared in the family, and ten months later, information appeared in the press that Megan Fox was pregnant again.

Megan herself talked about her second pregnancy only once, while noticing that she did not feel very well only at the very beginning of her term. Further, the actress felt great and continued to work on the set. On February 13, another son appeared in the family of a happy couple.

Megan Fox named her son Bodhi Ransom Green. Bodhi in Buddhism is the "understanding that Buddha possessed" in relation to the "nature of things." Simply put, Bodhi is "enlightenment." Ransom is part of the name of a famous poet in the United States John Crowe Ransom

It is clear that two children born with a difference of just over a year give parents a lot of trouble, but all the fans the actresses hope to see Megan again in great shape in the near future, as it was after the birth of her first baby.

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