Lady Gaga without makeup and wig. Photo, video

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  • Biography of Lady Gaga. The beginning of the creative path
  • The history of the formation of the stage image
  • Makeup "queen of outrageous"
  • No makeup megastar: what is she like?
  • Lady Gaga is the face of the Versace brand

Lady Gaga without makeup is an atypical enough phenomenon, since the title of the queen of outrageousness has not accidentally merged with the name of this extraordinary and very gifted creative person.

Who would have thought that a girl who was born 28 years ago into the family of Giuseppe and Cynthia Germanotta (Americans with Italian roots) would become a megastar of world pop music? The most popular American magazine "Time" classified Lady Gaga as one of the most influential personalities in the world.

Biography of Lady Gaga. The beginning of the creative path

  • Little Stephanie's musical ability (her full name is Stephanie Joanne Angelina) emerged extremely early. The four-year-old girl easily mastered playing the piano and began recording her favorite songs on her children's tape recorder. And how could it be otherwise in the family of a musician who is passionate about the music of his fellow countryman Bruce Springsteen?
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Throughout her years in high school, the future star took part in student vocal groups, and her performances became the decoration of every school party.

  • After graduating from high school, Stephanie attended the School of the Arts under the auspices of New York University, where she had the opportunity to try myself on the theatrical stage during school performances of works of the world classics.
  • Young Stephanie's first professional performances took place when she was only 14 years old. A year later, she was the lead singer of two groups performing in central New York.Lady Gaga first performancesIt was this time that can be considered the beginning of the search for a unique shocking style, thanks to which Stephanie Germanotta attracted the attention of the public and the first serious producer.

The appearance of a young singer in a defiantly symbolic bikini and ultrashort shorts, her shocking makeup and the sea glitter, an impromptu flamethrower made from set on fire hairspray - all this not only frightened, but also mesmerized the public.

Leopard-print outfits, orchid-adorned hairstyles from lushly fluffed hair, vocals to their own piano accompaniment, participation in enchanting shows with transvestite dancers - by such means, an aspiring vocalist made her way to fame and recognition.

The history of the formation of the stage image

  1. The first serious success in the creative career of Stephanie Germanotta is associated with Rob Fusari (a famous musician and producer). The songs that emerged from their creative alliance became the mainstay of the repertoire and were a great success in the most popular clubs in New York.

    It was Rob Fusari who became the author of the singer's creative pseudonym: having seen a significant similarity of plasticity and stage behavior of Stephanie with the creative in the manner of Freddie Mercury (lead singer of the Queen group), he began to call her Lady Gaga - this image was inspired by the song of the same Queen group - Radio Eider ".

  2. In 2007, a meeting of two creative ladies took place: Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight - a famous performance artist in New York, equally masterly in the art of go-go choreography, acting in the guise of a rock and roll DJ and a fashion stylist. The meeting ended with the creation of a creative project, during which a concert program in the style of the seventies was developed: lady Starlight, standing behind the DJ set, demonstrated elements of go-go choreography, and Lady Gaga accompanied the joint performance by playing on synthesizer.Lady Gaga and Lady Starlight The performance was illuminated by the glitter of mirrored disco balls and was accompanied by spectacular tricks of lighting a hair spray.

    Six months later, the creative collaboration of Gaga and Starlight led to the creation of another project - an enchanting burlesque show, eclectically combining compositions related to a wide variety of musical genres: rock and roll, heavy metal and glam rock.

    Burlesque shows were performed once a week. Professional dancer in sequined and fringed costumes, spectacular lighting, clouds of smoke obscuring the stage and two bright artists who charge the audience with the energy of their performances - these are the common features of the joint show that existed during months.Lady Gaga Burlesque
  3. In the course of cooperation with Lady Starlight, the famous concept was born, which defined the identity stage appearance of a young artist, who after a while managed to climb to the very top of the stage Olympus.

    Lady Gaga admitted that she creates her compositions “to match the dresses,” that is, each new song in her imagination is inherently connected with a certain visual image.

    . That is why the stage appearance of Lady Gaga defies description: every time she is unpredictable and new.

Makeup "queen of outrageous"

Lady Gaga's makeup cannot be viewed in isolation from the image for which it was created, since, often being both a stylist and a designer her own costumes, the shocking singer carefully thinks out every detail of it, and the diversity of these images cannot but amaze even everything accustomed audience.

Watch the video, How to do a simple Lady Gaga style makeup:

You can talk about Lady Gaga's makeup for hours, because for this you will have to describe dozens of images created by her, which is impossible within the framework a small article, so we will limit ourselves to listing only the most favorite techniques and accessories that a popular artist uses.

  • In the arsenal of the singer a large number of false eyelashes: from quite acceptable to gigantic sizes, framing the singer's eyes like fancifully colored fans. Eyelash coloration can be the most unpredictable: Lady Gaga's eyelashes can be of any color. The same can be said about their texture: tufts of long and silky natural hairs, giving depth to the artist's gaze, can give way to feather lashes, and then this look begins to produce quite strange (albeit mesmerizing) impression. For greater expressiveness, makeup artists sometimes duplicate the lower eyelid with some kind of ornament that vaguely resembles eyelashes, drawing it with a contour pencil right under the eyes.lady gaga eyelashes
  • Artist loves to emphasize the natural beauty of her almond-shaped eyes with arrows and eyeliners. Sometimes it looks very gentle and harmonious, sometimes it goes beyond the bounds of decency and common sense. Depending on the choice of makeup technique for her eyes, Lady Gaga is transformed beyond recognition: she can be fabulously beautiful and repulsively vulgar. Her favorite eye design technique is to draw a double arrow on the upper eyelids: one arrow traditionally passes along the line of growth of the eyelashes along the very edge of the movable eyelid, and the second is applied to the border separating the movable and fixed eyelid. At the same time, the line itself can be made with one confident bold stroke, even without a hint of shading.
  • In the series of the singer's stage images, there are several, inspired by Japanese anime-style cartoons: the makeup of these images is distinguished by a pair of wide-open eyes drawn directly on the artist's eyelids. They become noticeable when the singer closes her eyes and leaves a rather frightening impression.Lady Gaga anime eyes
  • Eyebrows play an important role to create a particular image, so the singer sometimes hides them under a thick layer of makeup or foundation, then thickly emphasizes them with a black pencil, arbitrarily changing their configuration and length. Lady Gaga's eyebrows can be thickly sprinkled with sparkles of the most incredible colors, can play the role of eyelashes to simulate eyes drawn on the eyelids, or they can be quite beautiful and natural.
  • A controversial impression is left all kinds of overlays with rhinestones, giving the singer's face a rather strange expression and giving the impression of glasses on the eyes. These overlays, often in contrast to the color of the suit, push the star's makeup beyond good taste. But these are the laws of outrageousness.lady gaga pearls on her face A lot of talk was caused by the image when Lady Gaga appeared with a deathly pale (due to a layer of white powder) face and a scattering of pearls glued to it.
  • Lady Gaga's lips you can devote a separate material: their solution in the makeup of a megastar is so unusual. The singer's makeup artists, following the canons of traditional makeup, can make them seductively gentle, erotic-bright, unusually fresh and attractive, and then all attention switches to this part her face. In a number of diametrically opposite images, the girl's lips are covered with black and death-blue lipstick. An unnatural impression is made by makeup, in which Lady Gaga's lips are covered with a layer of rhinestones.

No makeup megastar: what is she like?

  • We are so accustomed to the singer's shocking appearance that Lady Gaga without makeup and a wig seems to us something completely impossible. However, recently the situation has unexpectedly changed: Lady Gaga without makeup is increasingly appearing on the pages of magazines.Lady Gaga without makeup photo Not so long ago, she even starred in a video that captured her without a gram of makeup on her face.
  • Popular among American women, Harpers Bazar magazine has placed a photo of the natural appearance of the shocking performer on its cover. It was like a real sensation. It turned out that the girl is endowed with, if not bright, but rather pleasant appearance: she has large almond-shaped eyes, straight nose, neat mouth with beautifully shaped lips, long eyelashes and fluffy eyebrows spread. Lady Gaga without makeup on the cover of Harpers Bazaar The readers of the magazine made an unexpected discovery for themselves that Lady Gaga without makeup is still a young and rather attractive woman.
  • Lady Gaga without makeup last summer became the heroine of a whole photo shoot organized by photographers, capturing her in the company of friends who came to rest with her at a Mexican resort Puerto Vallarta.Lady Gaga without makeup in Puerto Vallarta Dressed in a simple bikini, the singer took surfboard lessons and did not bother creating an elaborate hairstyle: her hair was mostly loose or carelessly pulled into a ponytail. The complete absence of bright makeup on her face made the girl completely unrecognizable.
  • Photos with a complete lack of makeup on Twitter from time to time are posted by the singer herself.Lady Gaga - face without makeup At the same time, she emphasizes that the amount of makeup on her face does not affect the state of her inner appearance.lady gaga no makeup pictures“No matter how much makeup I wear, I remain the same in my soul,” the singer never ceases to repeat.

Lady Gaga is the face of the Versace brand

Lady Gaga became the heroine of yet another sensation, starring in an advertising campaign for the Versace fashion house last spring. Her friend Donatella Versace insisted that the girl represent a global brand, and this venture unexpectedly succeeded, showing the world celebrity from a completely unexpected side.

The girl appeared in the guise of a well-groomed secular beauty with natural makeup, emphasizing the correctness and harmony of her facial features. Many even saw a striking similarity between the current appearance of Lady Gaga and the appearance of Donatella Versace herself - this is how she looked 20 years ago.

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