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  • Amber Heard: filmography
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The popular and famous American actress Amber Heard has appeared in more than three dozen films. Amber cannot be called an ordinary woman, because she says about herself that she does not fit into the generally accepted framework. Perhaps this is what helped her make a completely successful career in the film industry.

Amber Heard: biography

The full name of the famous film actress is Amber Laura Heard. She was born on April 22, 1986 in Austin, Texas. Amber's father, whose name is David, was an ordinary worker, Paige's mother works as an Internet researcher.

While still a teenager, Amber Heard was already actively trying herself as an actress. She took part not only in school theatrical performances, but also in advertising and political campaigns, and also starred in local commercials.

At the age of 16, the future celebrity lost her best friend - she crashed in a car accident. This grief greatly influenced Amber and she unexpectedly declared herself an atheist for everyone, although until that day she was a staunch Catholic. When she turned 17, Heard dropped out of St. Michael, after which she left for New York in search of a better life, happiness and love.

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In New York, Amber Heard began working as a model. However, this profession did not attract her at all, so she did not devote her best years to her. Soon, Amber went to Los Angeles, even then she had a cherished dream - to become a successful and famous actress.

Personal life of Amber Heard

From 2007 to 2008, Heard had a relationship with actor Crispin Glover. They were co-stars in Murderous Sexuality.

Amber Heard really does not fit into the generally accepted framework, because she does not at all hide the fact that she has a non-traditional sexual orientation. The actress claims that she had interesting and pleasant relationships with both men and women. The proof was the fact that after breaking up with Crispin, Amber began dating Tasya van Ri, who is known as a successful photographer. A whirlwind romance lasted for three years.

In December 2010, Amber Heard came out as a lesbian. It happened at a party organized by GLAAD. As the actress herself said, she had the strength to admit her gay orientation largely thanks to the activities of this alliance. In addition, Heard stated that she hates labels, but “I am who I am,” she said. Amber does not feel that she is wrong, therefore, with a light heart and soul, she gives herself up to the relationship that she chooses.

Amber herself interrupted a long-running romance with Tasya van Rie, as on the set of the film "The Rum Diary" she met her new love - an actor Johnny depp. The legendary Hollywood celebrity responded to Amber with the same feelings and soon left his family for the young actress. To a greater extent, this is what provided Heard with worldwide fame. Films with Amber Heard even those who yesterday only heard her name for the first time began to watch.

While Johnny Depp was sharing the acquired property with his ex-wife Vanessa Paradis, Amber wasted no time. She met with the daughter of former French Prime Minister Marie de Villepin.

However, the break in relations with the famous actor did not last long - soon Heard moved to Depp's mansion and even accepted a ring from him. In the spring of 2013, Johnny Depp made a marriage proposal to the young actress. She didn't refuse. In honor of the curves of the body of his new lover, the actor named one of the bays of his own island located in the Bahamas.

Amber Heard: filmography

Amber Heard has starred in over 30 films and TV series. Having moved to Los Angeles, the aspiring actress first went to shoot TV shows. In 2004, she starred as Liz in the pilot episode of Jack and Bobby, as Riley in The Mountain, and in O. WITH. - Lonely Hearts ", where she played a short and vivid role of a saleswoman.

In the same year, luck turned to face Heard - and she took part in the first filming in a movie. It was the film "In the Rays of Glory", where she played Maria. This was followed by the low-budget horror film Ghoul Potion and the role of Shay.

In 2005-2006, Heard was given roles almost always only in the second plan: the films "Murderous Sexuality", "The Prince" and "Here and Now".

Russian viewers know the actress from the movie "Alpha Dog". Amber in it was in the role of Alma. In this film and in North Country, Heard has already received more significant roles.

Increasingly promoting her name, Amber Heard received an invitation to shoot in the TV series Palm Springs, where she was assigned the role of Greta Matthews. According to the film, her heroine loses her mother and lover, after which she becomes friends with Johnny (the main anti-hero of the series). Amber had a difficult time during this period. Indeed, according to the terms of the contract, she could get a role only if she lost a lot of weight. She coped with this task excellently. Thanks to a strict diet for 4 months, the actress lost about 11 kg of weight. The series "Palm Springs" aired on the CW Network television channel, but showed viewers only 8 episodes out of 12, after which the show was interrupted without explanation.

The next project of the actress is the horror film "All the boys love Mandy Lane". Here she already played the main role. This motion picture caused a storm of delight and emotion among viewers and film critics at the Toronto Film Festival. However, the film hit theaters only a year after the premiere, and not even American, but British. A DVD with this movie was also released here.
In 2007, Amber Heard starred in the short film Day 73 with Sarah, and later in the film Daze. In 2008, Heard took part in the filming of the films Pineapple Express and Never Give Up (a martial arts drama). The girl who fell in love with the protagonist - this role in the box-office film brought Amber significant dividends, and not only in the form of a considerable amount of money, but also in the form of a significantly increased popularity.

2008 - shooting in the film "Informants". At the end of the same year, the famous actress starred in the films The Jones Family and The River Question. After that there was the film "Welcome to Zombieland", where Amber played a small role of the girl - the subject of Jess Eisenberg's passion (in the course of the plot she turned into a zombie). There was another horror film called Stepfather, followed by the comedy Out of Sight, Out of Mind.

In 2010, Amber Heard starred in the films "Darkness Comes" and "The Chamber" by John Carpenter. But it was 2011 that became very successful for her, because at this time she starred in the film "The Rum Diary", where her future fiancé Johnny Depp also played.

Other films with Amber Heard:

2013 - Three Days to Kill; Machete Kills (Miss San Antonio); Paranoia (Jeanne Fletcher)

2012 - "Syrup"

2011 - TV series "Playboy Club" (Maureen)

2010 - Riding Crazy (Piper)

2009 - "Die!" (Nikki)

2007 - TV series Californication (Amber)

2005 - Criminal Minds (Leela Archer)

2005 - North Country (Young Josie)

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