Angelina Jolie without makeup and photoshop (photo)

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  • Angelina Jolie. Photo without makeup
  • Keeping beauty without makeup: how tired Angelina remains irresistible

The renowned actress has long attracted the eyes of millions. Angelina Jolie is admired by men of all ages, women admire her. As a child, Angelina was sometimes laughed at, but now it's hard to believe.

A beauty with a non-standard appearance has become a cult figure, a standard, an example of attractiveness, sexuality. At the same time, Angelina easily combines charisma and angelic tenderness, daring sexuality and elegance. This is a fighter, a lady, a sister of mercy and an inimitable woman who charms with ease.

What does Angelina Jolie look like without makeup, how beautiful is she in everyday life? What does the makeup hide, is there a captivating charm in the actress herself? Is the chic appearance really only the merit of professional stylists, make-up artists and make-up artists with vast experience of "transformations", when ugly women become fantastic beauties?

Let's look at the photo of Angelina without makeup, evaluate her appearance and try to find out why this woman was able to achieve such an impressive success. Pictures taken by photographers, when the star was with little or no makeup, will help us get to know the Hollywood diva better.

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Angelina Jolie. Photo without makeup

It is enough to look at the very first photo of Angelina Jolie with a minimum of makeup to make sure: this actress looks great in everyday life!

Numerous fans of the star note that even without makeup, styling, a woman retains attractiveness, natural sexuality and prettiness, remains a bright personality. Yes, Jolie is really very recognizable. She did not "create" her image with the help of makeup, but only emphasized the natural beauty, placed bright accents.

Always different Angelina

Why does this Hollywood star remain herself in any place, in different situations? Why is it not difficult to recognize her in a huge crowd, although she is tired, looks thin, her hair is disheveled in the wind, and there is not an ounce of makeup on her face?

The secret is simple: a star is always different for her fans. At the same time, all the images are superimposed on a powerful basis: catchy facial features, naturalness, organic behavior and impressive charm.

It is worth noting that Jolie is clearly not deliberately creating a stereotypical image. She changes haircuts, styling, hair shades. She can be seen with beige, pale pink lips, or you can remain under the strongest impression by looking at the diva with a dazzling purple smile.

Eye makeup is also often more natural, and sometimes the actress makes a thick dark eyeliner and instantly turns her eyes into a magic "magnet", becomes a true fatal beauty.

In most cases, especially in everyday life, Angelina remains herself in everything. She adheres to the most natural tones, makes makeup in natural shades. It is important for a woman to emphasize the natural beauty that she possesses.

Jolie laughs

Here is an interesting photo in which Angelina laughs cheerfully and throws up her hands, talking about something. Of course, here Jolie looks as natural as possible, she does not at all have the usual Hollywood imprint characteristic of some actresses. We see not a goddess of cinema, but an ordinary woman. But she's amazingly attractive!

What is the secret of Angelina's charm? Why will most men and women, looking at a picture of a large-mouthed woman with huge eyes, begin to look at it with interest, and not say that she is too non-standard, unsympathetic?

Let's analyze this photo, and then we will supplement the analysis with another interesting photo of Jolie.

  • Here Angelina is practically no makeup. But the exterior remains strikingly catchy! Bottomless eyes, plump beautiful lips, classic face shape, noticeable cheekbones and a perfectly contoured chin - everyone will see all this at once. Angelina does not need foundation, pencils, shadows and lipstick.
  • The beautiful skin of the actress has a completely healthy look, an even shade. A big role is played by the fact that Jolie has very few wrinkles. The skin is toned and looks fresh.

The energy of the star is truly colossal. When people look at this picture, they seem to begin to hear Jolie's infectious laugh. And this is her merit as a person, a free and open person for communication. With the help of cosmetics, such an effect cannot be achieved, therefore, even without makeup, the key feature of the actress remains with her. She is truly charismatic.

  • Jolie laughs, she is spontaneous, organic. It is interesting that in such a situation the actress looks much younger, shines with energy. She behaves so naturally, as if we are facing a teenage girl, and not a world famous star. It is worth noting that many women feel uncomfortable without makeup. They "close" from the surrounding, curious glances, which is instantly reflected in their appearance. Stiffness, inner bondage does not allow natural beauty to unfold. Angelina has no problem with that. She is open and shines with attractiveness even without makeup.

There is no place for beauty standards. If you look at the picture critically, disassemble all the details separately, you can say that the eyes are slightly out of shape, the mouth is too big, the nose is inelegant, and the smile is too wide. However, we perceive everything as a whole. Jolie looks great here even without makeup, attracts with catchy facial features, originality and the ability to present herself. She is unique, individual.

Indeed, a Hollywood star of this level is able to easily break stereotypes and create a whole direction in the beauty industry only with her appearance, natural data.

One more picture. Contrasts or harmony?

There are also provocative collections of photographs on the world wide web, when catchy contrasts are created. People simply have to be surprised and say: is it really her? So ugly? But more objective and practical girls who know the price of cosmetics and understand facial features will immediately be able to look at the photo from the right angle. Let's see!

Here are two shots. On one, Angelina adorned her face with cosmetics, and on the other, a star with practically no makeup. At first glance, it may seem that we are facing some kind of "not so" Jolie. In fact, everything is very simple! Here's what we see.

  1. In the first photo, the actress in the image of a star, shines with fresh makeup and turns her face with a good angle.
  2. An experienced girl who can sensibly evaluate natural features will instantly note: Jolie's cheekbones, lips and eyes conquer even without makeup! It's just that we are used to seeing the corporate image, so some are confused by the contrast and simplicity of the appearance.
  3. In an “ugly” shot, the lighting is poorly set, which makes the skin tone appear uneven. If you look closely, you can see that the forehead is simply lit differently.
  4. Angelina looks directly into the lens. This makes it difficult to correctly perceive her face. In addition, the image may be slightly distorted here.
  5. The skin looks great, there are no dark circles under the eyes. And this is without makeup! Many women will only sigh sadly when they remember their efforts to mask various skin imperfections. True, this can be a great incentive. It's important to set a goal for yourself and develop an action plan to heal your skin.

Let us conclude: even in contrasting photos, selected specifically for "exposing" Jolie, it is perfectly visible that she looks great even without makeup.

Keeping beauty without makeup: how tired Angelina remains irresistible

Consider in detail another photo in which the famous Jolie is captured without makeup. Here she is quite tired, a little sad, brooding. Most women in this mood, with little or no makeup, would not look very good.

But Angelina, even in this situation, is not taken by surprise. It is no coincidence that her fans never tire of being surprised at the attractiveness, natural beauty of their idol.


The perfect skin tone of the actress is immediately visible. She found herself not under the uneven beams of studio spotlights, but under the flowing radiance of sunlight. And Jolie's delicate skin also seems to shine from the inside. It glows with health, there are practically no irregularities or imperfections on it.

It is worth noting that Angelina also has almost no wrinkles. She squints in the sun, but we see only shallow wrinkles-rays near the eyes, which are practically invisible. There are small nasolabial folds, but they are also superficial and do not spoil the overall impression at all.


In this picture, Jolie's huge eyes are covered, while they are practically without makeup. Why does her gaze remain so attractive, deep? The natural shape of the eyes plays a role, but Angelina herself has achieved a lot. The sun successfully illuminated the woman, thanks to which we can appreciate her beautiful eyelashes, long, fluffy, thick.

Of course, such eyelashes need to be preserved and looked after. Proper nutrition, the use of special cosmetics helps to preserve such wonderful eyelashes, although a woman acts a lot in films and often walks for a long time with heavy makeup.


Jolie has a very beautiful eyebrow line. It impresses with its clarity and sophistication. The eyebrows are not plucked too much, but at the same time they give a feminine look. The actress does not need overly thin eyebrows, because she has huge eyes!

It's important to note that without makeup, eyebrows can look great too. It is immediately noticeable how perfectly they are designed. Of course, Angelina takes care of them constantly and carefully sets them, hair to hair. Even if you do not touch such eyebrows with a pencil, they look great and give expressiveness to the look.


Angelina's beautifully contoured large lips have a natural shade here. They still remain the hallmark of the star, which became famous for unusually large, but harmonious lips. Catchy facial features immediately attract attention, and in Jolie they conquer with a perfect combination.

All girls know that the skin on the lips should also be monitored. Therefore, we can safely assume that the actress carefully cares for her lips. They look great! Angelina does not allow the skin to dry out, stimulates its regeneration.

Sharpness of lines

Jolie eats right, always monitors her menu, adheres to a balanced diet. Therefore, it is in excellent shape, keeps the skin taut. All lines, contours of the face are clear, sculpted. Cheekbones stand out well, there is no extra volume and puffiness, so nothing prevents you from seeing the natural beauty of a woman.

You can take a look at a few more pictures. Everywhere Angelina is equally attractive. She always demonstrates the richness of facial expressions, naturalness, liberation. Jolie's example proves: it's easy to be irresistible even without makeup! The main thing is to take care of yourself.

Look video how to make makeup in the style of Angelina Jolie:

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