Emily Blunt: the path to fame

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  • Emily Blunt: biography
  • Emily Blunt: filmography

Emily Blunt is a British actress whose first fame was brought by the film "My Summer of Love". Winner of the Golden Globe (2006), BAFTA and Golden Globe nominees (2007). She is widely known for her role in the film "The Devil Wears Prada".

Emily Blunt: biography

Emily Olivia Leah Blunt was born in London on February 23, 1983 in a large family of a lawyer, who is one of the highest paid in England, and a teacher. Emily's mom was an actress in her youth. The future star herself played the cello, loved to sing and was fond of horse riding. But stuttering prevented the girl from doing acting. Emily was under the supervision of a speech therapist, who not only treated her, but also taught her to imitate other people's voices. Thanks to therapy sessions and classes in the school drama circle, the girl coped with the speech impediment.

After high school in 2001, Emily entered the Hurtwood House, a prestigious private college renowned for its acting tradition. Within six months, Blunt made her debut at the London Haymarket Theater in a production of Sir Peter Hall's The Royal Family. For her role as Gwen Cavendish, the actress was named "Best Newcomer" by the well-known Evening Standard newspaper. A year later, the girl played at the Chichester festival in the play "Romeo and Juliet". In this production, she got the main role of Juliet.

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Emily Blunt first appeared on British television in 2003 in the TV series Queen vs. Rome, which tells the story of Queen Boudicca. The main role in this historical epic was played by the popular actress Alex Kingston. The following year, Emily seriously declared herself, starring in the drama "My Summer of Love." She, together with N. Press, who also starred in this film, has been voted Best New Actress by authoritative publications in the US and UK.

Following the success of My Summer of Love, Blunt was offered a job in Hollywood. She starred in The Devil Wears Prada as Emily's assistant, for whom the slender actress had to lose weight. The film grossed over $ 300 million in 2006. Emily herself, by all accounts, played much better than Anne Hathaway, who played the main role, this confirms the fact that she was nominated for the 2007 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in Second plan ". She was later nominated for a BAFTA.

In 2006, Emily was nominated for a Golden Globe and again as Best Supporting Actress, but only on television for her role in the drama Gideon's Daughter. This time Blunt was victorious. But she was able to receive the award itself only after a few years.

In the years that followed, Hollywood peppered Blunt with invitations. In 2010, she was nominated for a third Golden Globe Award for Best Dramatic Actress for Young Victoria. And three years later, the role of Harriet in the movie "Fish of My Dreams" brought the actress her fourth nomination.

In 2011, Emily received an invitation from the House of Yves Saint Laurent to star in an advertisement for the perfume Opium, which is called the most mysterious fragrance of the decade for women. Thanks to this ad, perfume sales have increased. She also starred in a video for advertising posters.

Emily was supposed to play the role of Black Widow in Iron Man 2, but at that time she was filming the comedy Gulliver's Journey, so the role was given to another actress. Blunt was offered the lead role in Captain America: The First Avenger, but she declined.

And behind the scenes, the actress is rapidly developing an affair with the famous singer Michael Bubble, with whom she met from 2005 to 2008. In 2007, Blunt performed one of the songs on Michael's album. Some time after parting with Bubble, Emily's companion was the star of the TV series "The Office" John Krasinski. In August 2009, Krasinski and Blunt got engaged, and in July 2010 they got married in Italy. On February 16, 2014, the couple had a daughter, who was named Hazel. An interesting fact is that Emily had many phobias as a child. She hated any masquerades and clowns, she was terrified by Disneyland. Now the actress is only afraid of insects. Her home is in Los Angeles, but Blunt spends a lot of time at home in the UK.

Emily Blunt: filmography

2003 year:

  • "Queen against Rome" as Isolde
  • Henry VIII as Catherine Howard

2004 year:

  • "My Summer of Love" as Tamzin
  • “Poirot. Death on the Nile "as Linnet Ridgway

2005 year:

  • "Gideon's Daughter" as Natasha

2006 year:

  • The Devil Wears Prada as Emily
  • "Obsession" as Mara

2007 year:

  • "Ice Wind" as a Girl
  • "Falling in Love with Brother's Bride" as Ruthie Draper
  • Charlie Wilson's War as Jane Liddle
  • Jane Austen's Life as Proudi

2008 year:

  • The Great Buck Howard as Valerie Brannen
  • "Cleaning Shine" as Nora Lorkowski

year 2009:

  • "Young Victoria" as Victoria

2010 year:

  • Wild Thing as Rose
  • "The Wolf Man" as Gwen Conleef
  • Gulliver's Journey as Princess Mary


  • The cartoon "Gnomeo and Juliet" was voiced by Juliet
  • Reality Changes as Eliza
  • Your Sister's Sister as Iris
  • "Fish of My Dreams" as Harriet

year 2012:

  • A Little Married as Violet Barnes
  • "Arthur Newman, Golf Pro" as Mike
  • Time Loop as Sarah

year 2014:

  • "Into the forest" as the baker's wife
  • "Edge of the Future" as Rita Vrataska
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