Christina Aguilera has lost 20 kg!

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  • I'm fat, humble yourself!
  • How did Christina Aguilera lose weight?
  • Christina Aguilera's diet

Always slender and fit singer Christina Aguilera was even difficult to imagine in more weight. But it happened, and the pop star recovered so much that many did not recognize her as the famous American pretty and vociferous skinny girl. It only managed to fend off the ubiquitous paparazzi, who strove to photograph her from the most unfortunate angles. These attacks, rumors and conversations distracted Aguilera even from creativity.

Of course, many recover after childbirth, but not so much. And if so, then they try to return to their previous form. But Christina claimed that she was quite comfortable in such a weight.

I'm fat, humble yourself!

This is exactly what the singer once said to her team, who believed that her new figure was negatively affecting the popularity of the star. She tried to convey this message to her colleagues "in the shop", as well as fans, journalists and everyone who did not miss the opportunity to laugh at her magnificent forms.

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It turns out that Christina at the genetic level has a predisposition to be overweight. And being thin was not easy for her. And, in the end, she got tired of constantly exerting herself in order to maintain her harmony.

Many reasons were named because of which, presumably, Aguilera could recover: illness, depression, age, problems in her personal life and raising her son without a husband. But the singer was quite happy. After all, her beautiful son was growing up, her creative activity was simply in full swing, and her new love warmed her soul and heart. And Christina openly stated that at last she can relax and be real. But it looks like the pop star is too relaxed and blurry. But the wardrobe remained almost the same: tight dresses, mini-skirts, shorts... But on the new forms it all looked just terrifying.

In just 1 year, Aguilera gained 25 kg. And although her excess weight did not bother her at all, many of the singer's fans were upset by this development of events, and journalists did not hesitate to ridicule her. Many drew parallels between the decline of her creative career and the extra pounds she gained. And, probably, Christina was not so happy with the weight she gained if they used old pictures in the advertisement of her own perfume, in which she was still beautiful and slender.

Although there were also those who liked the plump figure of Aguilera. Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, became this unique. She ran into a pop star in a new guise at one of the events where the former first lady of the country simply admired Christina's curvaceous forms.

How did Christina Aguilera lose weight?

In 2013, Christina appeared in front of photo and video cameras completely different. Not as thin as before, but with quite acceptable and seductive forms. And first of all, for her weight loss, she is grateful to those very annoying paparazzi who trapped the celebrity around the clock in different places in order to photograph her from any angle. These photos flooded the Internet and sobered the singer.

But another reason for the dramatic change is new love. For her sake, Christina was ready for anything. And the upcoming wedding with Matthew Rutler was a great incentive for losing weight.

The American pop singer did not lose weight very quickly. At first, she began to lead a healthy lifestyle. Having tried a lot of diets, she chose the best option. The menu was drawn up by nutritionists and food was delivered to her three times a day.

Besides, Aguilera went to the gym. Although previously she completely ignored exercise. There she started doing yoga.

Christina Aguilera's diet

Christina turned out to be a very determined and persistent girl. She set herself the goal of losing weight and achieved the desired result. Of course, it was not without the help of professional nutritionists. The Hellers offered her their diet - a kind of carbohydrate intoxication course. This is the perfect meal for those accustomed to standard American food. Nutritionists, when drawing up the menu, took into account that insulin predominates in female blood. He is the hormone of hunger.

Hellers advised Aguilera to break food into 3 parts:

  1. carbohydrates: pasta, bread, potatoes, beets, fruits, peas, sweets;
  2. proteins: poultry, fish, meat, soy cheese;
  3. vegetables.

In this sequence, it is necessary to take food in one sitting. And if you have not satisfied the feeling of hunger, then you can repeat the meal in the same order. But do not consume a separate part of this diet. You can have a snack with a green salad as much and whenever you want.

An approximate menu of the singer during the diet looked like this:

  1. Breakfast: oatmeal with apple, quinoa and pumpkin.
  2. Dinner: grilled steak with tomatoes.
  3. Dinner: Tuna, cauliflower and potatoes. Also grilled. Plus dessert - apple and cinnamon cheesecake.

First, Christina lost 18 kg in 4 months. Then she maintained the achieved shape in this way:

  • - no caffeine;
  • - regular physical activity;
  • - healthy food;
  • - Consuming chromium to reduce insulin production;
  • - rest and relaxation in sufficient quantities;
  • - eating only when you feel hungry;
  • - from sweet - natural chocolate.

They say that another diet called Liepaja helped Aguilera to put her figure in order after giving birth. It is designed for three months and takes place in stages. There is a very tough menu here. But it was possible to do without physical exertion, so as not to subject the body to serious tests.

This diet has the following features:

  • - daily calorie intake - no more than 1200;
  • - no sweets and sugar;
  • - Divide the daily diet into 3 parts;
  • - food can be taken only according to the scheme, products cannot be replaced;
  • - alcohol is not recommended;
  • - snacks are prohibited;
  • - compliance with the water balance - at least one and a half liters per day;
  • - massage for the buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

Christina Aguilera proved the effectiveness of this method of losing weight and made a splash with her appearance in a new look! Now she can safely write a book about her story of transforming from a bbw into a slender beauty.

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