Dresses of the big sizes: fashionable models of 2016

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Thanks to the efforts of fashion designers who pay attention not only to slender and slender, but also to ladies with magnificent shapes, a modern woman with an unusual figure can easily find fashionable dresses of large sizes of famous brands.

Many people mistakenly believe that extra pounds will successfully disguise a dark, shapeless pile of cloth. In fact, such a hoodie will further emphasize completeness, making the figure heavy. But competently selected item will correct the figure, allowing the owner to feel comfort and confidence in any situation.

Value of size

Each owner of large volumes knows how difficult it is to choose clothes for their size.

Therefore, the main rule that should be guided, choosing the style of dress for full girls, is the right size.

It should appear that the product is made for a specific woman's makeup. Otherwise, a large size will indicate excess kilograms, and a small one will highlight shortcomings.

Let's consider the secrets, thanks to which ladies with a large addition easily navigate in the choice of festive, casual or business clothes.

Casual dresses

From designers received a winter offer for full-grown ladies - warmed products from knitwear of smooth knitting, executed strictly and restrained. Presented are blue, emerald, black, burgundy and brown shades.

Toilets of the summer time will also be able to please young girls of certain dimensions with their romanticism: a trimmed top, a cutout that slightly opens the luxurious breasts. Greek style with a high waist is also popular. Here, the chest is emphasized, the waist is formed and the stomach is hidden. The main purpose of such products is to draw attention to the obvious dignity of the female person, her decollete zone.

  • Color. Selecting everyday fashionable dresses in large sizes in 2017, we must remember that light colors visually increase the figure, so use them with caution. The universal "white top and dark bottom" is also in disgrace, since the combination of two sharp colors conventionally divides the composition horizontally. Much more successfully will look skirt with lines on the vertical, giving the silhouette a slenderness. Stylists advise the use of green, emerald, and coffee colors in everyday dress - the spectrum is extremely wide.
  • Fabric. When choosing a fabric, it is preferable to stay on flax, knitwear or wool. Dresses of transparent chiffon, satin, silk add volume, so it is desirable to remove them from the wardrobe.

Elegant elegant dresses

Elegance is, of course, excellent taste, harmony of the outer and inner world of a woman. Elegant and maybe a young maid, and a lady of advanced years. It depends on filing yourself through creating a single image, through manners and, of course, the ability to correctly pick out the outfit.

To ensure that during the holiday look confident and charming in the evening dress, a full girl should only take into account some moments, the purpose of which will be to hide the problematic places of her person and enhance her dignity.

Two-layer skirt is a very good option. It will look especially fashionable and elegant, if at the top will go atlas, and the lower layer will be guipure or lace.

Correctly selected colors will only enhance the positive effect.
  • It is advisable that the knees are covered.
  • The sleeves can be flared, and they will reach the elbow or wrist.
  • On the shoulders is better to throw a cloak, stole or bolero.
  • Volumetric laces, braid, bows - from this it is better to completely refuse.
  • The chest zone can be distinguished with a deep neckline, a brooch or a beautiful pendant.

The evening toilet of a full woman is proof that ladies of great size can taste and dress stylishly.

  1. It's better to forget about an evening suit with a large pattern. It is necessary to turn your eyes to a single-color or with a fine print. To fashionista seemed more stately, it is chosen a dark or cold shade.
  2. Owners of large thighs, with slender legs, can safely dress up in an outfit, at the bottom, cut corners.
    Side inserts of contrasting colors will make the waist thinner.
  3. If it is necessary to disguise the tummy, the material of the evening toilet should flow or lie with the collected tails.

Business dresses

Women's business clothes are designed to match the chosen working form, preserving the femininity of its owner.

A well-known example of a business style is a knitted dress-case. This universal style is ideal for ladies with mouth-watering forms. Continues to remain fashionable dress-shirt, also in a trend there is also a dress-sweater, ideally combined with a fashionable jacket.

Dress Length

  • Mini. Ladies with feminine data can afford a lot. Those whom nature has endowed with slender legs, are boldly put on a mini. But it is necessary to resort to such length with great care: a mini-skirt can make a figure square, and the whole overall appearance - kurguzym.
  • Midi. Girls, for whom balance and harmony is important, remain true to dresses of midi length, conquering women's hearts forever. The midi has many advantages: it visually lengthens the legs, while making the figure flawless. The perfect solution is the length from the middle of the knee to the popliteal region.
    Stylists confirm that any print can be accepted as a midi-item. The drawing looks particularly elegant, there are no negative visual effects.
    Everything looks great - strips, cages, flowers of all formats, abstraction. Dresses of medium length, made of silk, viscose, cotton or flowing chiffon, have a special grace. They will give a subtle chic to every woman dressed in midi.
  • Maxi. Doing a shopping trip, women are wondering about the length of the new toilet. Owners of luxury volumes are almost unlimited in choice, but it is the long dress in the floor that attracts the eyes of customers.

Advantages of maxi compared to other outfits:

  1. Such outfits will help to hide the flaws in the figure.
  2. They provide an opportunity to experiment with bright drawings, fashion prints, unusual color changes.
  3. A huge variety of styles: both straight cut, and newfangled A-silhouette, and a high waist, and flared flared skirt, and a daring neckline with thin straps.
  4. In such a suit you can go "... and feast, and the world, and good people. ..", i.e. on vacation at the resort, walking around the summer city, a business meeting, a date with a loved one. In all cases, maxi will be the most popular length.

Hot summer

Any girl tries to look seductive, graceful and attractive. That's why with the advent of hot days, the beautiful half of humanity raids the shops with the aim of buying the right clothes. Ladies should choose an outfit that will decorate their appearance.

  • If the waist is clearly visible, you can emphasize it with a wide belt of dark color that will make it thinner.
  • The fullness of the feet will be covered by the product below the knee in combination with high-heeled shoes.
  • It is better to cover full hands with long sleeves or a refined shawl thrown over the shoulders.
  • Individuals with large overall dimensions often wear a loose-fitting garment that looks like a sack. For the perfect dress, the trapezoidal silhouette is most suitable, and it should be sewn from a weightless material that reaches to the middle of the knee.
  • With a massive upper part suit with a large pattern or details that will balance the silhouette( bow, belt).Sleeve-lanterns should not be allowed in style.
Massive hips will disappear with clothes that lightly go behind the knee. The hem should be made of light fabric, have a loose cut and do not stick to the feet.
  • Little ladies are shown outfits of solid and dense fabric without additional details.
  • The overstated waistline will hide the unwanted stomach.
  • If you need to divert attention from a too heavy chest, you should choose a V-neck and do not resort to large jewelry that will attract the eye.
  • In summer, dresses with bright shades look perfect: deep blue, purple, burgundy. Drawing is better to choose shallow. Large will only add to the image volume. It is worth paying attention to dress-gowns. These fashionable dresses for fat women are very comfortable as summer clothes. They can be used for various trips and recreation. Small tips: it's better to choose a dark monochrome color that visually slim. And the presence of lapels, pockets, straps and buttons distracts attention to yourself, thereby masking the lack of completeness.

Oh, this wedding!

To be the most beautiful and elegant bride on such a significant day, you need to consider some tips:

  1. To begin with, choose the preferred silhouette. It will be affected by the individual features of addition.
  2. If a girl has a feminine figure of the "hourglass" type, then she can recommend a tight-fitting silhouette "mermaid".Expanding from the knees of the skirt will give the bride a romantic and solemnity.
  3. Focus on the beautiful bust will allow an outfit for the full girls, made with the silhouette of "trapezium", with a wide cut off skirt. A beautiful deep decollete will emphasize the luxurious shape of the breasts.
  4. Extra volumes on the abdomen, hips, sides and legs will perfectly hide the style of Empire with an overstated waist. It is also called Greek. Another nice feature is that it visually lengthens the legs."Empire" emphasizes the grace and elegance of the bride, providing a comfortable state for the whole day.
  5. Long-legged women can afford to purchase an outfit to the knee, and brides of small stature will suit a garment in the floor, under which you can put on high-heeled shoes.
  6. Buying an evening dress with a corset, we must take into account that its value is slightly less than those that are worn every day.

The most important thing that a happy lady should remember: it is absolutely not necessary to have model data from the podium. It is important to correctly determine the size and choose a suitable silhouette, taking into account the features of his complexion. Then the bridegroom will be satisfied, and the holiday will be a success!

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