Impossible is possible: fertility treatment

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  • 1 What are the forms of infertility
  • 2 Diagnosis of infertility
  • 3 Infertility Treatment Methods
  • 4 Treatment effectiveness

SM-Clinic conducts infertility treatment women and men therapeutically and surgically. An individual approach takes into account all the peculiarities of the health of each of the patients. For the identified reasons for the lack of conception, diagnostic measures are taken. After establishing the diagnosis, the doctor selects the tactics of treatment.

What are the forms of infertility

The choice of approach to the treatment of infertility is determined by the form of the disease. The main forms are:

  1. Primary. The diagnosis is made when the patient has not yet had children.
  2. Secondary. The diagnosis is made when the patient already has children. The cause of infertility can be an illness or an unhealthy lifestyle.

According to the etiology, infertility is divided into the following types:

  • immune;
  • secretory disorder;
  • endocrine disorder;
  • excretory disorder;
  • mixed form associated with several factors.
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Note! In addition to the listed options, infertility of unknown origin can be diagnosed if the original cause of the problem has not been found.

Diagnosis of infertility

To determine the causes of infertility, the patient must undergo a diagnosis. Both men and women need to be tested. This is required even if the couple already has children.

As part of diagnostic measures, patients are assigned a lot of studies, including general blood tests. and urine, ultrasound, etc. In addition to the tests that both partners take, they need to pass a biological test. compatibility.

Note! The list of examinations that patients need to undergo before infertility treatment depends on the method and is selected individually.

Infertility Treatment Methods

After passing the examination, patients are prescribed treatment. All methods can be divided into several groups:

  • medical;
  • surgical;
  • reproductive aids;
  • intrauterine insemination.

Note! In SM-Clinic it is possible to use any of the methods, if there are indications for them.

Treatment effectiveness

In the SM-IVF clinic, patients receive an integrated approach in the treatment of various forms of infertility. The presence of our own diagnostic base and a modern center with laboratories equipped at the highest level allow us to successfully solve most problems and achieve success.

Assisted reproductive technologies give very good results. IVF is effective in almost half of the cases.

Trust the professionals - make an appointment and take your dream of becoming parents one step closer. The telephone numbers listed on the website are open 24/7.

The information and materials on this site are provided for informational purposes only. You should not rely on the information as a substitute for actual professional medical advice, assistance or treatment.

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