Uterine fibroids during pregnancy: in the early stages, in the second and third trimester, the consequences

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  • 1 Symptoms of uterine fibroids during pregnancy
    • 1.1 Do fibroids hurt during pregnancy
    • 1.2 Can fibroids bleed during pregnancy
  • 2 Do fibroids grow during pregnancy
  • 3 Does fibroid interfere with pregnancy
  • 4 How does fibroids affect pregnancy and fetus
    • 4.1 Pregnancy with fibroids in the early stages
    • 4.2 Uterine fibroids during late pregnancy
  • 5 Childbirth with myoma
  • 6 Postpartum period with myoma
  • 7 Can fibroids disappear after childbirth
  • 8 Treatment of uterine fibroids during pregnancy
    • 8.1 Can fibroids be removed during pregnancy
  • 9 Pregnancy after removal of uterine fibroids
  • 10 Conclusion
  • 11 Reviews of women about uterine fibroids during pregnancy

Modern gynecology does not know the reliable causes that cause the formation of fibroids. Benign nodes that form in the uterine cavity are usually subject to removal, especially if there is an accelerated rate of their growth. The neoplasm often reaches a large size, fills the entire cavity and grows into the peritoneum, which is a very dangerous factor. Most patients are concerned about such a moment as uterine fibroids during pregnancy, since a benign tumor appears at any age and even in nulliparous women.

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Symptoms of uterine fibroids during pregnancy

Usually, a node in the uterus is characterized by low symptoms until it grows to an impressive size. Most patients learn about its presence when the pathology reaches a serious stage of development. For example, fibroids on the anterior wall of the uterus during pregnancy do not cause discomfort and discomfort, and it is quite difficult to diagnose it without ultrasound.

General signs of a benign neoplasm:

  1. Menstruation failures, often scanty spotting in the middle of the cycle, a serious loss blood can lead to loss of energy, fatigue, pale skin tone, hair loss, falling hemoglobin.
  2. Subserous fibroids and pregnancy, if the first has reached an impressive size, create an excessive load on the spine. A woman may feel discomfort in the lumbar region and lower abdomen.
  3. There is a sensation of the presence of foreign objects in the lower region of the abdominal cavity.
  4. There are failures in other systems of the body, mainly in the excretory ones. Due to the load, problems with urination appear, constipation occurs due to pressure on the intestines of an overgrown tumor.

Warning! Pregnancy and uterine fibroids, even small sizes, are a dangerous combination with a high risk of miscarriage, both in the early and late stages.

Is it possible to get pregnant and give birth with uterine fibroids

Myomatous node and pregnancy are not mutually exclusive phenomena, however, the tumor creates many risks for the fetal egg and embryo

Do fibroids hurt during pregnancy

Since pregnancy is characterized by a strong hormonal restructuring of the body, fibroids already present in the uterine cavity can behave differently. Often, the neoplasm does not show any symptoms, does not cause pain, and is diagnosed only during ultrasound.

If there is a combination of the period of pregnancy and large uterine fibroids, the following sensations are possible as the fetus grows:

  • discomfort;
  • a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen for a short period or a small fetus;
  • discrepancy between the volume of the abdomen and the gestation period;
  • frequent urination, urge to defecate, constipation;
  • the appearance of hemorrhoids, swelling of the external genitalia;
  • development of varicose veins.

In most cases, painful discomfort during pregnancy with myomatous nodes is not felt.

Can fibroids bleed during pregnancy

In 90% of cases, fibroids are dangerous during pregnancy due to their growth, even if they did not show any symptoms before. Violation of blood circulation in the uterus, especially for up to 12 weeks, leads to bloody discharge, creating a risk of miscarriage.

Do fibroids grow during pregnancy

Hormonal changes in the body during gestation often cause the growth of a benign neoplasm. This not only poses a threat in the form of early miscarriage or premature birth, but also leads to dysfunction of nearby organs. Recent pathological processes are observed due to compression of the nerve endings by the tumor.

Is it possible to get pregnant and give birth with uterine fibroids

Frequent consequences of large nodes during pregnancy - the birth of a premature baby with skull deformity

Does fibroid interfere with pregnancy

The probability of getting pregnant with uterine fibroids is quite low, especially if it is accompanied by additional factors that cause infertility. Endometriosis, inflammation of the appendages of a chronic nature lead to the complete impossibility of independent conception.

Important! The opinion of doctors about whether fibroids affect the conception of a child is unambiguously positive. Gynecologists do not recommend planning a child before surgery to remove the tumor.

In some cases, IVF is practiced if the neoplasm is not large, which does not give rise to surgical intervention. In the absence of deformation of the walls of the uterus, and also if the size of the node does not exceed 3 cm, additional treatment is not required.

How does fibroids affect pregnancy and fetus

The decisive factor in the influence of even a small fibroid during early pregnancy is the age of the patient. At conception after 40, if a tumor is present, the following complications are possible:

  1. High risk of fetal fading at an early stage.
  2. Enlargement of nodes due to hormonal changes in the first and second trimesters.
  3. Complications after childbirth.

Pregnancy with fibroids in the early stages

The consequences of the presence of myomatous nodes in the early stages of pregnancy are quite serious. The uterus, as a result of the formation of a tumor, undergoes pathological changes in the mucosa, which leads to chronic miscarriage of the fetus. Since, against the background of hormonal imbalance, there is an increase in nodes, this leads to pain and dangerous bleeding.

Uterine fibroids during late pregnancy

The main danger is a swelling on the leg. The twisting of the latter causes tissue necrosis, which entails inflammatory processes.

Since pregnancy can provoke the growth of uterine fibroids, it is also dangerous in the later stages of gestation:

  1. Second trimester. The risk of miscarriage is high, especially if the nodes are located in the uterine cavity. The presence of a tumor in close proximity to the placenta increases the risk of its detachment.
  2. third trimester. Often there is a problem of lack of space for an actively growing fetus, since fibroids can grow to serious sizes. The oxygen starvation caused in this way significantly affects the development of the unborn child and leads to compression of the bones.

A pregnant woman diagnosed with a myomatous node should be under constant medical supervision.

Is it possible to get pregnant and give birth with uterine fibroids

Any pathological conditions, from dizziness to bleeding, require immediate medical attention.

Childbirth with myoma

Giving birth with uterine fibroids is available in two ways:

  • natural;
  • through a caesarean section.

The first option is available only in the absence of clear indications, when no active growth of nodes was observed during the gestation period, as well as other pathologies. A doctor can determine the readiness of a woman for independent childbirth at a later date.

Warning! Often the decision about the method of delivery takes place in the delivery room. This affects the well-being of women in the process of contractions.

Postpartum period with myoma

Fibroids can behave differently after the birth of a child, regardless of the method of delivery. Frequent cases in gynecological practice are their reduction without medical intervention. This usually occurs with prolonged lactation.

Dangerous consequences of childbirth are the size of the tumor, which prevent the uterus from returning to its original state. This causes bleeding and leads to infection.

Can fibroids disappear after childbirth

The opinion that uterine fibroids resolve during pregnancy and after childbirth is erroneous. The neoplasm does not disappear on its own, but can only decrease in size after the birth of a child or later during menopause.

Is it possible to get pregnant and give birth with uterine fibroids

There are frequent cases when a neoplasm in the uterus does not change its size throughout pregnancy, without creating a risk of miscarriage

Treatment of uterine fibroids during pregnancy

Treatment of uterine fibroids during pregnancy is practically not carried out surgically. Often, therapy is not carried out or is symptomatic, aimed at eliminating its active growth. In order to reduce the size of a benign tumor, short-term hormonal treatment is carried out.

Can fibroids be removed during pregnancy

In emergency cases, surgical removal of fibroids during pregnancy is possible.

The operation is carried out with:

  • lack of space for further development of the fetus;
  • malnutrition of the tumor, if there are signs of destruction;
  • the location of the nodes that create an active threat to the life of the fetus.

The optimal period for tumor removal during the gestation period is considered to be 16-19 weeks, when the progesterone protection of the unborn child is maximum from a physiological point of view. After 22 weeks, the risk of abortion is too high, which makes the procedure impossible.

Pregnancy after removal of uterine fibroids

It is recommended to plan a pregnancy after removal of a benign tumor no earlier than 12 months later. During this period, there will be a complete restoration of hormonal balance and the reproductive system.


Uterine fibroids during pregnancy is a common combination, since in most cases it is possible to detect a tumor at the stage of primary diagnosis during registration. Despite the fact that a benign neoplasm significantly interferes with conception, these two conditions are not mutually exclusive. If there is no active growth of nodes during gestation, no treatment is required, while the patient can give birth on her own without surgical intervention.

Reviews of women about uterine fibroids during pregnancy

Korneeva Marina, 28 Moscow

I got pregnant with a small fibroid, although I planned to have it surgically removed while growing. The entire period of gestation was observed by a doctor, there was no tumor growth. She gave birth naturally, there are no indications for the removal of nodes in the uterus yet, they did not increase even after the birth of the baby.

Finogenova Oksana, 25 years old, Krasnodar

Fibroids were found in the uterus when registering for pregnancy, when the gynecologist did an ultrasound for me. During the gestation period, the growth of nodes was, but not critical. I will give birth soon, and the doctor says that it is not necessary to do a caesarean, but they will look at the condition. Worn easily, did not bleed and nothing hurt.

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