White spots: what are the marks on the nails

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White spots on the nails, along with modern research methods, can tell a lot about the state of health and its recent changes for the worse. Of course, if you periodically get a couple of specks, there's no need to worry. If the situation is diametrically opposite - stains practically do not descend and cover most of the nail plate, this is an excuse to worry and see a doctor.

Reasons for

White spots on the nails are called "leikonichia" medics. The reasons for their appearance - from the most harmless to very serious. Most often it is:

  • Unbalanced meager diet or observed for a long time tough diet, fasting. And perhaps this is just a seasonal vitamin deficiency. Spots primarily indicate deficiency of iron, calcium and zinc, as well as vitamins A, E, C. At the same time there is an unpleasant smell from the mouth, redness, itching and flaking of the skin, cracks in the corners of the lips and dandruff. Protein Deficiency. At the same time, hair falls out, blood hemoglobin levels in the blood and immunity decrease.
  • Problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, metabolic disruptions. The food received from the outside is postponed, including in the nails.
  • Pathology of the cardiovascular system. When problems start with the heart, from the lack of blood-tolerant substances and oxygen, the first thing that feeds on the smallest capillaries, including nails, suffers.
  • Microtrauma - bumps, bruises, cracks, scratches, infringement and even simply poorly executed manicure.
  • Regular use of nail varnishes, especially of poor quality, and nail polish remover with acetone content, gluing of artificial nails, unprofessionally carried out build-up.
  • Chemical damage due to contact with aggressive substances that are part of detergents and other household chemicals or those that have to deal with during operation.
  • Psychoemotional state. Spots can be the result of severe stress, chronic fatigue, regular anxiety and fatigue, negative experiences.
  • Nail fungus. It is often impossible to identify a problem in a timely manner. The spots on the fingernails of the fingers are evidence that the process has already gone far and it is necessary to urgently appeal to the dermatologist, especially if the nail plate is unevenly thickened, deformed, turns yellow or gray, the skin around the nails is cracked, there is an itch and a slight burning sensation.
  • The habit of gnawing nails.

Treatment of

Analyze the above reasons. If you reasonably believe that there is no reason to call a doctor, you can try to cope with the problem yourself.

  1. Revise the mode of the day. Pay only to the work time, more walk in the fresh air, sleep at least 8 hours a day. To get rid of chronic fatigue and stress, take a vacation.
  2. Analyze the diet in terms of its compliance with the principles of healthy eating. At maximum, include in the menu fresh fruits, berries, vegetables and greens for the season. In winter you can go to dried fruits. What is sold at an inopportune time, stuffed with chemicals, has no taste and will not bring any benefit to the body, nor pleasure. Milk and sour-milk products, cereals, nuts are also useful.
  3. Drink a course of vitamins or dietary supplements. This should be done regularly, in spring and in autumn.
  4. Contact the beauty salon. There are professional means to nourish the nail plate and stimulate its growth. Also, to improve blood circulation, hand massage is useful.
  5. If the cause of spots on the nails is a trauma, it is impossible to fight with them. But you can accelerate the growth of the nail, to quickly cut off the patch with the spot. Each evening, apply a thin layer of nail on the nail plate, castor oil( preferably containing vitamins A and E), fish oil or essential oil of tea tree. You can also use the liquid contents of vitamin capsules for this. Then put on cotton gloves and go to bed. In the morning, remove them and wipe your nails with a nail polish remover without alcohol and acetone.
  6. To get rid of the consequences of a poorly made manicure and carried out without rubber gloves cleaning, daily for 7-10 days make hot hands.
    • 200 ml of water will require 20 g of sea salt. Water can be replaced with decoctions of herbs - parsley, calendula, sage, chamomile, melissa or oak bark.
    • Another recipe: preheat 100 ml of refined olive oil in a water bath, add 1 capsule of Vitamin A capsule and 3 drops of iodine or juice of a thin slice of lemon. Keep hands in water for at least 20 minutes. Then gently pat them with a paper towel or a soft cloth and apply your usual nourishing cream.
  7. Small spots just hide under a bright varnish. But only qualitative.

For the duration of treatment, one should refrain from sticking artificial nails and their build-up. Manicure is also undesirable. You can cover the nails with special products sold in pharmacies for strengthening and nutrition.

If all of the above does not produce a noticeable result, consult a physician-therapist. He is more likely than you to determine one or more of the most probable causes and direct you to a specialist of a narrower profile or appoint suitable vitamins and complexes of micro- and macro elements.

In any case, it is better to be safe, because the spots can be one of the most harmless symptoms of several serious diseases. Therefore, it is strongly discouraged to disregard regulations.

What they mean depending on the type of

The way the spots look and how they are located can tell a lot about the cause of their appearance and the nature of the disease.

On the degree of distribution of leukonichia happens:

  • Limited. The spots appear on one nail( a maximum of two), but occupy a rather large area. Sometimes merge into one.
  • Spot. On a few nails, very small white dots are observed.
  • Striped. Almost parallel to each other, the strips "cross out" the nail plate vertically or horizontally. Their width can be different.
  • Total. The nails literally "do not have a living place."The natural color is almost not visible due to multiple large spots. Even one such nail is an occasion to immediately consult a doctor.

The appearance of the spots also matters, letting you judge the most probable cause.

  • Several small dots or 1-2 narrow, no thicker hair, strips - injuries or burns from chemistry.
  • Limited defeat - stress, depression, fatigue. The larger the area of ​​an almost circular spot, the closer you are to nervous exhaustion. Most often this spot is located in the center.
  • Two or more even number of transverse bands - power problems.
  • Multiple small spots of irregular shape - spring avitaminosis.
  • Problems with the heart and blood vessels - several large spots of irregular shape, the nails themselves are bluish or purple.
  • Total leukonichia - diseases of the stomach and / or intestines.
  • Spots gradually spread from one nail to the rest, accompanied by an unpleasant odor, deformation of the nail plate, delamination and brittleness - fungus.
  • Many vertical thin bands - low hemoglobin level. At the same time, fingernails very easily break.
  • Spots in the lower half of the nail, most often at the very bottom - kidney disease. Sometimes the affected area can completely whiten.

Signs and superstitions

Folk wisdom claims that specks on the nails of mean joy and happiness, change for the better. Accordingly, if they appear, it means a pleasant surprise or a welcome gift in the near future. To ensure that the guarantee has come true, it is not recommended to cut a piece of nail with a spot until the specified event occurs. Cut it is possible only when the white area is completely left on the cut piece."Spot" a speck is not needed.

Another interpretation - you are waiting for a new acquisition. Therefore, if the stains do not come off your nails, think about whether you do not go shopping often, and whether it grows into a shopping mania.

Much can tell a lot about the place where the stain originated. If this is a thumb, you will be replenished with a wardrobe( the more spots, the more updates you will have) or a new job, the middle one is a big joy, the little finger is a life's happiness or a new love. The spots on the index finger portend sad events, worries and worries, on the unnamed finger warn of waiting trouble or unhappiness. The larger the size of the white section, the larger the event will be.


To avoid problems with whitened areas of the nails, it is enough to undergo medical examination at least once a year and take timely measures to preserve your own health.

If you have any anxiety symptoms and complaints, it is also better not to hope that everything will pass by itself, and in time to see a doctor.

For the prevention of fungus, pay more attention to personal hygiene, especially in public places( baths, saunas, swimming pools).Once again washed hands have not harmed anyone. If this is not possible, at least wipe them with special disinfecting napkins or antiseptics.

When working with aggressive substances, do not forget about rubber gloves, do a manicure with experts, and at home use only high-quality varnishes and other products.

Drop the habit of gnawing your nails. Not only does it look ugly, you can still earn serious problems with the intestines, including parasites.

White spots may not mean anything, especially if there are very few of them. Otherwise, you need to immediately analyze your health, lifestyle, and if the cause can not be identified or all the measures taken have not produced a result - contact a doctor.

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