Breast plastic surgery: modern approaches and achievements

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  • 1 Individual approach
  • 2 Safety
  • 3 naturalness
  • 4 Optimal type of access

In the last decade, breast plastic surgery has become the most common operation, it is available to many women. During this time, naturalness and beauty have become the main slogan of surgeons and patients.

Individual approach

Today, plastic surgeons can offer a different range of operations: lipofilling, correction of the nipple-areolar complex, breast lift, reduction mammoplasty, breast augmentation on implants. With any pathology of the breast, or simply with dissatisfaction with the volume and shape, you can choose any size of the implant or do without it at all. You can return the correct own shape of the breast.

Breast plastic surgery: modern approaches and achievements

Portrait of doctor marking female patients body for breast surgery


Conducted perennial clinical studies have proven that silicone implants are absolutely safe for the body, their presence does not correlate with the risk of cancer. When using modern types of implants, complications are minimal. The rough surface of the prosthesis prevents the development of contracture, the type of access and incision is selected depending on the type of implant and wishes of the patient, while the breast tissue is not affected at all, which allows the patient to feed in the future breast. The strong shell and structure of the filler do not allow the contents of the implant to migrate outside the breast, the actual risk of rupture of the prosthesis itself is minimal and is less than 1%.

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The development of plastic methods and types of implants is aimed solely at the naturalness of the future breast. Today, anatomical implants are installed that provide the physiological shape of the glands in any position of the body. A soft-touch filler has been developed, which feels very similar to breast tissue. They create hydrogel-based implants that will have a memory shape and completely mimic manual mammary glands.

Optimal type of access

The classic method of mammoplasty was a traumatic "anchor" technique for patients who do not plan pregnancy. The incision was made in three places - around the areola, in the crease under the breast and vertically between them. With this approach, you can adjust the shape as you like. But the patient can forget about breastfeeding, get noticeable scars and long-term rehabilitation. Today there are alternative methods

  1. Periareolar access. The incision is located on the border of pigmented skin and light. So you can install a small implant and make a lift.
  2. Submammary access. The length of the incision is up to 4 cm under the breast, a pocket is formed between the gland and the muscle, where the implant is placed.
  3. axillary access. The incision is made in the armpit, there are no scars on the chest itself. Such operations are often performed with modern equipment - an endoscope, to visualize the working field.

Any developments in the field of plastic surgery are aimed at minimal invasiveness, naturalness and aesthetics. It is worth looking at the photo of a decade ago, where the "made" chest was noticeable at first glance and even through the clothes, to the touch it was almost plastic. Today, only a specialist can give an unequivocal answer about the naturalness of a girl’s breasts.

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