Moonstone and its properties

Moonstone is one of the finest and most amazing gems. Thanks to its silver-blue coloring and the extraordinary "moonlight" this stone fascinates and fascinates.

  • Moonstone deposits
  • The healing properties of the mineral
  • The magical properties of the moonstone
  • Moonstone and the zodiac signs
  • Application of the mineral
  • Interesting facts about the stone
  • How to distinguish the natural moonstone fromfakes
  • Care for the gem
  • Pictures of jewelry from the moonstone
  • History of the stone

    For the first time the moonstone was found in India. He so fascinated the Hindus that to this day is considered a sacred stone in this country. Many legends and beliefs, customs and traditions are associated with it.

    So, the moonstone for Hindus has long been a stone of family well-being and love. In India, they believed that he was able to "draw" to his owner love and family happiness. That's why moonstone and products from it were the best gift for single girls, as well as for lovers seeking to keep their tender feelings and create a family.

    How the sacred revered the moonstone in Burma and in Ceylon.

    With particular trepidation belonged to the moonstone and Chaldeans, who lived in southern Mesopotamia for a thousand years before our era. They believed that the moonstone was able to reveal the hidden reserves of the body and used it during the magical rites that were held on the full moon.

    Mentioned about miraculous properties of this mineral and the famous Iranian doctor, scientist and philosopher Avicenna, who lived in Central Asia in 980-1037.

    I liked the moonstone and the ancient Romans, who believed that it was formed from moonlight.

    In Europe, moonstone was especially popular in the Middle Ages, when it was considered a stone of lovers and was worn as an amulet. Then there was a period of oblivion of the mineral, when it went out of fashion. The interest of the European public to the lunar stone returned in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, in the heyday of modernity. Refined jewelry made of moonstone, made at that time by the famous French jeweler René Lalique, is now presented in expensive private collections and museum exhibitions.

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    Description of mineral

    Externally, the lunar stone is a beautiful translucent mineral of bluish-silver color with an unusual ebb. This ebb - a special bluish-white surface flickering, called adularerescence - is the main feature of this unusual stone. The very word "adularity" came from one of the names of the stone - "adular".This name was derived from the name of the Adula mountains located in the Swiss Alps, where beautiful white and blue moonstone specimens were found.

    Other names: fisheye, pearl spar, pearl spar, icy spar and aglaurite. And in India it was called dzhandarakandom, which is translated from the Indian language as "moonlight".

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    Chemical composition and physical properties of mineral

    In its species, moonstone is potassium feldspar, belongs to the family of orthoclase and is considered one of the most beautiful and rare minerals of this group. And all thanks to adulyaretsentii - bluish flicker, due to the lamellar layers of albite in feldspar. The combination of thin layers of albite and orthoclase determines the color of the stone and the shade of its glow. The thicker the layers of albite, the more white in the color of the mineral. Accordingly, the presence of thin layers of albite gives the mineral a beautiful deep blue hue. Thus, the color of the mineral can vary from blue, bluish-silvery, purple to silvery white and milky white.

    In terms of its chemical composition, the moonstone is potassium aluminosilicate. Its chemical formula: KALSi3O8.

    Semi-transparent crystals of moonstone have a prismatic or lamellar structure. When a x-ray hits the stone, its weak luminescence is noted.

    The Moonstone Moonstone hardness is estimated at 6.0-6.6 units, and the density is 2.6 g / cm3.Such indicators speak of the softness of the mineral and its sensitivity to mechanical influences - shock and compression.

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    Moonstone deposits

    To date, there are known deposits of moonstone in the USA, Brazil, Karelia( Russia) and Madagascar, but its best specimens are still mined in India and Sri Lanka.

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    Medical properties of mineral

    Lithotherapists consider moonstone as the main assistant of people with weak nervous system. This mineral, used as an amulet:

    • suppresses outbursts of anger;
    • eliminates internal fears and negative emotions;
    • facilitates epileptic seizures and makes them less frequent;
    • relieves insomnia;
    • helps to cope with stress and depression.
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    Mark folk healers the positive effect of moonstone and the work of the cardiovascular, genitourinary system and gastrointestinal tract.

    It is advised that it should be worn as an amulet for women in labor for rapid and easy childbirth and hyperactive children to soothe them.

    And the most important curative property of moonstone lithotherapists of many countries call it the ability to reduce the negative impact of the moon on a person.

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    Magic properties of the Moonstone

    The magical properties of the moonstone are so strong that in the antiquity of its impact even magicians and wizards feared, thinking that it could deprive them of magical and magical abilities.

    On ordinary people, the magical properties of the moonstone have only a positive impact, and above all it concerns the love sphere. It is believed that moonstone is able to make its owner more enjoyable for members of the opposite sex and to attract in his life love. Not for nothing in many countries it was worn as an ornament by single girls.

    Among the magical properties of Moonstone is also its ability to protect its owner from:

    • evil spells;
    • unnecessary quarrels;
    • disputes;
    • lightning strikes.

    Suitable for moonstone as a good amulet to people of creative professions.he is able to awaken in a man a creative impulse and give inspiration.

    The best talisman for themselves considered the moonstone as gamblers and sharers, they believed that it is able to attract good luck in gambling.

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    The special magical power of the moonstone takes on a full moon, positively affecting its master: pacifying anger and aggression, awakening tenderness and dreaminess.

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    Moonstone and zodiac signs

    Astrologers recommend wearing moonstone as an amulet for Cancer and Aquarius. It is to these signs of the zodiac that the moonstone is able to help uncover their extraordinary talents and achieve special creative successes.

    And here the representatives of fire signs - Aries, Lions and Sagittarius astrologers advise to avoid the influence of moonstone, their opinion, this stone will bring them emotional experiences and contradictions.

    All other signs of the zodiac moonstone is not contraindicated.

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    Application of mineral

    Moonstone is used mainly as a jewelry and ornamental stone for the manufacture of jewelry, charms and amulets.

    Because of its fragility, moonstone is usually handled by cabochon. This treatment emphasizes its gentle overflow.

    Made of it and flat inserts in jewelry - earrings, necklaces, rings.

    The most beneficial is the moonstone in the frame of silver, which emphasizes its delicate coloring.

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    Interesting facts about the stone

    • According to one of the ancient legends, the moonstone was created by Satan to seduce Eve and generate greed in human hearts.
    • According to another legend, the moonstone is formed under the influence of the magical power of the moon during the full moon period. In order for the stone to gain strength and shine with a special blue "moonlight", it must lie under the radiance of the moon several thousand full moons. Find such an extraordinary moon-shimmering stone was considered among the magicians a great success, becausethey believed that the person who had found the real moonstone discovered the gift of clairvoyance.
    • Another myth associated with the moonstone tells us that during the growing moon, a white spot appears on the surface of the stone, increasing to the full moon. Ancient magicians believed that with the growth of this spot in the stone, his magical power also grows.
    • The ancient Greeks noticed that the full moon lightens the stone, and in the last phase of the moon a little tarnishes.
    • The Chaldean magicians in the full moon with the help of moonstone predicted the future. It is interesting that for this they put it under the tongue.
    • According to the esotericists, the ring with a moonstone inset on the left hand corrects the feelings of a person, helps him to become more tolerant and more merciful. And the ring with an inset of moonstone on his right hand awakens imagination and gives creative inspiration.
    • Ancient healers claimed that a full moon on the surface of this stone is allocated a kind of moisture - the stone "cries", and his "tears" can heal a fever.
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    How to distinguish natural moonstone from forgery

    Moonstone is forged very often. As an imitation of this stone, fakes made of muddy glass and plastic are often used. However, knowing the features of natural moonstone, you can even distinguish it from a fake visually.

    1. The natural moonstone is heterogeneous, it has a distinctly pronounced lamellar structure, can have inclusions, cracks, bubbles and small defects. Natural
    2. moonstone distinctive silver or blue glow( adulyarestsentsiey) and a flare at the surface, which can be seen only under a certain angle( usually an angle of 10-15 degrees).At a fake such glare is absent, and bright overflows are looked through at any angle.
    3. Natural moonstone is a rather cold mineral. You can feel it by taking it in your hands and holding it in your hands. Moonstone does not heat up for a long time.
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    Care for the gem

    To avoid scratches and damage, lunar stone products should be stored separately and handled with care, protecting against impacts and mechanical influences.

    If in the process of wearing jewelry lost its special "moon shine" - it will help to restore the repeated polishing or polishing.

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    Pictures of moonstone jewelry

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