Wedding in purple tones - beauty and tenderness!

  • Dresses for newlyweds and guests
  • Decoration of the hall - the main point of preparation for the wedding
  • Details of the image of the bride from the hairstyle to the shoes

In recent years, so-called color celebrations have gained immense popularity, in the process of organizing which all the decor, costumes and even the design of invitations are thought through inspecific gamma. Purple wedding - the original version of the holiday, in which the hall and the culprits themselves will be buried in the bright colors of this scale.

Dresses for newlyweds and guests

Wedding in purple tones is good because the bride and groom practically do not have problems with the selection of various decorative elements. Lavender, light purple colors, as well as dark shades, close to black, will look great within the thematic party.

But with the selection of wedding dresses there are many difficulties. The thing is that the bride's dress has traditionally remained white, and not every beauty is ready to give preference to the original along with bright colors. What kind of wedding dress is perfect for a themed purple wedding?

  1. A girl can choose a white outfit, decorating it with a purple bow placed at the waist.
  2. Another great option is a dress with a gradient color, in which the white color remains the main one, but gradually turns into purple to the hem.
  3. A bright color can only stand out slightly in the fabric finishing from below or have an appropriate pattern made of rhinestones or purple threads.

Similar options are remarkable because the bride can fit into the established canons, but at the same time show originality. Also, you can choose a completely white or beige dress, which should be decorated only with an elegant band on your wrist.

With the masculine image, everything is usually much simpler, because the grooms express their correspondence to the theme of the celebration with the help of a tie or a butterfly. Purple tie looks great even with a classic black or blue suit, adding the look of personality.

Another great option for a man to fit into the overall concept of celebration is to give preference to a light purple shirt. She usually looks good with any costume, emphasizing the originality of the male taste.

Dresses for bridesmaids - one of the main nuances that should be considered. Usually the bride and groom prefers streaming outfits for bridesmaids who are made to order for each. Such outfits will look great within the framework of the overall concept, emphasizing the thoughtfulness of every detail.

For male guests, you can choose the same ties or boutonnières, made with a combination of purple flowers and pieces of satin ribbons.

Decoration of the hall - the main point of preparation for the wedding

To decorate the hall in purple colors is not so easy as it seems. The thing is that to achieve an organic combination of colors, so that it looked bright and not pretentious, it is difficult, and here the taste of the newlyweds is important. Usually, the following elements are used to decorate the hall with such a bright shade:

  • flowers, mostly violets and lavender, which are placed on tables, from which floral decorations are made for hanging around the restaurant;
  • purple fabrics that are used as tablecloths or for decorating the honeymoon area;
  • satin ribbons, with which you can decorate gifts for the newlyweds and the back of chairs for each guest;
  • a variety of candlesticks, decorative lamps, which give completeness to all work with the decorations in the banquet hall.

Experienced organizers advise to competently combine colors in interior design, so that the hall looked beautiful, and not stupid. For example, white-purple weddings are popular. Excellent complex violet scale looks and with all shades of pink. For example, tables and chairs can be decorated with a dark purple cloth, but guest napkins and floral arrangements should be made with the addition of white and silver shades.

Very effective in decorating the hall look a variety of floral jewelry. A pink and purple wedding, when the whole room is buried in roses, peonies, violets and lavender, is the very event that the guests will never forget. If a bride has talents in the field of floristry, she can make such bouquets on the table herself. However, it is better to entrust and create complex designs of colors from a flower to a professional.

Also newlyweds can decorate glasses with tiny satin ribbons, and on the wedding cake place several artificial colors of purple and white. All these details merge into a single, inimitable picture, highlighting the original idea of ​​the organizers.

Details of the image of the bride from hairstyle to shoe

Decoration of the hall, thinking over the costumes of the guests - all this is good, but the heart of the celebration is always the bride. That is why its image must be thought through in small things. How can the overall concept of a wedding in a violet style be depicted in the image of a girl?

  1. The hairdo can be decorated with a purple ribbon or real flowers woven directly into the design of the hair.
  2. A brave lady can choose makeup with purple or lavender shades.
  3. The girl should select ornaments( necklaces, bracelets, brooches) in accordance with the basic concept of the celebration.
  4. Many ladies prefer purple shoes, making their image vivid and original at the same time.

How to act the culprit of the celebration, if it wants to support the overall concept of celebration, but at the same time gives preference to the classic white side? It has already been emphasized that for this it is sufficient to include elements of the chosen shade into the image. A strict high hairstyle, decorated with a purple ribbon, or elegantly laid curls with a purple tiara - all this will emphasize the overall concept of celebration.

Very often ladies prefer to decorate their hairstyle with the help of flowers. For example, when running a braid sideways into it, you can safely weave lavender twigs, achieving an inimitable bow.

Very vividly look and lilac shoes, especially if they look out from under the dress. If a lady chooses an outfit in the style of new look with a length just below the knee, then such shoes will attract the maximum attention of those around them. In this case, the bride will no longer have to think over the color accents, because purple shoes will tell everyone about the nuances of the holiday.

An important detail of the celebration is also the bridal bouquet, because it must be decorated in purple tones! Here are the names of only a few colors that can be safely inserted into your wedding bouquet:

  • irises, whose rich white-purple color has long won women across the world;
  • lilac tulips, which are extremely in demand as a basis for a wedding bouquet;
  • twigs of lilac will add a wedding bouquet of individuality and originality;
  • purple roses also exist, and they are suitable for a chic, large bouquet;
  • should not be ignored and lavender.

Florists usually combine white, pink and red flowers with purple, favorably shading the beauty of each shade. However, the bride can act boldly, preferring only the main color of the celebration when creating a floral masterpiece.

It is necessary to think over a purple wedding for several weeks, paying attention to numerous trifles. However, the magnificent result and the memory of the triumph itself will definitely cost all the effort. Related Videos:

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