Rules for serving snacks

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The festive feast begins, which consists of several variations of dishes. According to the rules of etiquette, not all of them are served immediately, but gradually, and in a certain order. First on the table are cold snacks. They include salads, caviar, slicing.


  1. About dishes
  2. Cold starters
  3. Hot starters

About utensils

Often, the dishes for serving snacks are porcelain. Plates for slicing take either a few dessert small, or one dish in the center, if the table is small. Salads are served in salad bowls. Looks great on the table set in the same design with different salads.

The edges of the dishes, in any case, should be free of food, clean. About each kind of salad is supposed to be a separate spoon for distribution. Cutting guests will take the forks, spread out by the instruments.

Cold snacks

For cold snacks - the right to open a feast. They are prepared in several types, distributed throughout the table so that the guests can take them comfortably. It would seem: what is easier, to find a few bowls with salads place in the serving. By no means: snacks are served according to strict rules, otherwise they lose half of their appeal.

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The first rule of cold starters is serving at a temperature of 10 to 14 gr. Hence the name. Below the temperature can be at the fish jellied, holodtsa. By the way, these dishes are cut into cubes right in the dishes before they are placed on the table, where they are frozen, they serve it.

  • Red, black caviar is served in oblong crystal bowls, emphasizing its appearance.
  • Cold appetizers in high dishes are placed closer to the center of the table, the rest - near the guests.
  • Canapes on a buffet table are distributed over the whole area in flat dishes.
  • To cold meat appetizers beside put gravy with mayonnaise, other sauces.
  • Herring fillet is served in tandem with a garnish of mashed potatoes.

Hot appetizers

The number two on the table are hot snacks, their temperature is 80-90gr. This includes pancakes, julienne, baked fish, vegetables and meat.

Large dishes, for example, a cocktail suckling piglet are brought in and placed in the center of the table on a dish overlaid with vegetables. On a more modest occasion, the same dish is cut into portions.

Hot snacks are not shifted from the dishes in which they were prepared. Julien is served in a kokotnitse, under which put a ceramic or porcelain saucer with a cut openwork napkin.

If the appetizer was cooked in a portioned pan, it is put on a pie plate.

Knobs with hot snack cover with tissue napkins( so that you can safely take it), in kokotnits - with papillot.

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