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Chicken litter( kuryak) is an effective natural fertilizer that is used for fertilizing plantsmany gardeners. Bird manure contains a lot of useful components for such a capricious culture, like strawberry. But to get a plentiful harvest, you need to use the product correctly. How does a chicken litter act as a fertilizer for strawberries, how to apply it to achieve better results and not to damage the plant?

We tell.

Advantages of chicken manure

Bird litter is rich in nitrogen, without which the plant can not normally grow and develop. The concentration of mineral substances in this fertilizer is several times higher than in the manure of farm animals. The product is rich not only with nitrogen, but also with phosphorus, potassium, calcium, manganese, copper, cobalt, zinc.

Even after a single treatment of strawberry bird litter, the effect is noticeable: the plant looks stronger, healthy, grows faster, forms ovaries. And with regular use, crop yields increase for 2-3 years. This is because the nutrients slowly, gradually saturate the soil and root system of the plant.

Avian dung can be used in different species. It is used liquid, dry or granular, it all depends on the qualities that you want to impart to the soil.

If you use manure as a bedding for seedlings, it will protect the earth from drying out, feeding and improving the structure of the soil. In addition, thanks to this organic mulch, the site will be protected from weeds.

Application and storage of fertilizer

It is strongly recommended not to use fresh chicken manure. The mass is too caustic, because it consists of metabolites( products of the life of a hen) and can damage the plant. Uric acid with time is converted into nitric acid. At the end of the development period, the strawberry receives a double dose of nitrogen, which causes the berries to be saturated with nitrates.

If the fertilizer is stored for a long time, ammonia is released and it becomes poisonous. To avoid this litter is recommended to store in the fresh air, but in such conditions it dries, and therefore it is important to properly prepare the fertilizer.

From the manure of the chickens can make a compost. Thanks to loose composting, fertilizer retains its useful properties and ripens faster. However, it should be remembered that the litter is a strong concentrate, and therefore it must be applied clearly in accordance with the dosage.
  • If you make a compost pile, then use a bird fertilizer as a layer( 5-7 cm) between the manure of cattle. Such a heap ripens from 5 to 8 weeks, if it is compacted, the process will take up to 6 months. As the main manure can be used horse, cow, rabbit and sheep.

If the compost heap is prepared on the basis of chicken manure, then alternate it with a ball of straw, peat or sawdust. The fertilizer layer is 15-18 cm, and the layer of dry components is from 26 to 28 cm. The total height of the compost structure is 100 cm.

  • Chicken litter can be used dry. To extend the shelf life of the fertilizer, it is mixed with loosened peat. The best place for dry fertilizer - boxes, nets and plastic containers with holes. The storage area for manure should be well ventilated and have a low level of humidity.

Use of dry manure for fertilizing strawberries - video

This fertilizer is stored for a long time, it can be mixed with liquid fertilizing, compost piles. Dry manure can be crushed and added to the feces when planting strawberries. However, it is important to correctly calculate the dosage for each well, because with an excess of fertilizer, you can damage the plant.

Fertilizer from chicken dung

To feed a strawberry with a chicken litter it is necessary to carefully, that the plant will receive only benefit. There are different types of fertilizing.

  • For the preparation of liquid fertilizer bird manure and water will be needed. On 2 liters of litter it will take 30-40 liters of water, the components must be thoroughly stirred. The resulting solution enriches the soil around the strawberry. But you can do this only after 2-3 hours after watering the site or after it has rained. Remains of fertilizer can be mixed with compost.

Another important point is compliance with the timing of fertilizing. It must be done at the beginning of plant development, otherwise you risk overfeeding berries with nitrates or getting too much foliage and mustaches.

    • To prepare liquid concentrated infusions that can be stored for a long time, you will need 1 liter of manure and water. Mix the ingredients, pour fertilizer into a container, cover and place in a warm place for 2-3 days. Dissolve a liter of concentrate in a bucket of water and use it on the site.
    • Dry litter is used in the autumn, it is enriched with a freshly scraped area. The product must be sprinkled with water and added to the ground( 0.6-1 kg per 1 m²).Before you introduce chicken fertilizer into the soil, it can be mixed with compost, sand and wood ash. With this mixture you protect the area from the uneven distribution of minerals. Sprinkle soil with fertilizer, level it.
    • Granulated chicken fertilizer has no unpleasant odor, is stored longer and does not lose its useful properties. When wet, the granules increase. Such fertilizer is not a carrier of diseases, pests or seeds of weeds.
The granulated litter is applied to the soil in a ratio of 200-300 g per 1 m².Concentrated granules should not touch plants or seeds. This fertilizer contains a lot of nitrogen, which saturates the soil with minerals. To ensure that useful substances are not washed out of the soil, fertilizer is added to the ground in early autumn. Gardeners recommend buying just such a litter.
    • You can also make a bedding with the fresh manure of chickens. Plus such a fertilizer is that it is not highly concentrated, and therefore not so dangerous for strawberries, protects the soil from drying out and gradually saturates it with mineral substances.

The basis of the litter is straw or peat, the chicken litter is placed on top, which is introduced gradually until the litter with time reaches 50 cm, then it is changed. Moisture, insects and the sun turn the litter into compost. Over time, the soil is saturated with mineral substances, which it transmits to the root system of the plant.

Spring strawberry dressing

To feed the plant better in the spring, when it just woke up. At this time, the leaves are actively growing, but the strawberries are not yet flowering. If you make top dressing earlier, the dormant plant will not have time to assimilate nitrogen. Top dressing during flowering threatens to slow the development of the bush and reduce yield.

Before fertilizing the strawberry with chicken litter, it is necessary to moisten the soil. It can be done after the rain.

  1. You will need a bucket( 12 liters) and a standard 10-liter watering can. Pour 500-700 ml of fresh chicken manure into a bucket and pour water. For such a case, it is better to use standing warm water, which is stored on the street in a tank and heated under the sun.
  2. Stir the solution thoroughly, pour it into the watering can.
  3. Remove the sprayer from the watering cans and water the strawberries. Do this carefully so that the liquid is at a distance of 6 cm from the bush.

Consumption of fertilizer for strawberries:

  • plants age 3 years: 12 liters per 7-10 bushes;
  • young animals with the age of 1 year - 12 liters per 25 bushes.

After top dressing, pour the bushes with clean water to rinse the concentrate that has accidentally got on it.

Rules for the fertilization of strawberries

Chicken litter is a highly concentrated organic fertilizer that is better used in less quantity.
The ideal ratio for the preparation of liquid fertilizer is 1:48( one part of bird litter and 48 parts of water), although some use another calculation: 1:98.Then the liquid fertilizer must be insisted 4-5 days in the heat( at +20 ° C).

  • Feed this solution twice a season, not more. Apply 4 liters per 1 m² or 900 ml per pit. Infusion infuses not into the ground under the bush, but between rows.
  • If you have chosen a composting method, apply fertilizer to the site twice a year before plowing.
  • Experienced gardeners recommend to feed plants in the autumn for an even distribution of nutrients throughout the plot.
If you exceed the dosage of chicken manure, you risk getting a harvest of berries saturated with nitrates.

Chicken litter is a source of useful substances that are necessary for many plants, including strawberries. It is a high-speed complex organic fertilizer, which must be used carefully. If you observe all the rules, you will notice tremendous results: active development and abundant flowering of bushes, high yields.

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