The Right Lunch

Most people who are overweight in the office of a nutritionist admit that their daily breakfast is usually dense. This is normal and correct. However, throughout the day until the evening meal they are something to intercept or hastily drank sweet tea. But a normal dinner, in fact, they miss.

Of course, not for everyone, the lack of a full dinner can cause the presence of extra pounds. Of course, the figure of people with excellent metabolism, fortunately, does not affect the passage of the next meal, or even the consumption of foods with high fat content before going to bed. But even for them, the lack of a full-fledged lunch adversely affects health. Only noticeably this becomes far from immediately.

If you are predisposed to fullness, then your body is painfully endured by the systematic absence of dinner and in the evening, at dinner, will try to fill the lost. If the food enters the body not regularly, but after long periods of time, it begins to work in the "energy saving" mode - it stores for the future. In those situations where people who are inclined to fattening, constantly instead of a full-fledged dinner, drink tea and eat goodies, or even get carried away by fast food during a working break, they should be ready for the fact that soon their weight will begin to grow rapidly.

What kind of lunch can be called right?

  • Rule number one: you need to have dinner regularly at about the same time. The recommended lunchtime is between twelve and three o'clock in the afternoon. During this period, our digestive organs are most active, so even if you eat tight, everything will be digested and absorbed right away.
  • If your daily routine includes two breakfasts, and one of them is quite hearty, you can shift lunch time for three or four hours of the day. But you need to remember: dinner should be lightened.
  • With four meals a day, the caloric value of lunch should be 30-35% of the total calorie content of the daily ration, while three meals a day - about 40%.
  • If you use the dining room( cafe) during lunch, it is good to order a light vegetable salad( up to 300 g).The second dish should be baked or boiled fish, you can and meat with a grill with a low fat content. However, do not forget that the second dish should weigh no more than 100 g.
  • Only a business lunch can be ordered in a nearby catering establishment?- Try to reduce the caloric value of lunch, without eating a side dish of the second dish. In principle, portions of a business lunch are not large, and most likely your body will not get a lot of unnecessary calories.
  • Even if you only offer high-calorie meals in a cafe, do not give up lunch. Simply make your dinner as easy as possible, turning it into a purely dietary one. There is compensation for you.
  • If you can not refuse a liquid dish at lunchtime, it is desirable that there is a small amount of potatoes, carrots, beets and pasta in the soup. It is best to choose soups on broth from meat or fish with low fat content. Otherwise, absorbing the rich soup, you will even more want to eat. Your goal - to normalize your weight?- Then make soup the only dish that you eat at lunchtime.

What dishes should be part of the "right lunch"

Those who want to lose weight, during lunchtime meals should follow the below tips:

  1. Begin lunch with vegetable, but not fruit juice. You can use not only freshly squeezed, but also juice from the package. The juice from a tomato, pumpkin or other combined vegetable juice well approaches. In the absence of juice, you just need to drink a glass of water or slightly boiled black( green) tea without adding sugar. There is no mistake: drop the habit and drink tea before eating, but not after.
  2. You can eat a large plate of salad from raw vegetables. To taste this dish is transformed, season it with olive oil, apple or balsamic vinegar, spices, lemon juice, seasonings, soy sauce. Vegetable salad contains a small number of calories, but they can be full. This will contribute to a considerable amount of food, as well as fiber, which has very useful qualities.
  3. As a second course, you can use baked beef, veal or lamb. You can also cook chicken breast or turkey without skin. Fish prefer to have a sea lunch. It's good if you are accustomed to food cooked for a couple. If you are an opponent of steam dishes from fish and meat, you can cook by extinguishing, or in another way, as a result of which you will get a dish that is useful for your health. Do not forget that the lunch portion should not exceed the size of the card deck. Only in this case you will be able to quickly lose the hated pounds. As soon as you bring your weight back to normal, you can eat a little more during your lunch meal. However, it should be noted that it is unlikely that you will need this by that time.

Eat Health! If the dinner is "right", it will certainly benefit the body.

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