List of American TV series

American cinema is in the first place on the shooting of high-quality, interesting TV series. Their theme and target audience are so diverse that every spectator can make his choice. List of American TV series with a brief description will help you determine the choice of telenovela to your taste. Here you will find fantastic and ordinary heroes, people of different professions and destinies.

Game of Thrones

The battle for the "Iron throne" in the series "The Game of Thrones" is bloody and ruthless. After the death of the king - each of the rulers of the Seven Kingdoms is hungry for power and is ready to do anything for it. Against this background, an ancient evil is awakening, fenced off from the world of people by the Great Wall, guarded by the Night Watch. Will people be able to unite in order to survive?

Doctor House

The series "Doctor House" tells about a group of doctors dealing with complex medical cases. Chief among them is Gregory House - an ingenious doctor with a complex character. He is an excellent diagnostician, referring to the treatment of patients, as a solution to the riddle, without affecting the moral side. Despite the ostentatious inhumanity of House, his colleagues appreciate him.

The Big Bang Theory

Heroes of the series "The Big Bang Theory" - the brilliant physicists Sheldon and Leonard. However, they have problems in communicating with the opposite sex. Blonde Penny - a novice actress, who became their neighbor, interested Leonard. The guy has far-reaching plans for the girl. But Sheldon warns his friend that he has no chance. Among the friends of physicists are Hindu Raj and the Jew Howard.

Deceive me

Dr. Cal Lightman in the series "Deceive me" with the help of his skills helps to calculate criminals and save innocent people. Studying the gestures and facial expressions of a person, he is able to determine when he lies. In his team, gifted scientists, psychologists and ordinary people. The doctor's agency cooperates with government agencies and organizations, helping them in their work.

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The hero of the series "Escape" Michael Scofield is sure that his brother is not guilty of the crime for which Lincoln faces the death penalty. To save his brother, he decides on a desperate act. Michael gets under arrest after a false robbery. He is sent to the same prison where Lincoln sits. To get out of confinement with his brother, Michael makes a tattoo with the information necessary to escape.


The leader of the Thracians in the series "Spartacus" was captivated and enslaved by the Roman legate. His wife gets to the slaver. Spartacus and his comrades are sent to the arena, where they were supposed to kill him. But the hero wins. Seeing the courage and power of Spartacus, Quintus Batiatus redeems the Thracian and sends him to the gladiator school.

Envoys of

After the fall of the unknown object, the characters of the series "Messengers" acquire unusual abilities. Fate brings together absolutely unfamiliar people who are to become Angels of the Apocalypse. Among them are a scholar, a preacher, a federal agent, a problem teenager. They must prevent the death of all mankind. To do this, they have to stop the Horsemen of the Apocalypse at all costs.


The Tara family, the heroine of the Evermore series, moves into an old mansion to Aunt Bridget. First, everyone likes to live in a new place in a remote village. Tara plans to write a book, especially since the situation has. But soon strange events begin to occur. Heroes will plunge into mysterious and mysterious events, and Tara will begin to foresee the future.

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In the series "After", eight people were in a parking lot, engulfed in flames. They had not known each other before. Fate brought absolutely different people: a lawyer with a friend, a runaway criminal, an Englishman - an alcoholic, a rich widow, a French actress, a police woman and a clown. But now they have to rally together to survive.

Dangerous Henry

13-year-old teenager from the series "Dangerous Henry", by chance becomes an assistant superhero. About the fact that he now works with Captain Chem, Henry should not tell anyone. He has to lie to his relatives and friends. In the future, Henry will have to replace Captain Chela and become a superhero.

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Marco Polo

The hero of the series "Marco Polo" falls into the Mongolian Khanate in an unusual way. His own father left him as a ransom for Kubilai Khan, who was very impressed by the young man's mind, his observation and education. This is the beginning of the adventures of the famous pioneer. Marco will have to take part in the conquest of the empire.


Matt Murdoch - hero of the series "Daredevil", no luck. He lost his eyesight as a result of an accident. However, thanks to his training, Matt develops and strengthens the rest of the feelings. When the guy grew up, he became a lawyer and protects the innocent. Murdoch devotes this work to daytime. And at night he becomes a fearless avenger.

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The friendship of the two heroines of the series Braveheart is interrupted when Angela's father dies. Years later, her friend Samantha becomes a professional bodyguard. And Angela studies as a nurse, works in a cafe and independently brings up her daughter. Accidental incident brings girlfriends together. And they decide to unite to protect defenseless people, as they dreamed in their childhood.


Henry Morgan is the main character of the series "Eternity", he works as a forensic expert. In parallel with the investigation of the deaths of people, he tries to find the cause of his immortality. One day he meets Joe Martinez, who works as a detective. Having shown amazing abilities in the disclosure of crimes, Henry becomes a permanent consultant in the police.

Better call Sol

Lawyer Saul Goodman from the series "Better call Sol", with a small capital, is trying to open his own business in Albuquerque. Education he received a questionable way, almost no experience, and in life he is not particularly lucky. Therefore, he finds it difficult to find customers. He is saved by kindness, observation and diligence to get out of failure.

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