Exercises with a hoop for weight loss

If you remember, in childhood, each of us had a sporting projectile, like a hoop. Many know that its use is a great way to tighten the abdominal muscles and gain a slender waistline. Now in any sports shop you can find many varieties of hoops. In addition to standard plastic or metal hoops with a smooth surface, there are also flexible, massage and hoops with weighting. First, by the way, you can use not only the traditional way, but also to perform with their help various exercises for weight loss.

It is possible to work with a hoop at home or in nature, and for this it is not necessary to attend group classes in the fitness center, which are not cheap. If you exercise regularly, then in a short time you can achieve significant results. During classes with a hoop for weight loss, all groups of muscles of the press are straining, which, with regular training, forms a beautiful muscular corset around the waist. In addition, such exercises also produce a massage effect, due to which the blood flow in the skin cells is activated and the fatty deposits split at twice the rate.

Rules for training with a hoop

It should be noted that without prior physical training, it is not recommended to resort immediately to complex occupations. A heavy burden on an ill-prepared organism can lead to a deterioration in well-being and a strong pain in the muscles. As you know, everything needs a measure. Therefore, at the beginning of the exercises, try to do the exercises for a minimum amount of time. At first, 10-15 minutes of lessons with a hoop is enough. When you feel that you do not already have enough of this load, you can move on to more complex and lengthy weight loss training sessions.

Conventional rotation of the hoop must be performed in both directions to maintain balance of load and muscle coordination. In the first days of classes, twist the hoop for 30 seconds on either side. Rotate the rotation time with each subsequent workout. Do it regularly - every day, or every other day. An excellent variant of training for growing thin - alternation of exercises with a hoop and power loads. So, you can do first one stretching exercise with a hoop, then go to the exercises with dumbbells. Then perform a workout with aerobic load - rotation of the hoop, and so on.

Any sports should be performed no earlier than 2-3 hours after eating. Before starting the workout, you must warm up the muscles. To do this, perform an easy warm-up: slopes to the sides, forward and back. Then take the hoop and perform the usual rotation for 2-3 minutes. This will prepare the muscles and respiratory system for the basic workout.

Weight loss exercise with


hoops. When carrying out this exercise, it is necessary to rotate the hoop as usual, only with sit-ups. The starting position is standing. Place your arms in the sides parallel to the floor. Begin to twist the projectile, gradually bending the knees, as during the squat. Do not go too low, otherwise just do not hold the hoop. Then gradually straighten the knees, lifting the body. Squats should be performed for 1-3 minutes. If you have problems with knee joints, this type of exercise should be avoided.

Rotation in the palms

Stand up straight, put your feet together. Pull both hands up and connect the palms. The hoop must be in the hands between the palm and the thumb. In this position for 2 minutes, twist the hoop, rotating with your hands. Try to hold the projectile in the palms, for convenience they can be slightly bent. This type of training develops the muscles of the shoulder girdle, and also uses the muscles of the breast.

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Steering wheel

Stand up straight, legs spread slightly wider than shoulders. Wrap the hoop with both hands, as if holding the steering wheel. Put it in front of you and tilt the case. Straighten the body, do not curl the loin. In this position, scroll the hoop on the floor from side to side. This is an excellent training for the muscular corset of the legs and back.

Slopes on one leg

In standing position, straighten your back, pull in your stomach. Put the hoop behind your back and hold it with both hands, throwing them behind your head. Elbows should be directed to the sides. Raise your right foot and press your foot against the calf muscle of your left leg. Now it's important to keep balance. In this position, make sure that you do not bend the hull and keep your back straight. It is necessary to do 10 repetitions. Do the same by standing on your left foot.

Turns to the sides

Stand up straight, place the legs parallel to the shoulder girdle. Wrap the hoop over your head and wrap it in both hands on opposite sides. Turn the body alternately left and right. During exercise, the lower part of the body should remain stationary. In each direction, perform at least 10 turns. This is an excellent training for the muscles of the shoulder girdle and back.

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Exercise on the muscles of the press and hands

Sit on the mat for classes. Wrap the hoop in your hands, firmly clasping your hands - your thumbs are directed away from you. Hands should be divorced to the sides, elbows straightened. Legs together, hips pressed against each other. Lift the legs, transferring the weight of the body to the muscles of the pelvis and buttocks. Rest your toes on the other side of the hoop. Lower the hoop behind your back, bending your elbows, then straighten your arms to the starting position. Repeat the activity 15-20 times.

Jumping with a hoop

Take the hoop by placing your hands next to one edge. Bend your knees and start rotating the hoop around your body. The hoop in this case should play the role of a rope. Do this for at least 10 jumps. It is clear that the rotation speed of the hoop will be several times lower than the rope. The main thing is to try to do the exercise correctly and at the same pace.

Forward-backward rotation

Accept position, as with normal rotation of the hoop. Press the hoop to the waist and start turning counter-clockwise, moving the hoop back and forth. Exercise is performed within 5 minutes. During training, you should use the muscles of the hips and buttocks.

Rotation with tilt

In standing position, press the hoop to the waist. Put the feet parallel to the shoulders. Start rotating the projectile, gradually tilting the upper body forward. The arms are bent at the elbow and pressed to the chest. Bend the legs in the knees at the moment of inclination. On each circle of rotation of the hoop, raise and lower the case one by one. Help the muscles of the legs move. Knees also bend and straighten as the hoop rotates. Exercise is carried out within 3-5 minutes.


I have a hoop gathering dust behind the cupboard. Now I'll get it to try all the exercises. It was especially interesting to read the rules of training - I did not know about them before.


I started to practice with a hoop, I really want to lose weight a little bit by the new year. But I alternate it with jumps in place: 200 jumps, then 5 minutes I whirl hula hoop. Total for one session is 1000 jumps and 25 minutes hula hoop. Time flies by unnoticed. The first results are already visible: the legs and sides were slightly tightened.

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