7 ways to get rid of depression yourself

Every person has experienced a depressive condition and blues. It is very important at such moments to concentrate and make every effort to prevent this condition from worsening and coloring life in black paints. The 7 simple ways that are described in this article will help get rid of depression on your own and for good.

  • The causes of the blues
  • What to do
  • Physical work
  • Doing sports
  • Charity
  • Hobby
  • Changing the appearance and furnishings
  • Travel
  • Communication

Causes of the spleen

Depression also includes not only a psychological state, but also a general deterioration in physical fitness. In this depressive state of the person affects everyone who surrounds him at the moment. Psychologists note the following main causes of the development of depression:

  1. The influence of society. The society accepts only those who achieve success in professional terms, creates a full-fledged happy family, has material benefits or external attractiveness. If a person does not have anything from this list and can not achieve it, then the result is a complete disappointment.

  2. Natural processes in the human body.
  3. Loss of loved ones or relatives. Divorce with a loved one.
  4. Severe illness.
  5. Admission of special medicines and genetic diseases.
  6. Conflict situations with relatives or friends.
  7. Alcohol or drug dependence.
  8. Experienced physical or psychological abuse.
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What to do

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Physical work

It is known that the release of happiness hormones - endorphins - into the blood of a person helps to improve mood and improve the overall emotional state. There are many ways to provoke the production of these hormones in the human body. One such method is physical activity. No wonder they say that the inhabitants of rural areas suffer from psychological disorders less than those who live in urban turmoil. Labor in the garden or a general cleaning in the house are wonderful ways to cope with the blues. This will not only benefit, but also help get rid of depression at home.

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Sports activities

Today, adherents of a healthy lifestyle and exercise became more. Athletes know exactly how depression is treated, because physical exercise improves not only the body, but also the mood. When depression is useful to do:

  • gymnastics( 1-2 times a day);
  • running( 1-2 times a day);
  • swimming( several times a week);
  • aerobics( several times a week).
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The good deeds that come from the heart can certainlyheal not only the soul, but also the human body. Charity is also a kind of state of mind. Help those who need it. Share what you have - be it material things or just a hearty conversation with a lonely person. There are also many orphanages that will gladly accept help in any way. Charitable activities will certainly help in the fight against depression.

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Do you have a favorite pastime? And maybe in his youth was a hobby that brought great pleasure? Do what you like, what you like. Someone is fond of embroidery with beads, someone is enjoying the preparation of new delicious dishes, there are those who spend all their free time in the garage, inventing useful products. Believe me, depression and anxiety will go away without a trace, if you are distracted by your favorite pastime.

If you like cooking, take the rule every weekend to prepare a new dessert. In this issue the main condition is systematic. Get rid of depression you need more than once a week, paying attention to your favorite hobby. It will be better if every week every day to make a small contribution to the struggle for your emotional mood.

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Changing the appearance and environment of

Many women face postpartum depression when the body loses its former shape, and taking care of the child takes all the free time. A useful way to get rid of depression in this case will be going to a beauty salon or shopping. There are always among the relatives those for whom you can leave the child for an hour or two. Who, if not women, know about the miraculous properties of a new haircut, hair color or just a pair of dresses from a new collection of fashion store. Sitting at home with the child is unsettled, so changing the situation, even short-term, will help to recharge energy and will give an incentive not to fall into depression.

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Psychologists have proven that travel has a beneficial effect on human health, and also reduces the likelihood of depression. Agree, even a trip outside the city to the nature improves the mood and leaves after itself a positive charge for a long time.

Today, there are many ways to see the world without having huge cash.

Native citizens of different countries are ready to free-of-charge accommodation at home for foreigners, to show them the best places in the world. On the Internet you can find information about the methods of travel for a budget tourist. If you do not want to face unexpected obstacles, and finance allows, you can buy a ticket and fly to the country, which has long dreamed of.

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One of the simple and effective ways to get rid of depression is communication. Since childhood, with any problem, we are running to share with relatives and friends. Throughout life there are friends and family with whom we share all experiences, share joyful and sad moments. A person can not be happy and self-sufficient all his life alone.

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It's sad and bad - go to a loved one, tell, pour out your soul. Close people know how to defeat our depression, as we do not know how. Acquaintance with new people also gives new emotions, broadens the horizon, distracts from problems and depression. Open yourself to the world and the world will answer the same!


I would distinguish between depression and the usual spleen. Such situations as the death of loved ones and violence require work with a psychotherapist, it is not easy to do without the help of a specialist. Another thing, fatigue from everyday life and general dissatisfaction with life, then all the recommendations are ideal. The main thing is to choose what you like and do not break the way of life through force. One person feels happy, doing sports at the gym and relaxing on the beach, the other likes cycling and sightseeing tours. We need to listen to ourselves and our desires and begin to implement them.

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