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In inclement weather, many women prefer to freeze, but do not wear a hat. It seems to them that this part of the wardrobe will ruin not only the styling, but also the scrupulously elaborate bow. But it takes - a symbol of French chic and romanticism. All that remains is to learn how to choose and wear it correctly.

Berets: first acquaintance of

Even today, historians do not have reliable information about the origin of this headdress. According to some, he comes from Italy. Other scientists are convinced that its roots are somewhere in France.

However, the history of the beret is amazing. He managed to become both a symbol of French bohemia, and a popular detail of the wardrobe of Hollywood stars, and an officially approved detail of military uniform. And each part and the army have their own customs of wearing berets.

From 2007-2008.couturier did take a zest of women's collections. Since that time, he has always been in a trend, and the year 2017 is no exception. In the new season, this hat will be particularly in demand.

Takes a love in all countries for its versatility. It can be worn at any time of the year.

  • Winter models - woolen, fur, draped, velvet, felt.
  • Demi-season variant - cashmere, leather.
  • Summer beret - delicate, from the fine jersey.

Models with a visor, in the form of a cap, are developed. They are decorated with rhinestones, beads and pompoms. They are flat, hard, bulky or soft.

The main advantage of the accessory is that it's hard to find a woman that he does not fit. With his help, women of fashion highlight the dignity of the face and give the image a finish.

How to wear a beret: popular variants of

Do not completely rely on the versatility of the accessory. Only properly put on a hat will look decent. A lot depends on its shape and the length of the woman's hair.

The basic rule is not to pull the product. It should sit free and naturally. The larger the beret size, the farther it is from the forehead.

How to wear a hat? There are 3 most common ways:

  1. At the back of the head. So wear the Hollywood divas. Suitable for those with curls that are longer than the shoulder line. Do not hide hair under the product. The front strands are let go, but he himself casually puts them on the back of the head. With a bang such variant looks especially advantageously. Do not place the dress too far, high or on one side, hiding your ear.
  2. One side. Fashion for this method of wearing accessories introduced French beauties. Looks unusually coquettish and charming. Trying to look attractive, you should not forget about practicality. In order not to get into an embarrassing situation, it's better to be safe and fix the product with invisibility. Hairpins are selected in tone.
  3. On the forehead. Classic, but not so popular. His prefer a girl with a short haircut. They low tension the product, covering the forehead and ears. The back of the dress is tilted to the side of the head. Choosing this style, you can not overdo it. Beret should not be too tightly wrapped around the head.

Choosing beret: important nuances

Even the correctly put on, but unsuitable for the shape, texture or size of the headpiece will spoil the overall impression.

How to decide on the size?

During fitting, attention is drawn to how tight or loose the product sits. If the detail of the wardrobe is too big, it is very uncomfortable. The dress will fall off and look like a sack.

A small beret squeezes his head, which is also unpleasant. The model fits perfectly if two fingers are placed under its edge.

Shape, style

Women with an oval face and the right features are lucky. They will look great in any models, especially classic ones.

A voluminous headdress made of lightweight fabric will hide the thinness of an elongated face. Chubby beauties should pay attention to products of medium size.

The angularity of the face of the square type disguises the beret, shifted to the side. At the temples left a few strands. If you curl them, the facial features will become somewhat softer.

Print and palette

Buying with a drawing, you need to take into account your type. Possessors of small features will approach the accessory with small patterns or flowers, geometric figures of medium size. From variegated prints should be abandoned.

The ideal coloring of the headgear is classic shades. It's beige, gray, black and white.
Optionally, you can choose a brighter and bright product. Only it is important to consider the color range of clothes. A good option is to choose a shade of the product for the color of the hair:
  • Blonde girls face a peach, rich green color of the headdress.
  • Brownies should pay attention to the chocolate and plum colors.
  • Bright purple berets will suit the wearers of dark curls.
  • With fair-haired hair looks good pearl, pistachio and blue with a touch of gray.

What does the beret combine with?

No matter how universal it takes, there are still items of clothing and shoes with which it definitely does not look. It's about sneakers, sports uniforms, rough army boots and low-boots. Shoes with heels and a classic coat are just right.

Casual image of

Beret perfectly matches with feminine dresses, voluminous knitted sweaters, shorts and jeans. In winter, it will perfectly complement a down jacket or a bomb. A knitted hat is a universal option, which is combined with all of the above items of clothing.

Modern urban style is a three-dimensional knitted beret with tight jeans, a free tunic( dress-sweater, cardigan).Finish the image of a carelessly tied scarf.

Evening image of

  • The main thing that takes does not violate the integrity of the image. To an elegant dress, coat and shoes on the hairpin will fit a discreet accessory of a calm color.
  • With glamorous cocktail and summer dresses, lightweight fabric products look beautiful. They are decorated with flowers, embroidery or lace. The highlight of the evening retro image will be a miniature "tablet", decorated with a veil.
  • If the choice has fallen on the bright top, boyfriends and screaming shoes, then the headpiece can be an interesting coloring, decorated with beads, sequins or rhinestones. In this case it is recommended to stop on the beret of the same palette as the shoes.

Business style

A win-win option - takes with a straight coat, a classic dress( trousers), high-heeled shoes and a bag. All things are natural shades.

Harmony of color

The headpiece is either in harmony with the garments, or becomes a slight accent.

  • The classic combination is beige and brown.
  • Beige with coral looks refined.
  • Tandem beige and orange looks bold and bright.
  • Simultaneously, a fashionable and gentle duet of the same color with shades of turquoise. A universal combination is red with black, neutral and gray.

Stylists recommend

  • Wool or knitwear products are perfectly combined with a dress-sweater, jumper, long cardigan or jacket.
  • Beautifully looks beret with a skirt in a cage and a short jacket.
  • The product, decorated with embroidery or applique, is worn to a classic coat.
  • Do not hide long hair under your clothes. It is better to dissolve them, lay them on a straight part, and put them on top.
  • Wool models - a classic of the genre. Creating a new image, with such an accessory is very difficult to make a mistake.
  • Fringe, peepingly peering out from under the beret, gives the woman a young and innocent look.
  • When putting on a hat, it is better to completely hide your ears. To show off one ear is not desirable.
  • Tandem beret and scarf looks fashionable and stylish. Cashmere products look particularly noble.
  • If a woman wants to attract attention, she can attach a small hat to her hair. He, of course, will not warm, but to achieve the desired effect will help."Tablet" is combined with a dress in the style of new look. Another option is a flared skirt to the knee, a jacket to the figure. The waistline will emphasize the waist.
  • The fur accessory with sheepskin coat looks not only rich, but also youth.
  • A romantic image can be created by combining a red beret and a trapezoidal coat.
  • A cashmere hat is suitable for a knitted dress. To a jacket or waistcoat - velvet or corduroy.
If a simple classic beret is decorated with a brooch, it will have a completely different look.

Do not give up the opportunity to try on berets of different colors and patterns. This romantic detail of the wardrobe will be the last touch, which will emphasize the refinement of the image.

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