Cold is a common malaise, especially in the cold season. It can arise both in an adult and in a child. Symptoms of a cold infection are similar to those of influenza, angina and other infections, however, are less pronounced. It is necessary to treat a cold immediately, as soon as its first signs appeared, otherwise an innocuous infection in the beginning can turn into a serious complication.

In the article, we will consider the peculiarities of treating colds in children and adults when the first symptoms appear.


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first signs of a cold

What are the characteristic features inherent in cold.

According to medical statistics, almost 90% of all people - both large and small - know by their experience what a cold infection is.

And the disease is so common, and no one is surprised that many people in winter perceive the symptoms of colds as inevitable, rarely who turns to the doctor about this.

But some still have to visit the clinic. This occurs when the cold has developed into a more serious complication.

Cold viruses enter the body by airborne droplets. In addition, they can leak and with direct physical contact - when kissing, using shared utensils, etc.

Symptoms of


How the disease manifests itself. The throat turns red, swells, perspiration appears in it, sometimes painful sensations. Feeling chill, limbs become cold. This is a clear sign of the onset of infection.

There is a general weakness in the body, sometimes - joint aches and pain in the muscles, the feeling that they "pull".Apathy and lethargy are also signs of the beginning of a cold.

Clonet in a dream. With such symptoms it is very difficult to concentrate on work, sometimes it's just impossible. The best way with such symptoms is to take time off from work, and go home to be treated. Otherwise, you can not only suffer yourself, but still infect half the team.

The head may also be sore. A characteristic sign that the cold begins - a tickling sensation in the nose. This indicates that the infection has penetrated the body. It's time to take action.


cold temperature

Let's talk about the "relationship" of cold and temperature.

Many believe that a cold should necessarily be accompanied by a high fever. However, this is not an obligatory sign. The temperature will appear only when the viruses are already quite strongly attacking. And at the very beginning of the disease, no temperature may yet be there. However, already at this stage it is necessary to start a fight, so that the heat does not arise in principle.

Colds without temperature at the very beginning are more common in adults. As for children, it is not peculiar to them. The children's organism is more vulnerable, but at the same time it has better adaptability, so it immediately reacts violently to the introduction of the infection. This manifests itself, in part, and the rising temperature. Therefore, it is difficult to miss a child's cold, do not pay attention.

Treatment of

Than and how to treat a cold in an adult.

The first symptoms of infection will be effective such tools as:

  • Arbidol;

    arbidol in capsules

  • Anaferon;

    anaferon in tablets

  • Kagocel( how to take Kagocel for cold, you can learn from the content in this article);

    kagocel in tablets

  • Lavomax;

    lavomax in tablets for the treatment of cold

  • Ingavirin.

These antiviral drugs reliably and effectively relieve the body of viruses, remove the symptoms of colds. These medicines, together with their antiviral effects, also strengthen the immune system( especially Anaferon), which positively affects the condition of the whole organism.



For more information on

medicines, see the medicinal effects of the above medications.


This preparation perfectly and quickly eliminates the irritation of the mucous throat, thereby reducing swelling, and redness disappears. Accordingly, painful discomfort ceases.


ergofero on

tablets Arbidol

This drug has an effective positive effect on the destruction of viruses. Arbidol is particularly popular due to its effectiveness and safety. You can get rid of the first symptoms of a cold by the morning, in the evening taking a pill or two of this drug.


arbidol in capsules


A modern antiviral drug. Active components of Ingavirin penetrate the cells of the virus, stopping their spread. That's why the drug quickly stops the infection. Especially effective, if not postponing, take it immediately at the first sign of a cold.


Ingavirin for the treatment of flu and cold

This medicine is very convenient to use: to remove the first symptoms of a cold, it is enough to take just one capsule, regardless of meals.

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This is cheaper than Arbidol with Ingavirin, a remedy, however, is also a good help. First of all, Anaferon is an immunomodulator, therefore its effect is directed not on destroying the virus, but on strengthening the body's defense. Therefore, its effectiveness will be slower than in the case of taking Ingavirin or Arbidol.



Aspirin or paracetamol can be taken as a temperature. These are inexpensive and quite effective medicines. They, as a rule, are in any home medicine cabinet.

To strengthen immunity, it is good to use homeopathic remedies. For example, such as:

  • Reinal;

    rhinital in tablets

  • Influcid;

    Infusion in tablets

  • Aflubin;

    aflubin for treatment of flu and cold

  • Antigrippin, etc.


To get rid of the perspiration and dry sensation in the throat, it is recommended to use rinses with furatsilinom. This drug has a bactericidal effect and helps to destroy viruses.

Advice: when treating a cold at the very beginning of the disease, it is better to refrain from strong antipyretic drugs, and even more so, from antibiotics. Take these drugs only if necessary - in the case of temperatures above 38 degrees and the onset of inflammation. At the beginning of malaise, these symptoms do not happen.

Cold in children

Consider the features of the symptoms and treatment of colds in children.

In infants at the onset of a common cold, the following are common symptoms:

  • Cough, sometimes quite severe.
  • Rhinitis, which also delivers to children and parents a lot of trouble.
  • Children's common cold differs from adults in that in this case the temperature rises immediately, often at the same time it is quite high.

Due to the fact that the temperature rises immediately, it can be difficult to distinguish a child's cold from flu or another infection - viral or bacterial. Therefore, in case of a child's illness, it is always advisable to call a doctor, otherwise self-employed treatment can go along the wrong channel. For example, you will give your baby antiviral drugs when he actually has a bacterial infection, and antibiotics are required.

Children's colds are characterized by pronounced symptoms that occur dramatically and immediately. In the morning the child can safely go to the kindergarten safely, and by the evening you will take him from there already with a temperature.

As with the treatment of an adult cold, children are also given antiviral drugs at the beginning. The child is better suited and have a milder effect of antiviral immunomodulators like Anaferon.

The fact that the common cold develops so drastically requires constant monitoring of the baby's condition. The temperature can rise even higher if it is not reduced, and in the case of a bacterial infection, severe otitis media, pneumonia or sinusitis can be complications.

On video treatment of the first signs of a cold:

If the antiviral drug did not bring an improvement, with the permission of the doctor it is necessary to begin treatment with antibiotics. Suitable Flemoxin, Augmentin, Amoxicillin or similar remedies.

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And here is how the treatment of folk remedies for the first signs of a cold, and which of them are the most effective, is described in great detail in this article.

Concomitant methods of treatment of

What other methods will help to cope with an annoying infection.

The first step is to provide bed rest for the patient. It is important that at least the first two days a person spent alone. In this case, recovery will occur more quickly, and complications can be avoided. cold

If the temperature is less than 38 degrees, it is not recommended to shoot it artificially. The fact is that up to the boundary mark of 38 degrees the body does not need help, it must tighten its reserves and, possibly, will independently defeat the infection. And if we interfere with the natural course of events and take antipyretics, we relax our body. The next time he can not already turn on the defense, hoping for external help.

If you still need to take antipyretic, it is not recommended to drink effervescent drugs in tablets and powders. They have at least an early but short-term effect. In addition, they promote the formation of kidney stones.

The temperature can be brought down with acetic wiping. This is an effective and long-known way of safe non-drug-facilitating relief. In addition to vinegar for grinding, you can also use vodka or alcohol. However, make sure that there are no scratches or scratches on the body, otherwise it will strongly pinch. cold temperature

You should dress warmly. It is important that the sensations of chill soon pass. Legs must necessarily be warm, you can put on them socks made of wool.

If there is no temperature, a warm foot bath can help. Added to the water mustard will enhance the effectiveness of the procedure.

Warm tea with honey, lemon and raspberry jam is an excellent proven tool. It has antimicrobial and toning effect, it raises immunity. Abundant drink is an indispensable condition for a quick recovery from a cold. In addition to tea and herbal decoctions, drink an alkaline mineral water: Borjomi, Narzan, etc. Disease viruses do not tolerate alkalis.

Eat a little and light, vitaminized food. Exclude for the time of illness from the diet fried foods, too fatty and heavy. More vitamins, fiber and light dairy products.

If there is a runny nose, you can wash your nose with salt water. In the case of abundant secretions, vasoconstrictive drops will come in handy. And if on the contrary, the nose is laid and does not breathe, then without vasodilating drops can not do.

Sprays against cold have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Suitable drugs such as:

  • Pinosol( and here's how nasal ointment Pinosol is used, described in this article);


  • Cameton;

    , a cold room for the treatment of colds

  • Tonzilgon et al.(

    tonsilgon for colds in tablets

sprays are good because they can be sprayed into the throat if necessary, thus eliminating it from microbes too)..

We examined the characteristics of treating colds with its first symptoms. As you can see, the treatment of adults and children varies, however, the main points are the same. Begin to treat a cold immediately, without starting - in this case, serious complications and unpleasant consequences do not threaten you.