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One of the products with which you cancook delicious pancakes, is whey. From it they are soft and thin. They can be served on a table with or without a filling. So, let's look at how to make pancakes on milk whey.

How to prepare serum

at home. Serum can be bought in the store in ready-made form or cooked by yourself. The second option is most preferable, since in this case you can be assured of the quality of this product, as well as in the absence of harmful artificial additives in its composition.

For the preparation of whey you need 1 liter of milk and the following procedure:

  • Milk put in a warm place for 24 hours. To make it run faster, you can add yogurt, ryazhenka or fatty sour cream to it.
  • Sour milk for half an hour on a water bath. In this case, you should make sure that it does not boil. During the heating process, milk should not be stirred.
  • Formed in milk curd should be filtered through a fine sieve or colander, which must be pre-covered with gauze.
  • The yellowish liquid formed in the process of expressing is milk whey, which can already be safely used for the preparation of pancakes.
  • From the resulting cottage cheese you can make a delicious filling for pancakes on the serum, the recipes of which you will find below.

Crepes pancakes with eggs

Pancakes on the serum with eggs are incredibly delicious. They have a beautiful golden color and a crisp on the edges. You can prepare them in 1 hour.


  • 1 liter of whey.
  • 3 eggs.
  • 800 g of flour.
  • 2-3 tbsp.l.of granulated sugar.
  • 5 tbsp.l.vegetable oils.
  • for one pinch of soda and salt.


  1. Separate yolks from proteins. Yolks whisk well with granulated sugar, and proteins - with a pinch of salt.
  2. Sift through a fine strainer flour of the highest grade and mix it with a pinch of baking soda.
  3. To the flour add egg yolks and grind the resulting mass well.
  4. Slightly heat the serum to a temperature of 25-30 ° C.Constantly stirring, add to her egg whites. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that they are not curled in any way, otherwise the dough will be spoiled and it will be necessary to start all over again with new products.
  5. A mixture of proteins with whey is added to the flour and mixed until the last lump disappears, and the resulting mass will not resemble thick cream in its consistency.
  6. Let the dough stand for half an hour.
  7. Add in the present dough 3 tbsp.l.vegetable oil and mix it with a wooden spoon.
  8. To make the pancakes tender, saturate the dough with oxygen. To do this, we collect it in the ladle, raise it over the pan and pour it back. These actions are repeated 8-10 times.
  9. Now you can turn to the frying of pancakes on milk whey. To do this, pour a small amount of vegetable oil into the frying pan( preferably cast iron) and put it on the fire. The frying pan must be well calcined and only then pour the dough into it.
  10. Finished pancakes grease with butter, served to a table with honey, condensed milk, jam or simply melted butter. In addition, such pancakes can be made with stuffing, for example, with cottage cheese, meat, cheese, fruit or fresh berries. Bon Appetit! Yeast pancakes on whey

    This is a recipe for lush pancakes cooked on milk whey. They are obtained a little thicker and more fragrant than ordinary pancakes. You can serve them with anything: with sour cream, honey, melted butter, favorite jam, melted chocolate or caramel. On top, they can also be sprinkled with powdered sugar or a small amount of cinnamon.


    • 1 liter of whey.
    • 4 tbsp.flour.
    • 3 eggs.
    • 3 tbsp.l.of granulated sugar.
    • 11 g dry yeast.
    • 0.5 tsp.salt.
    • 2 tbsp.l.vegetable oils. Vanilla sugar or vanillin.
    • Butter for lubricating ready-made pancakes with yeast.


    1. Serum is slightly warmed up( its temperature should not exceed 30 ° C).In it, dissolve dry yeast for 15 minutes, until foam appears on the surface of the liquid.
    2. Eggs beat well with sugar and salt. Then add them to the flour previously sifted through the strainer and grind.
    3. In the egg-flour mixture, pour the serum with yeast and add vanillin. Mix everything until the last lump disappears.
    4. At the end, add the vegetable oil.
    5. Put the dough in a warm place and cover with a food film or a towel. We give him to go for 40-60 minutes.
    6. After the dough is increased several times you can go on to baking pancakes.
    7. Before pouring the dough on a pre-heated frying pan, stir it well to make it homogeneous again.
    8. Vegetable oil poured into the pan only once - before baking the first pancake. It is not necessary to use it anymore, since it is already contained in the test.
    9. Pancakes quickly browned and well turned over to the other side, without sticking to the bottom of the pan.
    10. As pancakes on yeast are thick enough, they are served on a table without a filling, only on top they can be poured with melted butter or oiled with liquid honey. Bon Appetit!

    Thin pancakes

    Pancakes in this recipe are thin, beautiful and delicate. In addition, it is a pleasure to cook them.


    • 0.5 L of whey.
    • 2 tbsp.flour.
    • 1 egg.
    • Incomplete teaspoon baking soda.
    • A small amount of vinegar.
    • 0.5 tsp.salt.
    • 4 tbsp.l.vegetable oils.
    • 2 tbsp.l.of granulated sugar.
    • Vanillin or vanilla sugar( for flavor).


    1. Whisk egg with sugar until strong foam is formed. Add salt to it.
    2. The flour is sieved one or two times through a fine sieve, so that the pancakes are tender and airy. To it we add baking soda.
    3. Slightly heat the milk whey to room temperature and add 1 tbsp.l.vinegar.
    4. In the flour, pour in the egg mixture and grind it. Then gradually stirring add serum.
    5. For flavor, you can add one packet of vanilla sugar or 1 tsp into the dough.vanillin.
    6. At the end we pour in vegetable oil, so that the pancakes are not burned in the process of frying.
    7. The dough is left to stand on the table for 30 minutes, and then proceed to the baking process.
    8. Before starting to cook thin pancakes on the serum, it is necessary to thoroughly heat the frying pan. In this case, they will quickly brown and will not stick to the bottom of the frying pan during the frying process.
    Please note: to make the pancakes thin, do not add too much flour. The dough in its consistency should resemble sour cream 15% fat. Pancakes on whey and boiling water

    This is a rather unusual recipe for pancakes, which are cooked with boiling water and milk whey. Despite this, they turn out to be delicious, though rather dense, without holes.


    • 250 g of flour.
    • 3 tbsp.l.vegetable oils.
    • 350 ml of whey.
    • 3 eggs.
    • 2 tbsp.l.starch.
    • 0.5 tsp.salt.
    • 3-4 tbsp.l.of granulated sugar.
    • 0.5 tsp.soda.
    • Vanillin.


    1. Serum is heated slightly and quenched with soda.
    2. Boil water.
    3. Beat the eggs in the foam until white, adding in the process to them granulated sugar and salt. After this, while continuing to beat, pour a thin stream of boiling water to them.
    4. In a small amount of whey, starch is dissolved.
    5. The flour is well sieved and warm whey, egg mixture and dissolved starch are added to it.
    6. In the last place in the dough put vegetable oil and vanillin. Then everything is mixed until a uniform mass is obtained.
    7. The dough is left on the table to stand for half an hour.
    8. After the specified time, the dough is mixed again, as the flour sits and it becomes non-uniform.
    9. Pancakes with boiling water and milk whey are baked in the usual way.

    Crepe pancakes with cottage cheese

    Curd is one of the popular fillings for pancakes, cooked on whey. The dough for such pancakes is made with eggs and milk whey. His recipe is listed above.

    Knowing how to make a dough, let's take a closer look at the preparation of the filling.

    • Curd can be prepared independently, buy in the market or in the store.
    • To prepare the filling, you need 400 g of low-fat cottage cheese.
    • To obtain a homogeneous mass, it is ground in a blender with 4 tbsp.l.sugar and one egg yolk.
    • In the cottage cheese you can add pieces of berries, nuts, raisins, crushed dried fruits or fresh fruit.
    • Finished pancakes smeared with butter, stuffed with cottage cheese and wrapped.
    • Pancakes with cottage cheese can be topped with sour cream, melted chocolate, caramel or melted butter.
    • Bon appetit!

    Pancakes with whey stuffed with

    You can make pancakes on whey with both sweet and salty stuffing.

    Sweet fruit and berries( raspberry, currant, banana, apples, blueberries, blackberries, pineapple, plums, peaches, etc.) can be used as a sweet filling.

  11. Curd or cheese mass, which can be supplemented with raisins, dried apricots, prunes or fresh berries.
    • Poppy, which should first be roasted in hot water or milk, and then rub with sugar.
    • Jam or jam, in which for flavor you can add vanillin, a pinch of cinnamon or cloves.
    • Vanilla cream.
    • Chopped chocolate. Caramel with banana.
    • Boiled condensed milk.

    You can use as a salty filling:

    • Chicken with hard cheese.
    • Chicken with mushrooms.
    • Different kinds of ground beef with fried onions, carrots and spices.
    • Stewed vegetables.
    • Meat and pickled cucumbers.
    • Lettuce, olives, fresh cherry tomatoes and feta cheese. Cream and grated cheese.
    • Boiled fish with herbs, pepper and salt.
    • Stewed cabbage. Finely minced boiled eggs.
    • Black or red caviar. Seafood with cream. Cottage cheese with dill and grated horseradish.

    Pancakes prepared on whey are thin, very delicate and delicious. Recipes for their preparation are simple, so even a beginner can handle them. Stuff such pancakes can be both sweet and salty stuffing. In addition, they can be served simply with sour cream, melted butter, honey, caramel, chocolate, jam or jam.

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