25 years together: what kind of wedding, how to congratulate

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The wedding anniversary is a significant event for a couple. On this day the spouses invite only native people, best friends, to celebrate the birthday of their family. Today we will tell about the milestone in 25 years - what kind of wedding, what to give, the traditions of the holiday. Each anniversary is associated with a certain material, which, by its properties, resembles the relationship of the spouses.

Not everyone knows that 25 years of the wedding is a silver anniversary, this is the first solid milestone, because the couple have been together for a quarter of a century! About ceremonies, congratulations and options for celebrating the anniversary will be discussed later.

Anniversary value

The first anniversary of the wedding is called calico, the cloth of the same name symbolizes the fragility of the couple's relationship. But every year, love becomes stronger, and marriage ties are stronger, and therefore the material associated with the anniversary becomes stronger. Many will agree that the 25th anniversary of the wedding is a solid date, the feelings, like silver, become truly strong, acquire a noble gleam. Behind the shoulders of the couple are many trials that they have duly experienced and saved their love.

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According to numerologists, the 25th anniversary is a contradictory date, because a couple still expect a small test. However, the worst is over. Silver is a noble material that symbolizes wisdom and purity. This metal is connected with a planet like the moon, which gives its students secret knowledge, power. Wisdom, intuition, love will help spouses to solve any problems.

During this long period, the couple learned about each other almost everything needed to create a solid foundation on which their relationship stands. Deep feelings, gentle, warm relations are characteristic of "silver newlyweds".The main symbol of the holiday - silver rings, which must be exchanged "newlyweds", to consolidate their love.

Traditions of the Silver Jubilee

Ancient traditions, rituals are an adornment of every anniversary. Silver anniversary is a special date, and therefore it is necessary to get acquainted with the rituals that you can spend on this holiday.

  • The most romantic tradition of this day is the kiss of the "newlyweds".After awakening, the husband and wife should unite in a long kiss. The longer they kiss, the stronger their feelings.
  • After this, it is necessary to conduct a ritual washing, it should be done at dawn. Spouses can not do without a silver jug, for which they come together and go to the source( in the bathroom or to the tap) to collect water. Next need to put a beautiful linen towels. First, the wife is washing her husband, the process of ablution takes place in 3 stages. The wife drains the water from the jug into the hands of her husband, he washed, then she offers him to wipe himself with a towel, and so - 3 times. After the first wash, he gets younger, after the second wash off all the bad, after the third his life is renewed. Similarly, the wife is washed. In the vessel should remain a little water, which must be put under the sun, so that the liquid evaporates along with the hassle, adversities that may occur in the future.
  • At noon "newlyweds" should exchange silver wedding rings. As a place for the ceremony is suitable registry office, apartment or house. The wife must wear an old wedding dress or another beautiful outfit, and the husband in a festive costume. It is very important to invite witnesses who attended the wedding. The husband removes the engagement ring from the husband's finger, puts it in the casket, and puts on the silver one instead. The same is done by the spouse. At the end of the ritual, the "newlyweds" kiss. Some spouses put on silver rings over gold and wear both items. It is very symbolic to hold a wedding ceremony for a silver wedding. It is believed that if the weather on the anniversary day is sunny, then life at the spouses will be full of light, love.
  • The next rite, which is held in the evening, is called "exchange of roles."Traditionally, the husband wears an apron and becomes obedient hostess, and the wife puts on his things and turns into the head of the family. This fun, exciting ritual can be turned into a mini-play for the entertainment of guests.
  • After the banquet, the husband and wife sit down at the table( it is important that he is not clean), drink tea, communicate. Then they clean the table, wash the dishes, continuing the conversation.
By tradition, guests are invited 25 days before the anniversary, in addition, there must be at least 25 people, you can do more. The obligatory festive dish is a loaf, which the "young" cut together, holding on to one knife. You can not do without a champagne anniversary, to which congratulations are sounded for the spouses.

Presenters from silver

Usually a silver wedding is arranged with a magnificent banquet, invites many guests who congratulate the heroes. Many are wondering what to give for 25 years of living together. By tradition, it should be silver items or products with a finish of this material.

Silver gift options:

  • A stylish, practical gift is an interior element with a silver finish. Glad the couple with a wall clock or outdoor clock, picture, casket or twin candlesticks.
  • Very nice look dining sets, sets of silver. It can be spoons, forks, wine glasses, tea set with silver trim. Pleasure the heroes of the celebration with a silver jug, this is a very symbolic and beautiful gift. Everyone knows about the purifying properties of silver, so that such a vessel is also useful for health. On products you can engrave the names of anniversaries, the date of the wedding.
  • Silver souvenirs are very popular. Give preference to symbolic figures, which mean the love of a married couple. For example, a pair of hearts, swans or pigeons. Also, the heroes of the celebration can be awarded a silver talisman. Present the "honeymooners" horseshoe, which attracts happiness, well-being. The tree of happiness, for example, helps to strengthen marriage ties.
  • If the spouses are religious people, then hand them icons or crosses made of silver. As a worthy gift for believers, there is a bible in a velvet cover with silver trim.

Original gifts

Traditional gifts - this is good, but sometimes you want to give something creative, to pleasantly surprise the "newlyweds".It can be an original entertainment program or a theme party. For a gift to succeed, you need to prepare well, think in advance all the details. Similar surprises can be made by children, close relatives or best friends.

Ideas of original gifts:

  • Surprise everyone present with a beautiful firework, laser or fire show.
  • You can give beautiful sky lanterns, which spouses and guests will launch into the sky when it darkens. It can also be a large fiery heart. Prepare two large items for "young" and small ones for all guests.
  • You can order a wedding ceremony at the registry office. Do not forget about your surprise to warn the jubilee so that the "young" could prepare and look no worse than 25 years ago. Let the bride and groom exchange rings of silver, and then join in a kiss. This will help refresh the senses, wake up romance. After the ceremony, congratulations will be sounded with a silver wedding.
  • Spouses can be sent to rest on the sea, a ski resort or on a weekend to Europe. So "young" can relax, plunge into the atmosphere of romance, love.
  • Invite a professional photographer who captures the best moments of a silver wedding. You can arrange a photo session in the open air or in the studio. The photo can be placed in a separate album with the signature "Our Silver Wedding".

Practical gifts

Often children do not know what to give for 25 years of the wedding to their parents, because the gift should be beautiful, useful, correspond to the symbolism of the anniversary. A set of towels or bedding is an excellent gift that a good hostess will appreciate. Embroidery with the names of jubilees, the anniversary date will make the gift more original.

Very popular and useful gift - home appliances. But in order for the present to be appropriate, ask the jubilee for what they need, or simply hand over the gift coupon.

If the spouses have a joint hobby, then present them with a gift of interest. It can be a brazier, a basket or a cooler bag for lovers of picnics. If the spouses are admirers of theatrical art, hand them tickets to the opera, the theater.

Now you know which gifts are appropriate for 25 years of the wedding. The main thing is that congratulations should be sincere, and gifts - from the bottom of the heart!

Congratulations in prose

Sincerely and originally congratulate heroes in prose:

  • For a quarter of a century you are together, go hand in hand in life, endure all the problems and adversities! With a silver jubilee, you, our dear! Be healthy, cheerful, joyful to celebrate together a pearl and golden wedding! Let your love and understanding grow stronger over the years, so that you can convey your wisdom to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We wish you happiness, our relatives, and prosperity!
  • Dear our newlyweds, you have been together for 25 years! On your life path there were different obstacles, but you overcame them with dignity. You always cared about each other, supported in the most difficult moments, you were just there, no matter what! We wish your love to be as strong as it was in your youth, and ahead of you, there was a lot of happiness and great joy.
  • Dear newlyweds! Let me express my admiration, because your relationship has overcome the most difficult challenges and has not lost the old flame! You have become an example for imitation of all present. After all, you know exactly what care for your loved one is, support, understanding. Let your feelings only grow stronger with the years, become purer and more beautiful! We wish your union further prosperity, great happiness, strong love!
  • Dear our parents! We are proud of you, because you have overcome a solid milestone - 25 years! We respect and appreciate you for the fact that you throughout your life have loved and supported each other. You have become the best example for us, have shown how important the family, marriage ties, tenderness and anxious attitude towards each other. Thank you for showing us what an ideal relationship should be! Remain the same loving, understanding, wise! And today, give up all your worries and just enjoy each other!

Now you know that the most beautiful emotions can be expressed in your own words.

Rhymed greetings

The best greetings with a silver wedding( 25 years of marriage) in verse:

You have been together for exactly a quarter of a century.

The children, grandchildren, best friends gathered.

And your union, as before, is so strong,

And you again and again for this praise!

Here everyone agrees with me,

You have not changed at all.

We will not tire of you to admire,

And again shouting to you in chorus: "It's bitter!"


Let your road be sunny,

And happiness will not leave the house!

Let tenderness and kisses be a lot,

Go only smooth you way!

And wanted to embrace you,

Cuddle back to your own chest,

And enjoy your quiet,

, by which God has rewarded you!

Your life is not in vain connected,

And let the road is heavy,

But here again eyes in the eyes, and the heart is cute,

And, therefore, you will be together forever!

We sincerely congratulate you on the anniversary,

And that's twenty-five years behind the window.

After all, it is very important for a woman with a man to

Find each other and build a house!


Silver anniversary is important.

Do not tell us this.

Let this day not be disturbing to you,

Let your feelings shine!

We wish you love, fun, pleasure,

Although all this is and so do you.

Patience, wisdom, mutual respect,

All our wishes are exclusively for you!


Today your couple is twenty-five years old,

And this is a delightful date!

Around fun, joy, light!

And with feelings your hearts are rich!

Friends, relatives congratulate,

Scream all in chorus: "Bitterly"!

And in feelings "young" are drowning,

And they look at each other cheerfully and vigilantly!


And let it be a quarter of a century,

But your feelings do not grow old!

The most important thing is to have a native person,

With which the heart will never rust!

We wish to never let out

of Hands, that we fastened the strong knots.

And never to disappoint each other,

Even if you are very tired.

To be together destined to the destiny of

And everything that should now strive for -

To live up to the anniversary of the golden

And fall in love again!

Anniversary of the wedding 25 years is a special date and an important family holiday! Therefore, on this day, the most sincere congratulations, the most kind wishes, should sound. A married couple that has reached its twenty-fifth birthday is admirable. Do not skimp on gifts and beautiful words, so that the couple remember their silver anniversary for a long time!

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