List of mystical serials

Today there is hardly anyone who did not watch at least one mystical series. Incredible events, the development of plot lines, the fate of the heroes excite and cause delight, and sometimes even horror. Mystical series excite fantasy, because their heroes are ghosts, witches, aliens, people with superpowers, vampires, werewolves. Want to immerse yourself in the incredible world of mysticism? Then study the list of the most interesting mystical series and start viewing the most liked.

Motel Bates

The action takes place in the small town of White Pine Bay, where the old motel is located. He is in charge of Norm Bates, who after the death of her husband wants to start a new life with her son. The relationship between the heroine of the series "Motel Bates" and her 17-year-old son is quite tense and complicated. Norma exerts a lot of pressure on the young man's emerging psyche, which may have caused Norman to become a brutal serial killer.

Messengers of

An unknown cosmic object is falling to Earth. From an energy impulse caused by a collision with the surface, several people die, who are in different places. But soon life returns to their bodies, and with it the realization that they are chosen to prevent the Apocalypse. Why they were chosen and what is common between them, and also what fell to Earth, and what is the purpose of what is happening the audience will learn from the series "Messengers".


The mystical series "Supernatural" tells how two brothers Sam and Dean Winchesters travel all over America and fight with the creatures of evil, such as ghosts and demons. Once Sam decides to abandon the search for the supernatural and begin to live a normal life, but under mysterious circumstances his father disappeared. At the request of Dean, Sam decides to go with him in search of his father - but only for a few days. However, the brothers are not destined to learn what a normal life is, since their vocation is a struggle with the supernatural.

Excavation of

Under mysterious circumstances, a young woman-archeologist perishes in Jerusalem. An investigation into her death is sent by FBI agent Peter Connelly. In Jerusalem, the hero of the series "Excavations" discovers an international secret community and reveals a conspiracy that is more than 2 thousand years old. To prevent the impending catastrophe, Agent Connel has to go through a difficult journey - from a long-distance farm in Norway to the mysterious and intricate tunnels of Jerusalem.

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The stranger

The picture tells the story of military nurse Claire Randall, who lived during the Second World War and mysteriously moved in time in 1743.Claire finds herself in a completely unfamiliar world, where danger threatens her every way. She must survive and find the opportunity to return to her world, where she has a husband, Frank. Claire comes to the rescue of the Scottish warrior Jamie, who conquers her with her disarming sense of humor. Now the girl's heart is broken not only between two worlds, but also two men.


Occultist and experienced demon fighter John Constantine specializes in fighting the evil forces. But once failing, John admits that this is an unequal struggle, and decides to begin a normal life without demons. Back to the uneasy craft of Constantine makes the news that the demons aimed at the bright soul of Liv - the daughter of an old friend of the hunter. Armed with his knowledge of the dark arts and a keen mind, Constantine again goes to the "battlefield".

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The plot of the mystical series "Luna" is based on the story of investigator Nikolai Panin, his wife Catherine and daughter Nastya, who move from the capital to a small town drowning in gloomy forests. But the first night the investigator disappears, and soon his dead are found in the forest. Residents of the town blame all werewolves, but Catherine does not believe in mysticism and begins her own investigation.


The series "The Librarians" tells of Flynn Karsen, the keeper of the ancient artifacts of the mystical library. Karsen needs a team to carry out the mission, which would help him to fight the ancient conspiracies and dark magic. He chooses four ordinary people, teaches them martial arts and goes in search of new magical artifacts, through which the villains decided to take over the world.

House on the outskirts of

The drama "House on the Outskirts" tells the story of three different families who lived in the same house in different years - in 1968, 1987 and 2010.The stories are connected with each other by the ghost of a little girl who died under mysterious circumstances before the first family settled in the house.1968, the family enters the house Bowen, who recently died daughter Alice. The mother of the dead girl wants to understand the mysterious death of her daughter. The series shows just three time intervals, each of which develops mystical events.

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Moli Watts is a woman engaged in a non-business affair, she is an astronaut. After the heroine spent more than a year in space, she returns home to her husband John and his son androd Ethan. During the whole expedition Molly was alone in the space station and that's why the news that she was pregnant seems completely unthinkable. How could this happen? How to explain to her husband that she is loyal to him, and who she is wearing inside?

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Young Jason from our time goes in search of his missing father andis thrown out on some mysterious land. Atlantis is an ancient world inhabited by oracles, giants and serpent-haired goddesses. But this world turned out to be dangerous for Jason, he soon became a participant in the deadly ritual, from which there is no salvation. But the young man does not intend to be a pawn in other people's hands.

Once Upon a Time in a Wonderland

A young girl Alice living in a Victorian London tells a story about the wonderful world she visited. There, the cat can disappear, the caterpillar likes to smoke hookah, playing cards come to life, as well as many other fantastic creatures. Alice is mistaken for being mad. The task of doctors is to pacify the violent imagination and the sick imagination of the girl. And when she is ready to forget everything, especially the painful memories of the genie she fell in love with, there appears the mysterious Cyrus. He whispers that this world is not an invention and that there it should be, you just need to believe again.


Ambitious, with a sharp mind and self-confident FBI agent Audrey Parker arrives in the small town of Haven to investigate the mysterious death of the former criminal. But her natural curiosity draws the girl into the epicenter of this strange enclave, in which, it turns out, there are people who have supernatural abilities. Audrey's assistants in the investigation of mysterious events are the charming master of all trades Duke Crocker and the local police officer Nathan Warnos.

The paradox of

Astro-physicist Christian King once receives a strange premise - snapshots of fragments of some kind of explosion in space. Realizing that this catastrophe will only happen in the future on Earth, he calls the police. Agent Rebecca Flint is investigating the meaning of the strange premise. Together with the scientist and his colleagues, Rebecca unravels what every detail of the message means. They have 18 hours for which they must prevent tragic events and save all of humanity.

Speaker with ghosts

Frank Taylor works as a private detective. But a more unusual detective can not be found not only in Los Angeles, but throughout the world. Having a minimum of evidence, he is able to disclose the most intricate crimes. Frank's colleagues envy him, but consider him crazy, since the detective's clients are ghosts. They tell him the details of his death, and Frank Taylor begins a new investigation.


Why is there no serial "Fifth Guard" on this list? This is the best mystical series. So, I do not believe this list.


I would still add a closed school. There, though not much like a mystic, more science fiction, but everything is very mystical there. For me, this is the best mystical series.

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